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On 21 April in Chinese history, Hong Kong and Taiwan


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Updated on April 21, 2019

1951: U.S. Defense Department announces the appointment of a Military Assistance Advisory Group for Taiwan, on whose recommendation the U.S. resumes direct military aid to the Nationalists

1959: The 14th Dalai Lama arrives in Mussoorie, India, receiving political sanctuary there

1960: The disagreements between Beijing and Moscow publicly disclosed by some texts published in the Red Flag under the title « Long life Leninism »

1970: On the same day that Soviet Party leader Leonid Brezhnev condemns the anti-Soviet campaign in China, the Beijing People’s Daily publishes an editorial calling for the overthrow of the Soviet government. A joint editorial in three leading Chinese newspapers the next day criticizes the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and attacks the Brezhnev Doctrine

1989: The day before the Hu Yaobang’s funeral, 100,000 students march on Tiananmen Square, gathering there before the square could be closed off for the funeral

2014: A court in Shanghai orders the seizure of a Japanese ship as reparation for a debt dating back to the 1930s. The move is considered the first confiscation of Japanese assets in a lawsuit over wartime compensation