Wars, conflicts and strategy on 9 December in Asian history


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Updated on December 9, 2018

1931: Chinese province of Rehe (Jehol) is attacked by the Japanese

1935: Opening of the Second London Naval Disarmament Conference. It resulted in the Second London Naval Treaty which was signed on March 25, 1936. Japan will leave the conference on January 15, 1936

1937: Japanese forces, under the command of Lt General Asaka Yasuhiko starts assault on the Chinese city of Nanjing

1941: The Republic of China officially declares war against Japan and also to Germany and Italy

1941: During the World War II, the US 19th Bombardment Group attacks Japanese ships off the coast of Vigan, Luzon (Philippines)

1947: During the Polisionil 1 Operation, Dutch troops wiped out almost the entire male population of Rawagede (431 men and teenagers), a village in West Java, during the Indonesia independence war

1960: Relieved of his command the day before, neutralist General Kong Le deposes Laos prime minister Souvanna

1962: Sultan of Brunei asks rebels to put down their weapons; rebellion breaks up. About 80 are killed in all, mostly rebels. Legislative Council is replaced by an Emergency Council

1971 : During the Indo-Pakistani War, the Indian Air Force executes an airdrop of Indian Army units, bypassing Pakistani defences

1972: North -Vietnam and Soviet Union sign an agreement for economic and military aid by the Soviet

1997: China and the United States Department of Defense officials hold the first formal consultations

2002: Indonesian diplomats and Gerakan Aceh Merdeka representatives sign a cessation of hostilities accord in Geneva. Details include a cease-fire to be monitored by foreign observers, and elections for an autonomous legislative body in 2004, and an agreement to allow the province to keep 70% of oil and gas revenues

2003: Japanese government decides to send a 1,000 strong military contingent for the reconstuction of Irak. It is the first time since 1945 that Japan sends (non-combattant) troops in a country on war

2011: The Dutch government has formally apologised to the families of victims of a 1947 massacre on Indonesia’s Java island which left at least 150 people dead


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