All about us

This website THE NEW ASIA OBSERVER has been created by Professor Jacques de Goldfiem in October 2011 when Asia Observer website founder, a Norvegian journalist decided to close it after five years of free contribution

Jacques de Goldfiem is an Asia watcher. He worked many years in Asia for the French government, including Laos, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Bangladesh…

After that, he has been teaching geopolitic of Asia for many years in several French universities and High Schools

He is still teaching to ILERI (International relations school), in two Business schools and in charge of training for European companies working in (or with) Asia

 Jacques de Goldfiem is a pipe smoker


As you know,

Every day  there are hundred of news on Asia in news agencies and newspapers. But if one day you fail to to look at them,  they will be, very often, lost for you after one or two days

The   same events are related every day in a lot of medias

So for you, every day we watch around 20 news agencies and newspapers and select the best articles. We archive them by country and by topic