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15 OCTOBER 2019

Human rights group shut down in Maldives for ‘insulting’ religion

A temporary shut down order was issued by the Maldives government against the Maldivian Democracy Network for a 2015 report that allegedly ‘insulted’ religion

3 AUGUST 2019

Maldives arrests ex-vice president and ‘assassin plot organiser’ Ahmed Adeeb after India denies entry

Maldives police on Saturday said they had arrested former vice-president Ahmed Adeeb and were bringing him to the capital Male after he was refused entry to India

1 AUGUST 2019

Ahmed Adeeb – Maldives ex-vice president arrested in India

Former vice president Maldives, Ahmed Adeeb has been arrested and detained by Indian agencies in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu on Thursday, while trying to enter the country illegally as a crew member of a tug boat

29 MAY 2019

Maldives ex-president Mohamed Nasheed elected parliament speaker

Mohamed Nasheed received 67 votes from among 87 members. His rival received 17 votes past midnight Tuesday

10 APRIL 2019

Malè, a landslide victory for the Democratic Party. Growing distance from Beijing

The Maldivian Democratic Party, led by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, won 65 seats out of a total of 87. The agreements signed with China are under careful scrutiny–46735.html

6 APRIL 2019

Maldives votes in crucial ballot to elect new parliament

Voting began in the Maldives in a crucial parliamentary election on Saturday many hope would help President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih to overcome a coalition split that has hampered his efforts to restore political freedoms and tackle corruption

18 FEBRUARY 2019

Maldives court orders arrest of ex-President Yameen Abdul Gayoom

The criminal court in the capital Male ordered Monday that former Maldives President Yameen Abdul Gayoom be arrested and held in custody on suspicion of money laundering

17 DECEMBER 2018

India offers $1.9 billion financial aid to Maldives to counter China’s influence

India has offered US$1.4 billion (S$1.9 billion) in financial aid to the Maldives for infrastructure development, including its water and sewerage systems, in a move to counter China’s presence in the island nation and ease the pressure on it of its growing Chinese debt


Maldives applies to rejoin Commonwealth: president’s office

The Maldives has applied to rejoin the Commonwealth, reversing a policy of isolation under autocratic leader Abdulla Yameen who suffered a shock defeat in September–president-s-office-11015428

26 NOVEMBER 2018

Maldives’ top court cancels jail sentence of former president Mohamed Nasheed

The Maldives Supreme Court on Monday canceled former president Mohamed Nasheed’s 13-year jail sentence after a review of the controversial terrorism conviction

20 NOVEMBER 2018

Maldives to rejoin Commonwealth

The new president of the Maldives has decided that the country will rejoin the Commonwealth group of former British colonies after a two-year absence, his office said in a statement

17 NOVEMBER 2018

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih sworn in as new Maldives president

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was inaugurated on Saturday (Nov 17) as the new president of the Maldives after the opposition united to dislodge pro-China strongman leader Abdulla Yameen in September elections


Maldives ex-president Nasheed returns from exile

The first democratically elected president of the Maldives returned home Thursday after more than two years in exile to escape a long prison term

21 OCTOBER 2018

Maldives’ top court rejects bid by strongman Abdulla Yameen to annul election defeat

The Maldives’ top court ended weeks of uncertainty by rejecting strongman President Abdulla Yameen’s controversial bid to annul last month’s election results, upholding his landslide defeat to an opposition candidate

10 OCTOBER 2018

Yameen’s party challenges poll defeat

Maldives’ outgoing President Abdulla Yameen has challenged his recent election defeat, with his Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) on Wednesday filing a legal petition claiming the September 23 presidential election was rigged

4 OCTOBER 2018

Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim returns from exile to the Maldives

After more than a year in exile, Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim returned to the Maldives Thursday afternoon, days after the High Court ordered his release on bail


Maldives High Court frees Gayoom, Faris on bail

 The Maldives High Court on Sunday ordered former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his son MP Faris Maumoon to be freed on bail, after his lawyers filed a motion to delay his four-month prison sentence for identity fraud


Maldives election body endorses opposition leader Solih’s victory amid threats

The Election Commission of Maldives on Saturday (Sept 29) officially declared opposition leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih winner of the country’s national election, defeating President Abdulla Yameen, who had sought a delay in publication of the final results


Maldives incumbent President Abdulla Yameen conceded defeat in the Presidential Election

The incumbent president of Maldives Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on Monday afternoon addressed his nation officially accepting defeat in Sunday’s presidential elections


Maldives’ opposition presidential candidate declares victory in polls

The Maldives opposition has claimed victory in the tense presidential election after its officials and an independent newspaper reported results from 90 percent of the ballot boxes which showed Ibrahim Mohamed Solih bagging 58 percent of the votes


Maldives accuses US of coercion and intimidation after sanctions threat

 The Maldives Friday accused the US of intimidation and coercion, following Washington’s threat of sanctions against people responsible for human rights abuses in the troubled honeymoon destination

28 AUGUST 2018

‘They are going to rig it’: Maldives opposition warns against bid to sway September election

The opposition has accused the Maldives government of locking up most of the leaders who could challenge President Yameen’s bid for re-election

