Malaysia history and culture


8 JULY 2019

Dutch WWII submarine wrecks disappear from Malaysian seabed

The wrecks of two Dutch submarines sunk off the Malaysian coast during the second world war have disappeared along with the remains of the 79 men who perished onboard

2 JUNE 2019

Struggle in Malaysia to save Kristang, a dying centuries-old language spoken by 2000 people

Kristang developed after the Portuguese took over the strategic port city on the Malacca Strait, one of the world’s most important shipping routes, about 500 years ago and colonisers married local women

19 FEBRUARY 2019

Who arrived first on the Malay Peninsula? That depends on whether you’re Indian or Malay

The issue of historical narrative blew up again in July last year, when newly appointed human resources minister M. Kulasegaran found himself in hot water with the Malay majority by claiming the country’s Indian ethnic minority were among the original inhabitants of the Malay Peninsula


70 years later, Malayan Emergency’s legacy lives on

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Malayan Emergency, an undeclared war fought between the Communist Party of Malaya’s (CPM) guerrilla army and the former British colonial government of Malaya. Modern-day independent Malaysia would emerge from the tumult