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On 13 October in Asian history

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ON 13 OCTOBER IN ASIAN HISTORY To see another date, on Internet (Google…), type “On (day + month) in Asian history Updated on October 13, 2019 1282: Death of Nichiren, a Japanese Buddhist monk founder of Nichiren Buddhism, who inscribed the Dai-Gohonzon (see October 12) 1332: Rinchinbal Khan, Emperor Ningzong of Yuan becomes the Khagan of the Mongols and Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, reigning for only 53 days dying on December 5,_Emperor_Ningzong_of_Yuan 1868 : Birth of Teresa Magbanua, the first Filipino woman fighter in Panay, known as the “Joan of Arc of the Visayas”,a school teacher and military leader 1911: Birth of Ashok Kumar, Indian actor who died on December 10, 2001) 1911: Death of Sister Nivedita, Indian social worker from Irish origine, born on October 28, 1867 1924: Birth of Moturu Udayam, Indian woman’s activist who died on March 31, 2002 1929: After the collapse of central authority under Amanullah, Nadir Khan united a variety of tribal factions to reclaim Kabul and subsequently name himself king, or Nadir Shah 1929: Birth of Walasse Ting, Chinese-American painter who died on May 17, 2010 1936 : Birth of Chitti Babu, renowned Veena player, who died on February 9, 1996 1938: Chinese troops withdrew from the Wanjialing area in Jiangxi, China, the site of a large victory three days prior on Japanese 106th division. 1941: Birth of Tadao … Continue reading

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