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On 7 December in Japan’s history



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Updated on December 7, 2019

1561: Birth of Kikkawa Hiroie, Japanese politician, who died on October 22, 1625

1941: The Imperial Japanese Navy attacks the US Pacific Fleet and its defending Army Air Forces and Marine air forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii leaving 1,500 people died


1946: Death of Sada Yacco, Japanese stage actress and dancer, born on July 18, 1871

1954: Shigeru Yoshida, five times prime minister of Japan, resigns. He will be replaced on 10 December by Ichiro Hatoyama

1978: Resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda. Masayoshi Ohira succeeds him

1979: Birth of Ayako Fujitani, Japanese actress

1991: Birth of Dori Sakurada, Japanese actor

On 26 November in Japan’s history


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Updated on November 26, 2019

1288: Birth of Go-Daigo, 96th Japanese emperor (1318-1339)

1937: The last defence line, the Xicheng Line of Shanghai, besieged since August 13, is taken by the Japanese

1937-11 Shanghai North station

1941: Japanese task force leaves for Pearl Harbor

1980: Birth of Satoshi Ohno, Japanese singer and actor

1982: Yasuhiro Nakasone is elected PM of Japan succeeding Zenko Suzuki,5569337

1982-11-27 Nakasone

1988: Birth of Yumi Kobayashi, Japanese fashion model

1998: Japan and China  sign a Joint declaration on Building a Partnership of Friendship and Cooperation  for Peace and Development

2005: Death of Takanori Arisawa, Japanese composer, born on April 2, 1951

2015 : Death of screen legend Setsuko Hara, who starred in several films by internationally acclaimed director Yasujiro Ozu before stunning the Japanese movie world by retiring at age 42. She was 95



On 3 November in Japan’s history


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Updated on November 3, 2019

1852: Birth of Japanese emperor Mutsuhito (Meiji) from 1867 to his death on July 30, 1912

1852-11-03 Birth of Mutsuhito

1923: Birth of Yamaguchi Hitomi, Japanese novelist and essayist who died on August 30, 1995

1924: Birth of Toyoko Yamazaki, Japanese writer

1928: Birth of Osamu Tezuka, Japanese film writer and mangaka, who died on February 1989

0samu Tezuka

1929: Korean students, in the Gwangju incident, launch their antijapanese movement

1929-11-03 Gwangju students incident

1938: Birth of Akira Kobayashi, Japanese singer

1941: The Combine Japanese Fleet receive Top-Secret Order No. 1: In 34 days time, Pearl Harbor is to be bombed, along with Mayala, the Dutch East Indies, and the Philippines

1942: The Koli Point action begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends on November 12

1946: Japanese emperor Hirohito loses all his power for an elected assembly as a new constitution is adopted

1948: Birth of Akira Emoto, Japanese actor

Akira Emoto

1948: Birth of Takashi Kawamura, Japanese politician

1954: The first in  the Godzilla series of films is released in Japan

1955: Birth of Yukihito Tsutsumi, Japanese film director

1984: Birth of Ryo Nishikido, Japanese actor

On 2 November in Japan’s history


Updated on November 2, 2019

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1868: Birth of Japanese painter Yokoyama Taikan who died on February 26, 1958

1890: Birth of Kunio Kishida, Japanese writer who died on March 5, 1954

1917: By the Lansing-Ishii agreement, the USA recognize the “special interests” of Japan in China

1917-11-02 Ishii Kikujiro

1942: Death of Hakushu Kitahara, Japanese writer, born on January 25, 1885

1945: Birth of Mitsuo Yanagimachi, film director

1957: Birth of Ryosuke Miki, Japanese actor

1976: Birth of Kumi Sakuma, Japanese actress

1982: Birth of Kyoko Fukada, Japanese actress”

2007: Deadline of the Japanese support, in the Indian Ocean, to the  international forces against international terrorism

2010: Japan recalls its ambassador to Moscow, heightening a long-standing row with Russia over four remote Pacific islands following a visit there by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.–19879.html

2013: The foreign and defence ministers of Japan and Russia agre to cooperate in fighting terrorism and piracy as the neighbours, still at odds over territorial woes, held an unprecedented security dialogue.


On 1st November in Japan’s history


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Updated on November 1, 2019

1886: Birth of Sakutaro Hagiwara, Japanese writer of free-style verse who died on May 11, 1942


1931: Birth of Shunsuke Kikuchi, Japanese composer

1936: Birth of Katsuhisa Hattori, Japanese composer

1936: Birth of Shizuka Kamei, Japanese politician
1942: The October Matanikau action on Guadalcanal begins as United States Marine Corps forces  attack Imperial Japanese Army units along the Matanikau River

1943: Battle of Empress Augusta Bay, United States Marines, the 3rd Marine Division, land on in the Solomon Islands. In support of the landings on Bougainville, U.S. aircraft carrier forces attack the huge Japanese base at Rabaul

1943-11-01 Battle of Empress Augusta Bay
1959: Birth of Eriko Hara, Japanese voice actress

2010: Russian president’s visit to disputed islands draws protests from Japan, which says they are part of Japanese territory


On 31 October in Japan’s history


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Updated on October 31, 2019

1760: Birth of Katsushika Hokusai, Japanese painter, who died on May 10, 1849

1806: Death of Utamaro Kitagawa, Japanese painter, born in1753

1817: Ayahito (Ninko), 120th Japanese Emperor is enthroned. He will die on 21 February 1846

1874: Engagement between Japan and China respecting Formosa (Taiwan) after a Japanese military intervention on Taiwan

