Wars, conflicts and strategy on December 27 in Asian history


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Updated on December 27, 2018

 1897: According the December 14 Pact of Biak-na-Bato, Aguinaldo and his government left the Philippines and retire in voluntary exile to Hong Kong

1922: Japanese aircraft carrier Hosho becomes the first purpose built aircraft carrier to be commissioned in the world

1941: Japanese bombers attack Manila, despite its claim as an open city

1945: At the Moscow Conference, the former Allied nations of the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain agree to divide Korea into two occupation zones and govern them for five years. They found a Soviet-US commission in charge to establish a national government in Korea

1949: Ahmed Sukarno, leader of the Indonesian Nationalist Party, returns to Batavia (Jakarta) after A.H.J. Lovink, representative of the Netherlands government, signed a protocol transferring sovereignty to an Indonesian delegation. The United States of Indonesia is proclaimed

1949: The Republic of China government troops evacuate Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province

1967: North Vietnam rejects President Johnson offer to cease North Vietnam in exchange with negociations. Its demands the end of the bombing first

1972: The Republic of China (Taiwan) severs diplomatic relations with Chad

1975: China frees three Soviet airforce pilots prisoners since 1974

1979: In Afghanistan, overthroned president Hafizullah Amin is executed and replaced by Babrak Karmal

1996: Taliban forces retake the strategic Bagram air base which solidify their buffer zone around Kabul

2002: North Korea orders United Nations nuclear inspectors to leave the country to leave the country and said it would restart a laboratory capable of producing plutonium for nuclear weapons

2005: Indonesia’s Aceh rebels formally abolished their 30-year armed struggle for independence under a peace deal born out of the 2004 tsunami

2007: Japanese Prime Minister arrives to Beijing for a visit that will greatly improve the relations between the two countries

2013: A long-simmering dispute between the United States and Japan over the fate of a Marine base on Okinawa is apparently resolved as the Okinawan governor gives his approval to move the base to a remote area



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