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3 MAY 2019

Beijing’s one-child policy is gone. But many Chinese are still reluctant to have more

China’s population is forecast to peak at 1.45 billion as early as 2027, then slump for several decades. By 2050, about one-third of the population will be over the age of 65, and the number of working-age people is forecast to fall precipitously. Who will power the economy? Who will look after the elderly? Who will pay the taxes to fund their pensions?

2 MARCH 2019

Can China recover from its disastrous one-child policy?

Families are now being urged to have at least two children, but it may be too late to convince parents to embrace the change

13 FEBRUARY 2019

China’s two-child policy under fire as parents’ bank account frozen for having third child

China’s family planning policies have been criticised after a couple’s bank account was frozen over unpaid fines imposed for having a third child, despite the country’s falling fertility rates

China’s population growth slows despite two-child policy

China’s population grew at a slower rate last year despite the abolition of the one-child policy, official data showed on Monday (Jan 21), raising fears an ageing society will pile further pressure on an already slowing economy

28 AUGUST 2018

China moves to end two-child limit, finishing decades of family planning

The Chinese government could be moving to end birth restrictions, amid growing concerns over an aging population and a dropping birth rate

22 JULY 2018

How has the one-child policy affected China?

China resorted to a one-child policy in 1979 to limit its then-ballooning population, and then over three decades later changed it to a two-child policy. Experts say it cannot be a model for other countries

21 MAY 2018

China ‘considering scrapping all limits’ on number of children per family

China is considering scrapping the limits it places on how many children families can have, ending one of history’s most intrusive and controversial social experiments, a report has claimed

19 APRIL 2017

China’s two-child policy one year on

At the beginning of 2016 the Chinese government relaxed its family planning laws to allow all married couples to have a second child. But, one year on, how effective has this new policy really been?

28 FEBRUARY 2017

China considers financial “rewards” for second child after baby boom fails to materialise

China is considering paying couples to have a second baby after the scrapping of rules limiting family sizes failed to produce an expected baby boom

22 NOVEMBER 2016

China’s two-child policy not the answer to its ageing population

China’s two-child policy could contribute to higher rates of GDP growth (with a modest increase in domestic consumption) and it would reduce the proportion of the aged in China in the decades ahead, our research shows

23 MAY 2016

China’s Coming Demographic Crash

 Effective the beginning of this year, the Chinese central government relaxed the notorious one-child policy to permit two children per couple. The liberalization will increase the birth rate nationwide, but, apart from state media, few think the increase will halt a severe decline in population

8 MARCH 2016

Full relaxation of child policy ruled out

China’s family planning policy will not change in the foreseeable future, and there are no plans for a complete relaxation currently, a top health official said Tuesday

25 FEBRUARY 2016

The Chinese one-child policy is gone, but its legacy bites deep

The statistics are troubling. China’s workforce shrank by 4.87 million in 2015 alone. Meanwhile, the number of Chinese 60 or older is expected to roughly double to 400 million by 2035

27 DECEMBER 2015

China officially ends one-child policy

China officially ended its one-child policy yesterday with the signing into law of a bill allowing all married couples to have a second child as it attempts to cope with an ageing population and shrinking workforce

29 OCTOBER 2015

China ends one-child policy, allows two children for each couple

China will ease family planning restrictions to allow all couples to have two children, after decades of the strict and controversial one-child policy left it with an ageing population and shrinking workforce

1 MAY 2015

China’s one-child policy is state violence against women and children

Although occasionally “tweaked,” the infamous law has not been eliminated and is having disastrous demographic consequences: labor shortages, an aging population, a skewed sex ration between men and women, women trafficking and sexual slavery. However, the government is not going to repeal it because it helps it control the population’s-one-child-policy-is-state-violence-against-women-and-children-34131.html

15 MARCH 2015

China considering one-child policy changes: premier

China is considering further changes to its family planning laws, Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday, after a relaxation in the “one child policy” failed to see significantly more babies being born

14 MARCH 2015

The problem of too many baby boys in China

China ranks in the world’s top five worst performing countries for equal gender ratios – with 33 million more men.

12 JANUARY 2015

Fewer Chinese parents than expected seek 2nd children

China’s push to encourage more couples to have a second child after decades of restrictive family planning policies has fallen short of expectations in the first year, state media reported Monday

16 DECEMBER 2014

China’s declining birthrate a cause for concern

Experts are calling for an accelerated scrapping of the one-child policy as China’s birthrate moves toward a dangerously low level. The fertility rate in China is now 1.4 children per woman, almost touching the warning line of 1.3 that is recognised globally as the “low fertility trap”, according to a report released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


20,000 Beijing couples granted permit for 2nd child

Nearly 20,000 Beijing couples have been granted a permit to have a second child since the city relaxed its family planning policy in February, according to the latest official statistics.

