Wars, conflicts and strategy on 29 October in Asian history


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Updated on October 29, 2019

1784: The Dutch United East India Company (Verenigge Oos tindichu Company (VOC) defeats Bugis forces in Riau (now in Indonesia). After  that, sultan of Riau dies without a successor; VOC takes complete control of Johore and Riau by treaty and VOC builds fort on Bintan

1945: Dutch East India (Indonesia), Sukarno and Hatta arrive in Surabaya by plane. Sukarno and General Mallaby agree on a truce. Poor communications and general chaos prevent Sukarno from enforcing the truce

1951: Jean de Raymond, French representative in Cambodia is assassinated in Phnom-Penh

1953: Non official trade agreement between China and Japan. By the way, 25,000 Japanese citizens held in China return to home

1971: As a result of the vietnamization of the war by president Nixon, the total number of American troops still in Vietnam drops to a record low of 196,700, the lowest level since January 1966

2001: In Japan, for the first time since 1945, the Japanese diet approves a law which authorizes the sending of Japanese forces out of the archipelago to fight international terrorism

2005: Delhi bombings kill more than 60

2006: Sri Lanka government negotiations in Geneva with Tamil separatists fail

2009: The Philippine government and separatists fighting for a Muslim homeland in the country’s south sign an agreement to protect schools and hospitals, and avoid civilian suffering

2013: India and Pakistan Tuesday agreed to observe calm along the Sialkot-Jammu working boundary after days of skirmishes which have been the worst in a decade

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