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31 OCTOBER 2019

19th CPC Central Committee concludes fourth plenary session

The 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) concluded its fourth plenary session in Beijing on Thursday with the release of a communique

1 OCTOBER 2019

China anniversary: Beijing celebrations mark 70 years of Communist rule

China has celebrated 70 years of Communist party rule and its rise to global superpower status with a military parade showcasing the country’s technology, and a promise from President Xi Jinping that “no force can shake the status of this great nation”

14  JUNE 2019

China rises but 30 years after Tiananmen, crackdown remains taboo

Beijing has not apologised or revealed death toll, but calls for accountability increase as its global profile grows

2 JUNE 2019

Tiananmen Square: China minister defends 1989 crackdown

Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe, speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Sunday, called the seven weeks of protests by students and workers demanding democratic changes and the eradication of corruption in 1989, political “turbulence”

30 APRIL 2019

Xi Jinping urges China’s young people to be patriotic and loyal ahead of 100th anniversary of May Fourth Movement

Fresh from a week of intensive diplomacy, President Xi Jinping  turned his attention on Tuesday (April 30)  to public relations of another kind – galvanising China’s young people

19 APRIL 2019

Beijing’s “seventh generation” of leaders emerges onto stage

This includes officials born in the 1970s.  One of them will be responsible for taking over the reigns from  Xi Jinping.  The leader can remain party secretary until 2032 and president until 2033. Ten officials seem to have an advantage in running for top party positions.  Xi’s first requirement for future leaders is “political morality”

13 APRIL 2019

Who rules China? Representation on the NPC and Central Committee

March Madness for China watchers is the ‘Two Sessions’: the annual meetings of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the national committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Yet, from scripted press conferences to rubber stamp approvals, these institutions are often dismissed as political pageantry of little significance. Recent scholarship suggests otherwise

3 MARCH 2019

China wants to make the Communist Party ‘cool’ again with digital propaganda, but is it working?

Mr Xi has told media organisations to prioritise delivering news to mobile platforms like the hugely popular WeChat mobile app, which also allows independent users to set up news accounts

12 FEBRUARY 2019

China has no use for democracy. It needs a strong leader like Xi Jinping right now: Chi Wang

Chi Wang says China has no ideological basis for the development of a system that prizes personal freedom, nor any history with the rule of law

15 JANUARY 2019

The Patriarchy Strikes Back in China

Attempts to crush feminists and labor activists linking up show what the Communist Party fears most

6 JANUARY 2019

China’s Xi Jinping begins his most important year at his weakest point

China’s economy has faltered in the face of US President Donald Trump’s ongoing trade war, and tensions with Washington have spread to political and military issues

19 NOVEMBER 2018

China under Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is widely viewed as the strongest leader China has had since Deng Xiaoping or Mao Zedong. But six years into his perhaps indefinite tenure, what has Xi actually accomplished? And where might China be headed under his rule?

23 OCTOBER 2018

China opens world’s longest sea bridge from Hong Kong to mainland

Chinese President Xi Jinping presided over a ceremony in Zhuhai to open the 55-kilometre-long bridge, which links the city to the semi-autonomous regions of Hong Kong and Macau

8 OCTOBER 2018

Interpol chief Meng Hongwei under investigation for bribery, China says

Former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei is under investigation for suspected bribery, China’s Ministry of Public Security said in a statement on its website on Monday (Oct 8)

5 OCTOBER 2018

Interpol chief Meng Hongwei goes missing on China visit

Police in France have opened an investigation into the whereabouts of the president of Interpol after his wife reported that he had gone missing after travelling home to his native China

30 AUGUST 2018

After Communist Party summer retreat, Xi Jinping is sticking to his policies

President has held at least four high-level meetings since the Beidaihe session wrapped up, but analysts say there are no signs of any big changes

2 JULY 2018

The Chinese Communist Party has 89.6m members

The Communist Party of China (CPC) had 89.56 million members with 4.57 million primary-level Party organizations at the end of 2017, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee announced Saturday

4 APRIL 2018

Bibles pulled from China’s online bookstores as Beijing releases white paper on religious policy

Bibles have reportedly been pulled from sale through online bookstores across China, sparking confusion and outrage from frustrated Chinese-Christians on social media amid a tenuous split between the Vatican and Beijing

19 MARCH 2018

China’s new cabinet members endorsed

13th National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s national legislature, held the seventh plenary meeting of its first session Monday morning and endorsed the new lineup of the State Council.

