China and Africa


30 AUGUST 2019

China isn’t trying to lead African countries into debt trap but plays ‘important role’, lender says

China is not trying to lead African countries into a debt trap and provides critical investment along with other countries to close a funding gap for crucial infrastructure projects on the continent, the head of the regional lender said on Friday

4 APRIL 2019

Another look at China’s involvement in the power sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

Chinese companies have significantly enhanced their engagement in Africa over the last 20 years, covering a wide range of sectors, including power generation, transmission and distribution


China in Africa and the American response

China’s engagement with Africa appears to be causing headaches in Washington. After two decades of neglect, American interest in the African continent has been renewed by an announcement about the Trump Administration’s new Africa strategy delivered by the National Security Advisor, John Bolton, at the Heritage Foundation

30 JANUARY 2019

China has nothing to fear from America’s Africa strategy, as it’s largely bluster

Last month, US National Security Adviser John Bolton unveiled “Prosper Africa”, the Trump administration’s new US strategy towards Africa. Surprising many, however, the plan’s focus was less about Africa and more on China

Why Africa loves China

Contrary to what the West believes, Africans do not see themselves as victims of Chinese economic exploitation


China’s Xi offers US$60 billion Africa aid, says ‘no strings attached’

President Xi Jinping told African leaders on Monday (Sep 3) that China’s investments on the continent have “no political strings attached”, pledging US$60 billion in new development financing, even as Beijing is increasingly criticised over its debt-heavy projects abroad

28 JULY 2018

Xi Jinping’s trip to Africa cements continent’s growing ties to China, and Beijing’s loans

China is doubling its commitments to Africa as it builds support from the developing world amid an escalating trade war with the US

Why has China invited African army chiefs to Beijing?

China wants to redefine its military engagement in Africa and has invited military officials from across the continent to Beijing to explore new forms of strategic cooperation

26 MAY 2018

China, Burkina Faso resume diplomatic ties

China and Burkina Faso on Saturday announced the resumption of diplomatic ties between the two countries

18 MAY 2018

China to help Uganda build nuclear power plants

Eight potential sites have been identified in the country’s central, southwest and northern regions that could potentially host nuclear power plants, the government said Thursday. It signed a deal with Russia last year to cooperate on nuclear power

28 MARCH 2018

Free gift? China extends influence in Africa with $32M grant for regional HQ

China raised eyebrows this month by announcing it will give the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) a $31.6 million grant to build a new headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria

China rejects claims it had hand in efforts to oust Mugabe

Beijing: Beijing has said speculation that it had a hand in ongoing efforts to dethrone Robert Mugabe is an “evil” plot designed to sully its reputation and derail China-Africa relations

10 JULY 2017

Chinese companies in Africa

Chinese companies have been enjoying success in Africa, investing in roads, railways, water and powerlines. Africa offers the necessary raw materials to create products for the local market and the rest of the world

11 JANUARY 2016

Opinion: China’s Africa policy deserves applause

China, of course, is putting billions in Africa to fulfill its ambition of becoming a global player – a world superpower, if you like. African leaders are fully aware of it. But the opportunities China presents to Africa is far better than what Europeans have to offer

26 DECEMBER 2016

China restores ties with Sao Tome; more may follow

China has resumed ties with Sao Tome and Principe, six days after the small African state broke off relations with Taiwan, in what could be the start of more moves by Beijing to take away Taipei’s diplomatic allies

30 JULY 2016

China puts $46 billion into Africa’s economy

Beijing’s cooperation with Africa has been dominated by commercial deals instead of aid in the past, with $46 billion in direct Chinese investment and commercial loans having been signed since December, Chinese officials said.

7 JULY 2016

China’s Strategic Military Goal In Namibia – Analysis

Since January 2015, there has been much talk in the media about China’s efforts to establish a military base in Namibia. It is reported that the Namibian ambassador to China held talks with Chinese military officials about construction of a naval base in Port of Walvis Bay. However, Chinese and Namibian authorities had denied this news

16 JUNE 2016

China’s Ambitious Plan For A New Silk Road Takes Shape In Africa

Four years and some hundreds of billions of dollars later, China’s ambitious global trading strategy known as the “Maritime Silk Road” or “One Belt, One Road“  is now coming to life, particularly in parts of East Africa where major infrastructure and defense projects are being built

21 FEBRUARY 2016

Debunking the Myths of Chinese Investment in Africa

 Some of the assumptions about China’s presence in Africa appear unfounded.