31 MAY 2014

China, the easing of the “one child law” means over 2 million more newborns per year

They are government forecasts for 2014, the first year with a new (and softer) family planning law. New maternity wards to be built to cope with increased demand,-the-easing-of-the-one-child-law-means-over-2-million-more-newborns-per-year-31236.html

6 MARCH 2014

China two-child policy not imminent: official

China’s health ministry on Thursday dampened speculation that the country could dump its one-child policy and allow families to have two.

18 FEBRUARY 2014

China’s One-Child Nonsense

Social conditions may have played a bigger role than government policy

17 FEBRUARY 2014

Beijing opens dozens of new baby hatches for abandoned children

Every year in China at least 10 thousand infants are abandoned. Because of the one-child policy, many of them are girls, but there are also many babies with disabilities or serious illnesses. 60 million births that are not legally registered.

4 JANUARY 2014

Why is China easing its one-child policy

China’s controversial one-child policy change fits in the overarching framework of the government’s zealous pursuit of economic growth

28 DECEMBER 2013

China formally eases one-child policy

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed a resolution allowing couples to have two children if either parent is an only child.

24 DECEMBER 2013

Chinese woman might lose baby over authorities’ error

12 DECEMBER 2013

China’s One Child Policy Reform: Policy Decision Or Compulsion?

The relaxation of China’s One Child policy, which came as one of the decisions of Third Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee, has been welcomed with much fanfare. While this decision may be celebrated as the new government’s feat at socio-economic policy-making, in fact, this was an indispensable view of China’s demographics and government’s exhausting capability to deal with it.


Chinese parents paid £2 billion in fines for breaching one-child policy

Twenty four out of mainland China’s 31 provinces and autonomous regions have now declared their earnings from the one-child policy last year, which total 20 billion yuan (£2 billion)


Chinese mom sues after she was fined $54,200 for flouting one-child policy

Chinese warehouse worker Liu Fei was fined 330,000 yuan ($54,200), or 14 times her yearly wage, for having a second child and her failure to pay means the boy has no access to basic rights like schooling and healthcare.

18 NOVEMBER 2013

The One-Child Policy that Wasn’t

Great exaggeration has been made of the headline news from the just-ended Communist Party Central Committee Plenum about China ending its One Child policy. In the first place the policy is merely being “adjusted,” not abolished.

15 NOVEMBER 2013

China to ease one-child policy

In the first comprehensive set of reforms under President Xi Jinping, the Communist party leadership, said: “We will begin to allow couples to have two children if one of them is an only child.


China, one child policy ‘breeds corruption in the Party’

In the last year, Chinese officials for family planning have collected 16.5 billion yuan. A lawyer trying to figure out where does this money: “They should be used to repay public services, but disappear into thin air. Even the audit for the government knows where they are really. “,-one-child-policy-‘breeds-corruption-in-the-Party’-28941.html

29 AUGUST 2013

Woman forced to abort at nine months because her husband already had a child

Lili Zeng underwent induced labour, and a lethal injection was made on the child’s skull. In spite of all this, he was born alive, only to die in his mother’s arms. The woman’s husband forced the operation on her after he left her. He already had a son from a previous marriage. Women’s Rights Without Frontiers slams what happened.

16 AUGUST 2013

China’s one-child policy’s human cost fuels calls for reform

Thirty years after it was introduced, the ‘transitional policy’ endures despite warnings of its punitive effects on China’s development

6 AUGUST 2013

Commission sets no timetable for family planning update

The National Health and Family Planning Commission moved on Tuesday to allay concerns in media reports last week that China will relax its family planning policy by 2015 to allow more couples to have two children.

3 AUGUST 2013

China’s Infamous ‘One-Child Policy’ Is About To Become A ‘Two-Child Policy’

Since 1979, China has maintained a population control program known as the “one-child policy,” in most cases limiting families living in urban areas to only one child

25 JUNE 2013

China’s one child policy also brings sexual slavery

The US State Department’s report on human trafficking downgrades Beijing to ‘Tier 3’ status for failing to fully comply with minimum standards and not making significant efforts to limit human trafficking and sexual slavery. Forced abortions and sterilisations explain the trend in a country where millions of men cannot find a bride. Women’s Rights Without Frontiers appeals to Obama and Xi Jinping.’s-one-child-policy-also-brings-sexual-slavery-28296.html

8 APRIL 2013

Hubei: woman dies after the authorities forcibly sterilise her

The Family Planning Bureau in Dabacheng fails to heed the doctor who said operation was “dangerous for patient’s life”. Hongxia Shen, 42, was “guilty” having already two children. She was killed to prevent more “illegal pregnancies”.