18 MARCH 2018

China’s parliament gives Premier Li second term

China’s parliament gave Premier Li Keqiang a second five-year term on Sunday (Mar 18), but he faces a tenure deeper in the shadow of the country’s powerful leader Xi Jinping

17 MARCH 2018

Xi Jinping gets second term, with ally Wang Qishan as vice-president

China’s legislature formally endorsed Xi Jinping’s second five-year presidential term on Saturday, and voted in Wang Qishan as the country’s new vice-president

15 MARCH 2018

New vice-chairpersons of 13th CPPCC National Committee

A total of 24 people were elected vice-chairpersons of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) at a plenary meeting of its first session on Wednesday

14 MARCH 2018

Wang Yang elected chairman of China’s top political advisory body

Wang Yang was elected chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the top political advisory body, Wednesday afternoon

11 MARCH 2018

China’s Congress votes to abolish presidential term limits, allowing Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely

China’s Congress has passed a constitutional amendment that removes presidential term limits, allowing President Xi Jinping to remain in office indefinitely and confirming his status as the country’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong died more than 40 years ago

27 FEBRUARY 2018

7 things you need to know about lifting term limits for Xi Jinping

At this point, there are more questions than answers about what this means for China, and for other countries. I will pose some of the major questions below and offer best guesses on the answers

25 FEBRUARY 2018

Chinese Communist Party proposes removal of two-term limit for president

China’s ruling Communist Party on Sunday set the stage for President Xi Jinping to stay in office indefinitely, with a proposal to remove a constitutional clause limiting presidential service to just two terms in office

26 JANUARY 2018

Ma Zhaoxu: China’s next man at the UN

Former foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu will become China’s ambassador to the United Nations headquarters in New York, one of the country’s most prestigious overseas posts, according to diplomatic sources

27 DECEMBER 2017

The Chinese Dream’ and Xi Jinping’s power politics in 2017

China’s leader Xi Jinping ends 2017 in an unassailable position of power, having consolidated his grip over the Communist Party and state. Xi’s ultimate goal is to transform China into a global superpower

22 NOVEMBER 2017

China’s new military leaders

The new CMC membership is stacked with Xi’s favoured generals. While the two CMC deputies — Xu Qiliang and Zhang Youxia — share a long history with Xi, the remaining members either served in the former Nanjing Military Region, which encompassed Xi’s former Fujian and Zhejiang strongholds, or have been groomed for higher office since Xi assumed the CMC leadership

29 OCTOBER 2017

Xi ally Li Qiang named Shanghai party boss — Xinhua

Li Qiang, an ally of Chinese President Xi Jinping, has been named the top Communist Party official in Shanghai, replacing Han Zheng who last week joined the elite Politburo Standing Committee, the official Xinhua News Agency said on Sunday

25 OCTOBER 2017

China congress: No heir apparent as Xi reveals top leadership

China has revealed its new senior leadership committee, breaking with tradition by not including a clear successor to President Xi Jinping (see the full list of new leaders)

24 OCTOBER 2017

What China’s elevation of President Xi Jinping to the Communist pantheon means for the superpower’s future

China’s Communist Party votes to enshrine President Xi Jinping’s ideology in its constitution, making him the country’s most powerful leader since chairman Mao Zedong

19 OCTOBER 2017

One-man rule? China’s Xi Jinping consolidates grip on power

Xi is already China’s most powerful leader in decades, but could he use the world’s biggest political party and its 89 million members to cement that grip and stay in power beyond the customary two terms? And to what end? A 42mn video debate

18 OCTOBER 2017

Xi Jinping delivers report to CPC 19th congress, stressing socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era

Xi Jinping called on all members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to “secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and strive for the great success of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era


Communist Party expels former high-flyer Sun Zhengcai in countdown to key congress

Former political star Sun Zhengcai has been expelled from China’s Communist Party and will face prosecution, state media reported on Friday – two months after his shock downfall and just weeks before a key five-yearly leadership reshuffle


What is Xi Jinping thought?