7 JANUARY 2016

African Countries Call for China to Stop Illegal Fishing

Officials from 24 African countries met in Cameroon last month and called for China to stop illegal fishing off the West African coast. In some areas, Chinese fishermen have pushed their local counterparts back to shore, depriving them of their jobs and livelihoods

23 DECEMBER 2015

2015 was banner year for China-Africa relations

China spent a lot of 2015 trying to turn itself into a major player on the world stage. A big part of this was spending money and investing in less developed nations that need help building infrastructure to compete in the 21st century


 The New China-Africa Relations: 4 Trends to Watch

 This week, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) convened its first summit since 2006. Chinese President Xi Jinping joined more than 40 leaders of African countries for the massive meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa


Xi pledges US$60b for development in Africa

Chinese President Xi Jinping told African presidents on Friday at a summit that his country would provide US$60 billion to fund development on the continent, outlining the Asian economic giant wanted to build a relationship of equals


China and South Africa in $6.5bn worth of deals

China and South Africa have signed deals and loans valued at $6.5bn (£4.3bn), with the focus on building infrastructure in the African giant.


What do we know about the Chinese land grab in Africa?

China—with an already rapidly growing economic interest in the continent—has been accused of an abundance of “land grabs” in Africa. But is China really planning on badly exploiting African agriculture? Have these “land grabs” been as widespread as some critics imply? What might be the detriment to Africa?

2 OCTOBER 2015

Managers of Chinese state-owned enterprise building US$3.8b African railway fined for bribery

Two managers of a Chinese state-owned enterprise building a railway in East Africa have been fined after admitting bribery in a court in Kenya

24 AUGUST 2015

China’s Pivot To Africa: Touching Down In Djibouti

Through Beijing’s so-called checkbook diplomacy, Djibouti has climbed to the top of the agenda, signing in 2014 a bilateral security and defense agreement, which was followed by a significant amount of government aid from China, about five to six times its GDP

20 MAY 2015

China illegally fishing off West Africa – Greenpeace

In less than a month, Greenpeace documented an average of one new case of illegal practice by a Chinese-owned boat every two days, but the report’s authors say they think that is only the “tip of the iceberg.”

9 MAY 2015

China negotiating Horn of Africa military base: Djibouti president

China is negotiating a military base in the strategic port of Djibouti, the president told AFP, raising the prospect of US and Chinese bases side-by-side in the tiny Horn of Africa nation

13 FEBRUARY 2015

China boosts Africa diplomacy

China boosted its diplomatic presence in Africa on Friday, becoming only the second country after the United States to have a dedicated ambassador to the African Union

23 FEBRUARY 2015

The dragon and the lion: how China harvests Africa’s growth

CHINA is not only Africa’s largest trading partner, the combined value of this commerce is now worth more than US$200 billion a year, and it is growing. Beijing has opened a US$30 billion line of credit to African governments, while more than a million Chinese live and work in Africa


China’s road to growth in Africa

China is Africa’s largest trading partner. Bilateral trade is expected to surpass US$200 billion in 2014. Trade with Africa is small in terms of China’s total trade, but it is strategically important because of its composition

28 JANUARY 2015

China defends aid role in Africa

China on Wednesday offered a spirited defence of its aid to Africa, rejecting charges of “concrete diplomacy” following a major infrastructure deal with the continent

12 JANUARY 2015

China denies building empire in Africa

Foreign minister Wang Yi says Beijing won’t copy ‘western colonialists’ amid claims it exploits African resources for its own economic growth

23 DECEMBER 2014

China to send 700 combat troops to South Sudan

China is to send 700 combat troops to South Sudan in what analysts describe as a significant shift from its stated policy of non-interference in African conflicts.


China, S.Africa pledge financial cooperation

China and South Africa pledged Thursday to strengthen cooperation in areas including equipment manufacturing, finance, and aviation during President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma’s visit.


 Guest Post: Chinese Troops in Africa: Protecting Civilians and Oil

19 NOVEMBER 2014

African presidents ‘use China aid for patronage politics’

Most of the $80bn of development funds sent to Africa went to areas where national leaders were born rather than the most needy, says AidData report

24 OCTOBER 2014

China pledges US$81.7 million Ebola aid to Africa

President Xi Jinping announced on Friday a 500 million yuan ($81.7 million) assistance package to fight Ebola as China continues its commitment to preventing the spread of the deadly virus in West Africa$81-7-million-Ebola-aid-to-Africa-66476.html


China to send 700 troops to S.Sudan to assist UN mission

China said on Thursday it will send 700 troops to join a UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, where fighting has threatened Beijing’s oil investments.