16 MARCH 2013

Monks without a temple

China may have begun a long end-game for its one-child policy. Experts say it cannot end soon enough

15 MARCH 2013

336 million abortions under China’s one-child policy

More than half a billion birth control procedures, including at least 336 million abortions, have been performed in the name of the one-child policy, China’s Health ministry revealed yesterday.                                            

27 FEBRUARY 2013

Is it too late to reverse China’s one-child policy?

In recent years, fears have grown that China may lose its demographic advantage as the population bulge shifts inexorably towards the aged after three decades of its draconian one-child policy, leaving the country with what is expected to be a static working-age population supporting a vast elderly cohort by 2040.                                                                                                                                                  

13 FEBRUARY 2013

For one Chinese mother, the one child policy is a horror that must end

The story of Cao Ruyi and her family, persecuted by the government for having a second child, is told by the president of the association that helped them escape and save their child from a planned forced abortion. China’s government has never stopped its family planning policy, which in 30 years has imposed with violence 275 million abortions.                                                                                                  ,-the-one-child-policy-is-a-horror-that-must-end-27127.html


China counts cost of one child policy

Beijing has never had more incentive to abolish the controversial policy that is denying Ms Long her dream child: China is facing a critical shortage of workers caused largely by 30 years of restricting family size. Last year, the working age population of China shrank for the first time, threatening a mainland economic miracle built upon a pool of surplus labour.                                                                                                                               

22 JANUARY 2013

More and more for an end to one-child policy

Economic considerations now enter the picture: shrinking workforce, aging population and lower domestic consumption. Although Hu Jintao does not mention low birth rates, Population minister sticks to the policy. Forced abortions and sterilisation go hand in hand with the privileges of the wealthy who have many children. This is leading to social tensions.                                                                                                                 

16 JANUARY 2013

China: One-child policy is here to stay

China has quelled speculation its controversial “one-child” policy is to be scrapped, instead announcing Wednesday that family planning laws to curb the birth rate will remain.                                                                                    

28 NOVEMBER 2012

China mulls changes in one-child policy

China is mulling changes to its one-child policy, a former family planning official said, with government advisory bodies drafting proposals in the face of a rapidly ageing society in the world’s most populous nation.

31 OCTOBER 2012

Chinese government think tank urges end to unpopular one-child policy

A Chinese government think tank is urging the country’s leaders to start phasing out its unpopular one-child policy immediately and allow two children for every family in the country by 2015.|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/on-31-october-in-asia-history&__utmv=238145375.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Cworld%20news%7Casia-pacific=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=65225453


Population and the challenge of Chinese growth

In 1980, when the one-child policy was officially introduced, it was clear that it would be a ‘one-generation policy’ only. Thirty years on, the Chinese government is confronted with another problem in redoubling its long-term efforts to raise the potential growth rate of the Chinese economy. The workforce has already begun to shrink.

8 AUGUST 2012

Web-TV Third Angle Insight: Boys versus girls

China’s preference for boys – it’s one of the most controversial topics in the Middle Kingdom and has sparked scandalous tales of sex selective abortions, the abandonment of female babies or worse leaving them to perish in the infamous dying rooms.

1 JULY 2012

Husband of forced abortion victim tells of his escape from Chinese officials

A father whose unborn daughter was forcibly aborted at seven months, triggering a nationwide outcry in China, has recounted how he fled from officials trying to silence his family.

27 JUNE 2012

China’s addiction to birth planning

Recently, the sad case of Feng Jianmei roiled public opinion, both inside and outside China. Feng, a young woman living in a rural corner of Shaanxi province in northwest China, was bullied into aborting her pregnancy in its seventh month. A family member took a terrible picture of the mother lying in a hospital bed with the stillborn fetus beside her and posted it on the Internet. Global shock and revulsion ensued, and the Chinese government dispatched municipal officials to issue an apology to Feng.

14 JUNE 2012

‘Forced abortion’ sparks fury in China

China’s family planning authorities are investigating a case in which a seven-months pregnant woman was allegedly forced by the local government to abort her second child.

14 JUNE 2012

China: Unnatural Selection

A 25 minutes movie

1 JUNE 2012

Chinese couple pay £130,000 to have a second child to avoid one-child policy

The unnamed couple from the southern city of Rui’an welcomed a daughter in February after having a son in 1995. The authorities in the city said they had levied the enormous sum after deciding the couple could well afford it

27 FEBRUARY 2012

China to overhaul ‘threatening’ one-child slogans

China is to overhaul the sometimes threatening slogans used to enforce its one-child policy, the authorities have announced