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17 AUGUST 2019

India’s Modi holds talks with Bhutan counterpart

Thimphu: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bhutanese counterpart Lotay Tshering held wide ranging talks on Saturday during which they discussed steps to further expand the bilateral partnership across several sectors as the two nations signed 10 MoUs to infuse new energy in their ties


Bhutan’s Balancing Act between China and India

Bhutan would have more room for balancing maneuvers as the Sino-India relationship is getting warmer. India would not hinder Bhutan’s balancing act unless it hurts India’s core interests. China, of course, is willing to pursue closer relations with Bhutan, the only country in South Asia which has no diplomatic ties with China

19 OCTOBER 2018

Bhutan Voters Opt for New Party to Form Government in Its Third General Election

As Bhutan went to the polls on Thursday 18, a large number of voters turned up with a majority opting for the new political party, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT), which secured 55.1% of the total votes


Bhutan ruling party defeated in election

Bhutan’s prime minister conceded defeat Sunday after the ruling party was knocked out in the first round of the small Himalayan nation’s third-ever election

9 AUGUST 2017

India must stop trampling on Bhutan’s sovereignty

Marco Hung says if left to China and Bhutan, the Doklam border dispute could be easily resolved. Instead, an overbearing New Delhi, mistaking Bhutan as its ‘protectorate’, has just made things worse

29 JULY 2017

Why tiny Bhutan remains the wild card in China’s border standoff with India

For more than a month now, Indian and Chinese troops have been caught up in a standoff on an obscure piece of Himalayan territory known as Dolam, which is disputed between Bhutan and China. The fundamental question is the location of the so-called triboundary point – where all three countries meet

29 JUNE 2017

Tiny Bhutan protests to China over road building in disputed territory

The tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has protested to its mighty neighbour China over road building in disputed territory that set off new frictions between Beijing and the Indian government on Thursday (June 29)

25 APRIL 2017

A judicious view of the emergence of modern Bhutan

The chief justice of a country emerging from a strongly monarchical past, Lyonpo Tshering Wangchuck says the modernizing kingdom can find its own path

23 NOVEMBER 2016

Bhutan’s upper house rejects 4-nation traffic deal

The National Council (Upper House) of Bhutan rejected a regional traffic agreement between Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) over concerns for environmental pollution and security threat

15 OCTOBER 2016

The China factor in India–Bhutan relations

China’s increasingly cosy relations with Pakistan, and more recently Nepal, has concerned India for many years. The country now appears to be expanding its presence in the Himalayas through negotiations with another of India’s neighbours: Bhutan


Evaluating Bhutan’s development

With a population of less than one million and nestled in the eastern Himalayas, this small country has adopted the sustainable development approach of gross national happiness (GNH), a measure of wellbeing that differs markedly from traditional measures such as gross national product (GNP)


Bhutan’s queen gives birth to a baby boy

Announcing the birth of The Gyalsey to the nation, Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay, said that it is the good fortune of the people of Bhutan that on this auspicious day His Royal Highness The Gyalsey is born, fulfilling the wishes and the prayers of the people.

19 AUGUST 2015

Bhutan reports US$42.87m of unused budget last year

In what is a matter of concern for planners and implementers, most government agencies continue to return a substantial amount of unused budgets to the finance ministry at the end of every fiscal year.


Bhutan for Bangladesh’s passage through India

Dhaka and Thimphu have sought Delhi’s cooperation in easing movement of trucks through Indian territory to expand bilateral trade and economic relations between Bangladesh and Bhutan


Bhutan proposes 30% quota for women in political parties

At least 30 percent of the 47 seats in a political party should be reserved for women.This is among the 15 clauses in the Election Act to be proposed for amendment in the upcoming parliament session.

21 JULY 2014

Bhutan: small kingdom with big diplomacy

A small kingdom with 770,000 people nestled in the heart of the Himalayas and sandwiched by some 2.8 billion people from the world’s two most populous nations

27 DECEMBER 2013

Bhutan boost economy by powering India

So tiny Bhutan, with a new government looking for ways to grow the country’s economy, is not hesitating to tap its hydropower potential in collaboration with India. It hopes to increase the amount of electricity generated from the current 1,500MW to 10,000MW within seven years.

2 AUGUST 2013

Bhutan’s ‘gross national happiness’ masks problems, says new prime minister

Bhutan’s lauded ‘gross national happiness’ is overused and masks problems with corruption and low standards of living in the country, according to the country’s new prime minister.

26 JULY 2013

Bhutan’s Thinley still on the happiness trail

The defeat of former Bhutanese Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley’s party in the Himalayan nation’s second general election this month came as a surprise to most observers, given his international stature. However, in hindsight, the reasons are discernible, and point to popular disapproval of his aggressive pursuit of what can be termed as “Bhutanese exceptionalism.”

13 JULY 2013

Bhutan’s opposition party scores upset win

People’s Democratic Party storms to power after winning 32 seats out of 47 in nation’s second parliamentary elections.                  

31 MAY 2013

Bhutanese brave mountains and monsoon for election

Voters in Bhutan braved heavy rain and treacherous mountain paths to cast their ballots on Friday as the “land of the thunder dragon” began electing a government for only the second time.                                                                                                 

27 MARCH 2013

Bhutan’s second trip to the parliamentary polls

With its second general elections, Bhutan takes one more step towards securing its democratic gains.                                                                               

30 JANUARY 2013

Booming Bhutan

The Happiest Place on Earth?                                                                                                              

26 JUNE 2012

Bhutan grieves for destroyed historic site

Bhutan is mourning the loss of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, a four-century-old architectural wonder that had dramatically stood on a ridge at the confluence of two rivers before it burned to the ground over the weekend.

22 JUNE 2012

China, Bhutan look to establish formal ties

China and the remote Himalayan nation of Bhutan have agreed to establish diplomatic relations and resolve a long-standing border dispute, China’s foreign ministry said.


Indian Govt lifts ban on export of essential Bhutan items

Bhutan has expressed happiness over acceptance of its request of exemption from application of any export bans on essential commodities. India has exempted Bhutan from the application of ban on export milk powder, wheat, edible oil, pulses and non-Basmati rice


South Asia’s fledgling democracy

Jigme Thinley, the prime minister of Bhutan, has told Al Jazeera that his people will seek guidance from the country’s king, who will be asked to intervene if the fledgling democracy encounters any major governing problems. Thinley’s statement has been criticised by Tshering Tobgay, an
opposition leader, who says it reflects a lack of trust and confidence in the government’s capabilities