23 AUGUST 2014

China beats bad image with big aid to Africa

Pushing back against criticism that its presence in Africa is mercenary, China has extended unprecedented generosity to the Western African countries in the grip of an Ebola epidemic

10 AUGUST 2014

Chad withdraws Chinese exploration permits

Chad has decided to withdraw five exploration permits issued to a Chinese company and press charges in a row over a $1.2bn fine for environmental violations, the oil ministry has said

4 AUGUST 2014

Kenya Signs U.S. $478 Million Lamu Ports Deal With Chinese Firm

Kenya signed a 42-billion-shilling ($478 million) agreement to build the first three berths at Lamu Port with the China Communication Construction Company Group on Friday (August 1st)

17 JULY 2014

China-Africa relations hurt by bad Chinese behaviour, says ambassador

China’s foreign ministry has condemned the behaviour of some Chinese citizens in Africa following its ambassador to Tanzania giving an uncommonly frank newspaper interview in which he decried the “bad habits” of his compatriots.

10 JULY 2014

China sends bulk of its aid to Africa but denies ulterior motive

More than half of China’s foreign aid of $14bn (£8.2bn) between 2010 and 2012 was directed to Africa, the government said, underscoring Beijing’s interest in the resource-rich continent to fuel its economy

5 MAY 2014

China’s premier Li Keqiang targets doubling Africa trade

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang praised Africa’s growing economic power on Monday and Beijing’s “iron-clad” friendship with the continent, as he vowed to double trade to 400 billion dollars (290 billion euros) by 2020

4 MAY 2014

China in Africa: investment or exploitation?

Premier Li Keqiang shrugs off problems as “growing pains” and says relationship is based on equality and mutual benefit

4 MAY 2014

China admits ‘growing pains’ in Africa ties

Premier Li says Chinese firms should abide by local laws and regulations as he begins four-nation tour of continent

2 MAY 2014

China’s premier Li Keqiang set for first Africa trip

Li is scheduled to visit Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya during the trip, which begins Sunday and lasts for a week, officials said. It also includes a visit to the headquarters of the African Union in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa

20 MARCH 2014

Could China and Japan Work Together in East Africa?

Despite troubled relations at home, the two countries have a shared interest in Africa

20 MARCH 2014

China`s changing ambitions in Africa

Whilst China-African relations have been shaped in the past by China securing the supply of resources and financing the infrastructure to obtain them, the future will be a far more expansive relationship, involving both the state sectors and private entrepreneurs selling to Africa’s consumers, and not just outsourcing production there. To facilitate this, China currently deploys some 150 commercial attaches throughout the continent

18 FEBRUARY 2014

China Is Africa’s New Colonial Overlord, Says Famed Primate Researcher Jane Goodall

In an interview with Agence France-Press published on Monday, the longtime animal rights activist who has spent most of her life on the continent, compared Chinese investment with old-school British colonialism.


Centre for Chinese Studies Annual Report: China Africa Relations 2013

The annual report of the Centre for Chinese Studies, China Africa Relations 2013, highlights the development of China-Africa relations including changes and achievements of the Centre during 2013. This annual report is a palette of key events and developments in China-Africa relations in 2013 and the CCS activities on and around these developments.

15 JANUARY 2014

China slams ‘troublemaker’ Japan after Africa visit

China launched a scathing diplomatic attack against Japan on Wednesday, warning African nations of an impending “resurrection of Japanese militarism” and branding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a “troublemaker”

Africa: China and Japan’s Next Battleground?

While China and Japan may look like they’re competing in Africa, the two countries are actually playing different games.

13 JANUARY 2014

2014 – Ten years of Stellenbosch research on China-Africa relations

6 JANUARY 2014

China trying to help broker South Sudan truce: Chinese FM

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Monday his country was trying to help in efforts to broker an end to fighting in South Sudan

14 MAY 2013

Stronger environmental regulations can help China’s future in Africa

China has received a bad rap recently for its environmental exploitation in developing countries. The media asserts that three decades after the intensification of its international forays, China is still struggling to strike a balance between the protection of the environment and its rapid investments, particularly in Africa.                                                                                                            