 1929: Birth of Yoshiki Iwama, Japanese screenwriter who died on June 13, 1999

1929: Birth of Fumio Watanabe, Japanese actor, who died on August 4, 2004

1949: Birth of Kenichi Kato, Japanese actor

1953: The movie “Gate of Hell” (Jigokumon), Palme d’Or award at the 1954 Cannes Film Festival, is released in Japan

1990: Death of Aya Koda, Japanese writer, born on September 1, 1904

2000: Death of Watanabe Kazuki Japanese musician, born on April 7, 1981)

2008: Gen Toshio Tamogami, head of the Japanese air force is sacked after saying in an essay that the country was not an aggressor in World War II

2012: Firebrand Japanese conservative Shintaro Ishihara, who resigned as governor of Tokyo, has become the leader of a small right-leaning party whose lawmakers have an average age of 73.5

2015 : Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto’s new national party holds its inaugural ceremony with 18 Diet members from the embattled Japan Innovation Party

2017: Japan’s Democratic Party taps Upper House member Kohei Otsuka as new party president


On 28 October in Japan’s history


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Updated on October 28, 2019

1707: The Hōei earthquake  causes more than 5,000 deaths in Honshu, Shikoku and Kyūshū, Japan

1837: Birth of Tokugawa Yoshinobu, Japan’s last shogun, who died on  November 22, 1913

1860: Birth of Jigoro Kano, founder of  judo Kodokan who died on May 4, 1938

1891: A quake strikes Mino-Owari, Japan, killing 7,300

1928: Birth of Yoko Sugi, Japanese actress

1982 : Birth of Yukari Fukui, Japanese actress

1982 : Birth of Mai Kuraki, Japanese singer

1983 : Birth of Shio Mizubara, Japanese actress

On 27 October in Japan’s history


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Updated on October 27, 2019

1816: Death of Santō Kyōden, Japanese poet, writer and artist, born on September 13, 1761

Santo Kyoden

1858: Birth of Saitō Makoto, Japanese naval officer and politician, 30th Prime Minister of Japan who died on February 26, 1936

1906: Birth of Kazuo Ohna, Japanese dancer who died on June 3, 2010

1930: In Taiwan, Wushe Incident. 134 Japanese citizens are killed

1930-10-27 Wushe incident 2

1934: Birth of Akira Miyazaki, Japanese film writer.

Akira Miyazaki

1937: Birth of Koichi Ose, Japanese actor

1962: Birth of Ikkei Watanabe, Japanese actor

1982: Birth of Takashi Tsukamoto, Japanese actor

1987: Birth of Thelma Aoyama, Japanese singer

2008: Death of Frank Nagai, Japanese singer, born on March 18, 1932

2016: Emperor Hirohito’s younger brother, Prince Mikasa, dead at 100,_Prince_Mikasa

On 26 October in Japan’s history


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Updated on October 26, 2019

1184: In Japan, Battle of Kojima in which Minamoto no Noriyori, with his cavalry attacks a Taira force fleeing by boat towards Shikoku

1597: Battle of Myong-yang, a naval Battle of the War Imjin opposing the Japanese and Korean navy, won by Korean admiral Yi Sun-sin

1633: Death of Horio Tadaharu, Japanese warlord

1909: Assassination of Prince Hirobumi Ito by an Korean independence  militant

Ito Hirobumi

1909-10-26 Hirobumi Ito

1919: Death of Akashi Motojiro, Japanese general, born on September 1, 1864

1920: End of the Battle of Chingshanli between Japanese and  Korean

1927: Death of Jūkichi Yagi, Japanese poet, born on February 9, 1898

1937: During the sino-japanese war, the strong Nianziguan pass (in the Great Wall) falls to the Japanese

1940: Japan and the Netherlands issue a joint declaration that the  Indies will not be part of the “Co-Prosperity Sphere”

1942: The last U.S. carrier manufactured before America’s entry into  World War II, the Hornet, is damaged so extensively by Japanese war planes in  the Battle of Santa Cruz that it must be abandoned

1944: After four days of furious fighting, the World War II Battle of  Leyte Gulf, the largest air-naval battle in history, ends with a decisive  American victory over the Japanese]

1960: Death of Japanese general Toshizo Nishio, born on October 31, 1891

1966: Birth of  Masaharu Iwata,  Japanese composer

1972: Birth of Miwako Kawai, Japanese actress

Miwako Kawai

1974: Birth of Lisa, Japanese musician,_born_1974

2001: As a reward for their help in the fight against terrorism, Tokyo leaves all the applied sanctions on India and Pakistan after their  nuclear 1998 tests


On 25 October in Japan’s history


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Updated on October 25, 2019

1889: Kuroda Kiyotaka, second prime minister of Japan resigns. He will be succeeded by Yamagata Arimoto

1894: After crossing the Yalu River, the Japanese forces invade Manchuria

1902: Birth of Mitsuo Miura, cinematograph, who died on October 24, 1956

Mitsuo Miura

1921: Birth of Yasuyoshi Tokuma, Japanese film producer, who died on September 20, 2000

Yasuyoshi Tokuma

1936: Birth of Masako Nozawa, Japanese actress

Masako Nozawa 2

1944: First kamikaze attack of the war begins

1944: In the Battle of Cape Engano (Philippines), 4 Japanese aircraft carriers are sunk

1944: Battle of of Surigao Strait concludes by Japanese fleet defeat

1945: The Republic of China takes over administration of Taiwan following Japan’s surrender to general Chen Yi in the name of the Allies

1945-10-25 Japanese surrender

1947: Birth of Shinya Owada, Japanese actor

1951: San Francisco treaty, signed on September 8, is ratified by Japan

1955: Death of Sadako Sasaki, victim of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing

1964: Japanese prime minister Hayato Ideka resigns for « health reason »

1971: Birth of  Midori Goto, Japanese violinist

2012: Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara quits to form new party