At the next Congress, Xi Jinping’s thinking will be included in the party’s constitution, just like Mao Zedong’s was. But this thought seems only to be made of rhetoric, nationalism, and an emphasis on China’s greatness. Xi’s much-vaunted contribution to Chinese-style communism tends to stop reforms to maintain power in the hands of the party and his own

16 AUGUST 2017

Xi loyalists grab the reins of pivotal projects

Chinese President Xi Jinping is giving close allies full control over two signature projects that promise to help him achieve total political supremacy: the Belt and Road Initiative and the remodeling of Beijing

7 AUGUST 2017

What to expect from Xi Jinping’s Communist Party congress power play

 When Xi Jinping took the helm of China’s ruling Communist Party in late 2012 he had few trusted allies by his side or loyal aides at his command

30 JULY 2017

China marks army’s 90th anniversary in huge military parade

President Xi Jinping has overseen a large-scale military parade in a show of force to mark the 90th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army. Xi urged the army to “unswervingly stick to” the Communist Party

21 JULY 2017

Chinese Communist Party threatens to punish members if they are religious

The party remains concerned about the enduring issue. “Party members should be firm Marxist atheists, obey Party rules and stick to the Party’s faith,” one official writes. They should not be “allowed to seek value and belief in religion”

27 JUNE 2017

China passes tough new national intelligence law

China’s legislature passed a new national intelligence law on Tuesday (June 27) after an unusually brief round of discussions, granting authorities new powers to monitor suspects, raid premises, seize vehicles and devices and operate overseas

10 APRIL 2017

Beijing offers chinese spy-hunters cash rewards for amateur counter-espionage

China’s Ministry of State Security pledged to pay Chinese citizens 500,000 yuan (about 72,000 dollars) for providing the authorities with any information on espionage activities in the country

3 APRIL 2017

New Party chiefs named in 4 Chinese provinces

The central leadership has named new Party chiefs in four provinces in the latest reshuffle of provincial leadership ahead of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China later this year

2 MARCH 2017

Is Xi Jinping’s political ambition bad for China?

It is an important year for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is consolidating his influence for long-term control of the Communist Party. But China expert Willy Lam explains why Xi’s ambition may be bad for the country


China’s finance minister Lou Jiwei steps down, former tax chief to take role

Finance Minister Lou Jiwei, who has been struggling in recent years to tackle the country’s huge debt problems, is stepping down as he approaches retirement age


China’s Xi condemns ‘cliques’ and ‘conspiracies’ within party

China’s President Xi Jinping condemned “cliques”, “conspiracies” and “fraud” within upper echelons of the Communist Party and said there were urgent problems to be addressed, state media reported on Wednesday

27 OCTOBER 2016

President Xi Jinping named as Chinese Communist Party’s ‘core’ leader

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has formally named President Xi Jinping as the “core” of the party leadership, a title that carries deep political meaning and is set to shape the power play in the run-up to a leadership reshuffle next year

4 OCTOBER 2016

Xi Jinping may delay picking China’s next leader, stoking speculation

The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, appears prepared to defy the Communist Party’s established script for transferring power and delay the designation of his successor until after a party congress next year, unsettling the party elite and stirring speculation that he wants to prolong his tenure

24 JULY 2016

China unveils world’s largest amphibious Aircraft

China has completed production of the world’s largest amphibian aircraft, AG600, that it plans to use to fight forest fires and perform marine rescue operations

30 JUNE 2016

CPC has nearly 89 million members

The Communist Party of China (CPC) had 88.758 million members at the end of 2015, according to figures revealed by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee on Thursday

18 JUNE 2016

‘Rebel’ China village chief arrested for corruption

The chief of a village that became a symbol of resistance against corruption has been arrested for allegedly accepting bribes, Chinese authorities said Saturday, as a large police operation moved in to head off dissent

16 MAY 2016

Beijing carefully ignores anniversary of violent Cultural Revolution

It has been 50 years since the spark that touched off China’s volatile period of mass collectives and student uprising. Beijing did not mark the occasion, and clamped down on social media discussions of the event

21 APRIL 2016

 China’s Xi moves to take more direct command over military

Chinese President Xi Jinping has assumed a more direct role over the country’s powerful armed forces as head of its increasingly important joint operations, displaying both his strong personal authority and China’s determination to defend its interests.