11 MAY 2013

Yin and Yang of China’s development partnership with Africa

Over the past 50 years, China’s relationship with the African continent has developed impressively. The two regions have shared trade and cultural exchanges dating back hundreds of years but it was not until the mid 1950s when China established its first modern diplomatic relationship in Africa starting with Egypt. To date almost all countries in Africa have diplomatic links to China, with the exception of certain disputed territories and Burkina Faso due to their close ties to Taiwan since the mid 1990s

29 APRIL 2013

China commits billions in aid to Africa as part of charm offensive

China’s African aid programme aims to offer 18,000 government scholarships and train 30,000 Africans by 2015

18 APRIL 2013

Challenges for China-Africa Relations

Adapted from Amb. David H. Shinn’s Speech to the Cosmopolitan Club in Manhattan.

9 APRIL 2013

China and Africa: a maturing relationship

Africa’s place at the heart of China’s foreign policy agenda was highlighted in April, when the new Chinese president, Xi Jinping, chose to tour the continent on his inaugural foreign trip. The economic relationship between the two regions continues to develop apace, with rapid growth in trade and strong flows of Chinese financing into Africa. Criticism of China’s role in the continent continues                                                                                                                                                             

3 APRIL 2013

Chinese fishing fleet in African waters reports 9% of catch to UN

The team of 20 researchers calculated the number of Chinese vessels fishing in international waters by consulting news reports, online articles and local fishery experts and estimated that nearly 75% of all the fish caught by Chinese vessels came from African waters, with almost 3m tonnes a year from west Africa.                               

25 MARCH 2013

As Xi Jinping visits Africa: What are China’s intentions ?

Xi’s trip reflects the growing importance China places on Africa in its foreign and economic policies; last year, Wei Jianguo, a former Commerce Minister, forecast that Africa would surpass the U.S. and EU as China’s largest trading partner in three to five years.

25 MARCH 2913

China and Africa in the Xi Jinping era

While China’s policy in Africa during the Xi Jinping era will look much like that of the Hu Jintao period, the challenges will be greater.

24 MARCH 2013

Sino-African ties have sunny future

Chinese President Xi Jinping wrapped up his visit to Russia Sunday and started his African tour. It is evident that China attaches more importance to Africa than any other major power. The rapid growth in Sino-African ties over the past two decades has stirred up jealousy among some countries. In addition to friendship, common practical interests between the two sides in both economics and politics have driven them closer.                                                                                                                                                               

18 MARCH 2013

Will China Wear Out Its Welcome in Africa?

Chinese investment is similarly evident throughout the continent. In 2009, China overtook the United States as Africa’s biggest trading partner. In 2000, the total Sino-African trade volume was approximately US $10 billion; it is now closer to $200 billion per year.

11 MARCH 2013

Africa told to view China as competitor

Africa must shake off its romantic view of China and accept Beijing is a competitor as much as a partner and capable of the same exploitative practices as the old colonial powers, Nigeria’s central bank governor has warned.                                    

28 FEBRUARY 2013

Economist Dambisa Moyo: China can transform Africa

In a new interview with CNN’s Robyn Curnow, Moyo explains why she’s optimistic about the future of Africa. She looks at the positive impact that China can have on the continent and details the key drivers that will spur Africa’s economic growth.


China’s Sudan challenge

Sudan and China have enjoyed cordial relations for decades, developing a fruitful economic and political partnership dating back to their mutual estrangement from the West in the late 1980s and early 1990s. But Sudan’s 2011 partition has presented China with a new set of challenges

29 JANUARY 2013

Nigeria to China: we want to climb up the value chain

Last week, the Nigerian Central Bank voiced its discontent about the unfavorable trade balance with China – and made it clear Nigeria was already looking elsewhere for friendship (and maybe more).                                                                                                       

25 OCTOBER 2012

China ‘Image’ problem in Africa

Beijing’s policy of “non intervention” was championed by African leaders looking for economic growth without political preconditions. As Africa’s politics change, is the policy obsolete?

23 AUGUST 2012

New colonialism’ accusation against China unfair

The so-called “new colonialism” allegation that China has exploited Africa’s resources is unfair, given that China has made great efforts to help the continent’s development and benefit its people, a Chinese official said here Thursday

14 AUGUST 2012

China’s winning strategy in Africa

Contention between China and the United States is extending far beyond the current hot spot of the South China Sea. As China’s economy continues its rapid expansion, a truly global realignment of power is taking place. Regions that were dominated by the West for centuries are now coming into China’s orbit, challenging America’s position at the top on a once-unipolar world


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