20 JULY 2018

Details emerge of EU sanctions on Maldives

The European Union has urged the Maldives to allow the “normal function” of parliament and the judiciary, as details emerged of the sanctions to be imposed over the worsening political and rights situation

13 JUNE 2018

Former Maldives president is sentenced to 19 months in prison

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who ruled the Maldives from 1978 to 2008, was arrested in February on charges of attempting to overthrow the government of his half-brother

17 APRIL 2018

Maldives unrest: Ex-President banned from election despite UN demands

The Maldives rejected a demand by the UN Human Rights Committee on Monday that former president Mohamed Nasheed be allowed to stand for office, including in a presidential election later this year

22 MARCH 2018

Maldives lifts state of emergency after 45 days

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen on Thursday lifted a 45-day state of emergency which had outlawed protests amid political upheaval on the Muslim-majority Indian Ocean island chain

21 MARCH 2018

Maldives ex-leader Gayoom and eight others charged with terrorism

The nine people charged at the criminal court included Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the 30-year ruler of the Indian Ocean archipelago state; Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Justice Ali Hameed; four lawmakers including Gayoom’s son; and a former police commissioner

17 MARCH 2018

Mass arrests in Maldives as activists defy emergency

Maldivian authorities arrested more than 140 activists who defied a ban on rallies and demonstrated against a state of emergency imposed by President Abdulla Yameen, the opposition said Saturday (March 17)

27 FEBRUARY 2018

Second Maldives minister resigns, urges international help to overcome crisis

Maldives State Health Minister Dunya Maumoon has resigned, she said in a letter on Tuesday, grieved by the arrest of her father, the island nation’s longest-serving leader, after President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency


A geopolitical storm in the Indian Ocean

The Maldives, better known for its tranquil seaside resorts, is in the throes of a vicious domestic power struggle. But its troubles also reflect what happens when bigger foreign powers join the fray


China dismisses accusations that it is ‘buying up the Maldives’

China dismissed accusations from the former leader of the Maldives that it is attempting to effectively buy up the Indian Ocean island state, while the Maldives government said on Thursday it is sending envoys to three countries to explain its ongoing political crisis


As the Political Game of Chess Continues in Maldives, India Still Stuck in Decision-Making Mode

Even as the Indian government issued its first public statement on Tuesday condemning the island nation’s government for declaring a state of emergency, it has yet to decide what role it will play in the ongoing Maldives crisis


Maldives President Yameen declares 15-day state of emergency

Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Monday declared a 15-day state of emergency, his aide Azima Shukoor announced, deepening the political crisis in the Indian Ocean nation


Maldives shuts parliament, resists order to free political prisoners

Maldivian authorities announced an indefinite postponement of parliament as President Abdulla Yameen’s regime resisted international pressure to comply with a landmark Supreme Court order to free political prisoners


Maldives court orders release and retrial of ex-president Mohamed Nasheed

The Maldives Supreme Court has ordered the release and a new trial for former president Mohamed Nasheed. The ruling could allow Nasheed to challenge current President Yameen Abdul Gayoom in this year’s election

29 JANUARY 2016

Opposition seeks to oust Maldives leader

Opposition leaders in the Maldives, including two former heads of state, have asked the Supreme Court to remove the President and investigate corruption allegations against him

22 JANUARY 2018

Exiled Maldives leader says Chinese deals on islands are ‘land grabs’

Exiled Maldives opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed on Monday accused China of seizing land in the politically-troubled Indian Ocean archipelago and undermining its sovereignty

30 NOVEMBER 2017

Maldives Parliament Approves FTA With China – But With No Opposition Present

The Maldives will soon become the second country in South Asia, after Pakistan, to enter into a free trade agreement (FTA) with China, after it was passed on Wednesday evening by parliament in an ‘emergency’ sitting


Maldives suspends a third of its lawyers

Officials in the Maldives have suspended at least 54 lawyers and have charged them with contempt of court for filing a petition demanding the rule of law in the South Asian archipelago

22 AUGUST 2017

Maldives to reintroduce death penalty after six decades

Despite international pressure the Maldives will reintroduce the death penalty after a 60-year moratorium to try and reduce the rising number of murders and stop drug-trafficking, a senior advisor to President Abdulla Yameen said on Tuesday

15 AUGUST 2017

Maldive president Abdulla Yameen ‘admits receiving bags of stolen cash’

Apparent admission follows Al Jazeera investigation exposing how Yameen and aides embezzled millions from state coffers

24 JULY 2017

Maldives parliament shut down to stop speaker’s removal

The Maldivian army has locked down the country’s parliament after the opposition vowed to move ahead with a vote against a key ally of President Abdulla Yameen

3 JULY 2017

Maldives opposition in fresh bid to take Parliament

Maldives opposition parties on Monday (July 3) launched a new bid to seize control of Parliament through a third attempt to impeach the speaker

5 JUNE 2017

Maldives joins 4 other nations in cutting ties with Qatar

Maldives announced Monday that it is severing diplomatic relations with Qatar over its alleged support for Islamist groups

4 MAY 2017

Maldives: A Tyrant Next Door- How does one deal with it?