25 MARCH 2016

20 arrested over letter asking for resignation of “Comrade Xi Jinping”

Chinese authorities have arrested 19 other people on charges of having participated in the publication of the open letter calling on President Xi Jinping to resign. The total number of detentions now stands at 20: Jia Jia the reporter, the first to be detained, appears less and less involved in the matter and his release is expected,-for-your-own-good-and-the-good-of-the-nation-37011.html

14 DECEMBER 2015

China rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang’s trial ends amid scuffles

One of China’s most prominent human rights lawyers, Pu Zhiqiang, goes on trial over online comments critical of the ruling Communist Party, as police scuffled with supporters gathered outside the courthouse

20 NOVEMBER 2015

Communist Party of China holds event to commemorate Hu Yaobang

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee held a symposium to commemorate what would have been the 100th birthday of its former general secretary Hu Yaobang on Friday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

26 OCTOBER 2015

Xi Jinping on What’s Wrong with Contemporary Chinese Culture

At the Beijing Forum on Literature and Art, President Xi Jinping spoke to a high-level audience of arts professionals about the role of arts and culture in China. The speech was given in Beijing and titled “Talks at the Forum on Literature and Art Work,”

23 OCTOBER 2015

Xi relies on ‘second red generation’ generals to maintain grip

Generals belonging to the so-called second red generation are increasingly dominant in the Chinese military, riding their parents’ coattails to power, following the purge of two top uniformed officers in President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign


China military parade commemorates WW2 victory over Japan

With swarms of fighter jets and helicopters flying overhead, some 12,000 troops marched through the center of Beijing as China marked the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II with its biggest ever display of military might

3 JULY 2015

Why the Communist Party’s new security law is bad news for China

From “social contradictions” to food safety, from environmental crisis to foreign religions, from the Internet to outer space, there is hardly any realm of the country’s activity that doesn’t fall under the rubric of national security risk in the new law

1 JULY 2015

China adopts new law on national security

China’s top legislature on Wednesday adopted a new national security law highlighting cyber security and demanding the establishment of a coordinated, efficient crisis management system.

11 JUNE 2015

China jails former security chief Zhou Yongkang for life for bribery, corruption

China’s ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang has been jailed for life – the most senior politician to face corruption charges under Communist rule

5 APRIL 2015

Late Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang can be laid to rest – a decade after death

The family of late liberal Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang said on Sunday they had finally received approval for the burial of his ashes, a decade after his death

6 MARCH 2015

A Modern Cult of Personality? Xi Jinping Aspires To Be The Equal of Mao and Deng

Having been in office for just over two years, President Xi Jinping has already laid claim to being the third most powerful politician of post-liberation China, just after Chairman Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping

10 FEBRUARY 2015

Former Chinese propaganda chief Deng Liqun dies at 100

Former Chinese propaganda chief and communist hardliner Deng Liqun, a fierce critic of the economic reforms championed by late leader Deng Xiaoping, died Tuesday at the age of 100, state media reported.

30 JANUARY 2015

Chinese government attacks textbooks that promote Western values

For Education Minister Yuan Guiren, high schools and universities should shun or ban textbooks that promote “non-Chinese” values. Previously, President Xi Jinping had also attacked freedom of thought. Teachers who speak out are hounded, fired and even jailed

26 JANUARY 2015

China: The Eclipse of the Politburo

Evidence suggests the Politburo Standing Committee is in decline, while the central party bureaucracy gains more clout.

17 DECEMBER 2014

Mourners mark China leader Zhao Ziyang’s 10th death anniversary

Mourners have gathered to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of China’s purged former leader, Zhao Ziyang

29 DECEMBER 2014

China’s Xi calls for tighter ideological control in universities

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for greater “ideological guidance” in China’s universities and urged the study of Marxism, state media reported on Monday, as the country tightens control on Western ideology


Xi Jinping: the growing cult of China’s ‘Big Daddy Xi’

Xi Jinping completes two years as president in January and as he enters his third year in office a growing cult of personality is being built around the 61-year-old as he fights to stamp his authority onto the Chinese Communist Party.

Zhou’s arrest affirms Xi’s grip on power: Experts

The arrest of former public security czar Zhou Yongkang and his expulsion from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) underscore President Xi Jinping’s tightening grip on power. It is also the Chinese leader’s biggest and boldest move yet in his two-year campaign to root out corruption across all ranks, experts said.


China arrests ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang

Ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang, the most senior Chinese official to be investigated for corruption, has been arrested and expelled from the Communist Party, state media report.


China stresses Communist party’s control over military

Anyone calling for China’s People’s Liberation Army to be loyal to the state rather than the Communist party has a “very black heart”, military media said Monday, after President Xi Jinping stressed: “The party commands the gun”

23 OCTOBER 2014

Beijing embraces ‘rule of law with Chinese characteristics’

China’s Communist rulers declared Thursday that the country would embrace the “rule of law with Chinese characteristics”, official media reported after a key party meeting touted as heralding legal reform.