Maldives is too close to India both geographically and strategically and therefore developments in that country though small will have a great impact on India’s national security

23 APRIL 2017

Maldives blogger Yameen Rasheed, who poked fun at politicians, stabbed to death in restive capital

A liberal blogger, Yameen Rasheed, was stabbed to death in the politically restive Maldivian capital Male, his family members and colleagues said Sunday. He was 29

7 APRIL 2017

Maldives police arrest opposition leader for plotting to oust government

Police in the Indian Ocean island nation of the Maldives arrested an opposition leader for “plotting to overthrow the government”, police said on Friday, days after the opposition’s failed bid to oust the speaker and take control of parliament

12 MARCH 2017

Why Saudi Arabia, China and Islamic State are courting the Maldives

Saudi King Salman’s stop in the Maldives on his month-long tour of Asia brings into focus how this tiny archipelago – best known for high-end tourism and an existential battle against climate change – has emerged as a key player in a regional struggle for influence

28 FEBRUARY 2017

Maldives ex-president eyes risky political comeback

Mohamed Nasheed was president of the Maldives until he was forced from office and imprisoned. From exile in London, he tells DW that he wants to make a comeback to protect his country from sinking under a “dictatorship.”

21 JANUARY 2017

Former president of Maldives wants to run for office again – and save his sinking nation

He faces jail in the Maldives but former president Mohamed Nasheed says he wants to contest elections and guide the island nation away from environmental catastrophe

13 OCTOBER 2016

Maldives leaves Commonwealth amid democracy row

The Maldives has withdrawn from the Commonwealth, accusing it of interfering in domestic affairs and “unfair and unjust” treatment

25 AUGUST 2016

Maldives president faces ‘removal plot’, BBC learns

 His spokesman told the BBC they knew of claims of an attempt to “overthrow” the government, describing it as a “clear breach of international norms”

9 AUGUST 2016

Maldives approves defamation law criticised by UN

The Maldives legalised criminal defamation on Tuesday in a move criticised by the United Nations and which the opposition said was aimed at stifling dissent

22 JUNE 2016

Maldives appoints new vice-president

The Maldivian government announced its shuffle to the cabinet Wednesday, with Minister of Finance and Treasury Abdulla Jihad being appointed as vice president

6 JUNE 2016

Maldives’ former vice-president jailed on terrorism charges

A court in the Maldives jailed former Vice-President Ahmed Adeeb for 10 years on terrorism charges, his lawyer said on Monday (June 6), after a closed-door trial that was denounced by the opposition as flawed.

1st JUNE 2016

Ousted Maldives president Nasheed forms opposition-in-exile group in Britain, aimed at toppling goverment

Mohamed Nasheed, a former president of the Maldives now in exile in Britain after being ousted from office and jailed in his country, formed an opposition group on Wednesday (June 1) aimed at toppling the government of President Abdulla Yameen.

23 MAY 2016

Mohamed Nasheed: Former Maldives president ‘given UK asylum’

The former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, has been granted refugee status in the UK, according to his lawyer

11 APRIL 2016

India Mends Ties With Maldives

In a signal of a revival in ties between India and the Maldives, the president of the Indian Ocean island country committed to what he called an “India-first” policy on a two-day visit to New Delhi

3 APRIL 2016

Maldives police arrest reporters at press freedom rally

Maldives police arrested 16 independent journalists while breaking up their demonstration against an alleged crackdown on freedom of speech in the politically troubled nation, private media outlets reported

17 FEBRUARY 2016

Maldives jails opposition leader for terrorism

A Maldives court has convicted opposition leader Sheikh Imran Abdulla of terrorism and sentenced him to 12 years in jail.

17 JANUARY 2016

Jailed ex-Maldives president refuses to leave for UK because of ‘hostage’ demand

The jailed former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has turned down the chance to travel to Britain for surgery because the government demanded that he nominate a relative as a legal “hostage” to guarantee his return

16 JANUARY 2016

Maldives’ democracy hero and jailed ex-president Nasheed allowed to fly to Britain for surgery

The jailed former Maldives president and democracy hero Mohammed Nasheed is to be allowed to travel to Britain for spine surgery in a surprise reversal by the regime that jailed him on terrorism charges.

28 NOVEMBER 2015

Maldives police in violent crackdown against opposition

A number of opposition figures in the Maldives have been hospitalised after police used pepper spray to suppress a demonstration calling for the release of jailed former President Mohamed Nasheed

10 NOVEMBER 2015

Maldives lifts state of emergency, foreign ministry says

The Maldives on Tuesday lifted a state of emergency declared by the president earlier this month, saying security had improved after the authorities detained individuals and seized illegal weapons


Maldives declares 30-day emergency ahead of pro-Nasheed rally

The Maldives President, Abdulla Yameen, has declared a 30-day state of emergency, giving sweeping powers to security forces to arrest suspects before a major anti-government protest rally, his spokesman said

24 OCTOBER 2015

Maldives police arrest vice president Ahmed Adeeb over plot to assassinate president

Maldives vice president Ahmed Adeeb has been arrested in a probe over a speedboat explosion targeting president Abdulla Yameen, police and government officials said


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