China’s ex-president drops down rankings: paper

Former Chinese leader Hu Jintao has slipped further down the Communist Party rankings, state-run media said Tuesday, as his successor Xi Jinping consolidates his authority in the one-party state

25 AUGUST 2014

The Red Beatification of Xi Jinping

He is not yet one of the “saints” of the Chinese Communist Party along with Mao and Deng. But already, after less than two years in office, Xi Jinping is, to borrow a phrase from the Catholic Church, being “beatified” – given pre-sainthood status.

1 AUGUST 2014

Xi Jinping wants to be Mao but will not learn from the latter’s mistakes

Concentrating power in top leader of party, state and army has unleashed a flood of flattery and brought back the cult of personality that had been “abolished” after the death of the Great Helmsman. However, the new leader’s style and way of exercising power fails to heed the fact that when one rises above all others, one feels free to make blunders’s-mistakes-31787.html

28 JULY 2014

Probes and propaganda: Xi’s double strategy to consolidate power

Under Xi Jinping, China’s government formed after the Communist Party’s 18th National Congress at the end of 2012 has adopted a double strategy to bring its control to the country’s 31 province-level governments. On the one hand, Beijing plays tough through the party’s inspection system; on the other hand, it exerts soft power softly through propaganda

1 JULY 2014

Xu Caihou’s Family Arrested: Was He Involved in Military Coup?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) finally announced on June 30th that Xu caihou was expelled from the Communist Party for alleged corruption and his case handed to prosecutors for investigation. Following is earlier report on his case by

30 JUNE 2014

Top China military official Gen Xu Caihou accused

One of China’s most senior military officials has been accused of accepting bribes and expelled from the Communist Party, state media report.

14 JUNE 2014

China official probed for ‘disciplinary violations’

Su Rong, vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), is the highest-ranking official to come under investigation under President Xi Jinping, who has vowed to fight corruption

4 JUNE 2014

China’s Tiananmen Square locked down by security forces on 25th anniversary

Authorities blanketed central Beijing with heavy security today on the 25th anniversary of the bloody military suppression of pro-democracy protests centred on Tiananmen Square, pre-empting any attempts to publicly commemorate one of the darkest chapters in recent Chinese history

3 JUNE 2014

China Defends Crackdown Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary

China on Tuesday defended as “lawful” its detention of government critics ahead of this week’s 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown

6 MAY 2014

China detains series of dissidents ahead of 25th anniversary of Tiananmen massacre

Several dissidents disappear in Beijing and Guangzhou and a well-known lawyer is arrested on charges of “causing unrest” ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen protests

Six injured in knife attack at Chinese train station

At least six people have been injured in a knife attack at a station in Guangzhou, Chinese officials say

17 APRIL 2014

Xi Jinping ‘using purge of Chinese officials to fill key positions with allies’

Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to use a purge of senior officials suspected of corruption to put his own men and reform-minded bureaucrats into key positions across the Communist Party, the government and the military, sources said

14 APRIL 2014

Beijing: two more Zhou Yongkang cronies arrested

For experts and analysts, the government is trying to rid itself of former powerful “national security czar.” Zhao Miao and Yan Cunzhang, two of his associates, are the latest victims, both accused of corruption. For one observer, a “power struggle” is underway

3 MARCH 2014

China Captures Remaining Suspects in Train Station Attack

China says it has captured the final three suspects in the stabbing rampage at a train station that killed 29 people and injured 143 others. Citing the Ministry for Public Security Monday, the official Xinhua news agency says the suspects who carried out the attack are part of a terrorist gang led by Abdurehim Kurban.

2 MARCH 2014

Xinjiang separatists behind deadly China rail attack: Xinhua

More than 10 assailants slashed scores of people with knives at a train station in southern China, drawing police fire, in what authorities called a terrorist assault by ethnic separatists based in the far west, state media said Sunday. Thirty-three people were killed and 130 wounded

2 JANUARY 2014

Communist leaders battle to regain ‘street cred’

China’s normally reclusive leaders have been flocking onto the streets to court the masses after Xi Jinping, their commander-in-chief, scored a major propaganda coup by popping out for a bun lunch at a working man’s diner.