China security and defence policy


16 FEBRUARY 2018

‘Falling behind’: US admiral warns of China dominance in hypersonic missile race

Even as the Pentagon hustles to ensure that its defences keep pace with North Korea’s fast-growing rocket programme, US officials increasingly are turning attention to a new generation of missile threat

28 JANUARY 2018

Is China’s nuclear attack submarine too easy to detect?

After a Chinese nuclear attack submarine was discovered by the Japanese navy while submerged near disputed islands in the East China Sea, military experts say it could be too easy to detect

9 JANUARY 2018

China denies plans to set up military base in Pakistan

China on Tuesday denied as “unnecessary” speculation reports that it was planning to build a military base at Jiwani in Pakistan’s Balochistan province close to the strategic Chabahar port, which is being jointly developed by India, Iran and Afghanistan

4 JANUARY 2018

China has started building its third aircraft carrier, military sources say

China started building its third aircraft carrier – with a hi-tech launch system – at a Shanghai shipyard last year, according to sources close to the People’s Liberation Army

24 DECEMBER 2017

China’s first domestic large amphibious aircraft makes maiden flight

China’s first home-grown large amphibious aircraft AG600 takes off at the Jinwan Civil Aviation Airport in Zhuhai, south China’s Guangdong Province, Dec. 24, 2017. AG600, code named « Kunlong », completed its maiden flight on Sunday. (Xinhua/Liang Xu)

22 NOVEMBER 2017

China’s new military leaders

The new CMC membership is stacked with Xi’s favoured generals. While the two CMC deputies — Xu Qiliang and Zhang Youxia — share a long history with Xi, the remaining members either served in the former Nanjing Military Region, which encompassed Xi’s former Fujian and Zhejiang strongholds, or have been groomed for higher office since Xi assumed the CMC leadership

18 NOVEMBER 2017

China wins its war against THAAD without firing a shot

A detente between China and South Korea may be good news for the Korean economy and a necessary step towards resolving the North Korea issue, but at the same time it threatens to degrade regional security for years to come


The end game of China’s arms export strategy

Is China’s arms export strategy really a success story? The first question is to establish whether there has been dramatic growth in China’s arms exports, emulating the success of its broader commercial exports. While the picture is not equivocal, there are signs that something is indeed happening


China, Russia begin joint drills near North Korea

China and Russia have started joint naval drills near North Korea, amid continuing tensions chiefly between Pyongyang and Washington that risk turning into a military conflict

25 JULY 2017

Chinese military sets up hi-tech weapons research agency modelled on US body

China’s military has set up a new department modelled on the ­Pentagon’s hi-tech research agency to develop state-of-the-art weapons such as stealth ­aircraft and electromagnetic ­cannons

24 JULY 2017

Chinese jets intercept US surveillance plane over East China Sea: US officials

A pair of armed Chinese fighter jets flew dangerously close to a U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane flying in the East China Sea on Sunday afternoon, with the hazardous Chinese behavior nearly causing a « collision, » two U.S. officials told

19 JULY 2017

Is This the Future of Chinese Submarine Power?

There are hints that China might pursue foreign basing for its submarine force

18 JULY 2017

China dares India. Says ready for all-out confrontation

China on Tuesday again told India to withdraw its troops from the disputed border at Doklam as a Chinese newspaper warned that Beijing was battle ready and not afraid to go to war with India in an “all-out confrontation”

16 JULY 2017

What is China’s military strength?

Despite being the largest Army, it is not the most modern force in the world considering the budget it allocates for defence. In 2017, Chinese defence budget allocation was $152 billion. Here is Global Fire Power data on China’s military prowess

11  JULY 2017

China dispatches military personnel to Djibouti base

China on Tuesday dispatched members of its People’s Liberation Army to the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti to man the rising Asian giant’s first overseas military base, a key part of a wide-ranging expansion of the role of China’s armed forces

28 JUNE 2017

China launches Asia’s biggest, most advanced warship, giving PLA greater reach

Beijing launched what it calls the most advanced and largest warship in Asia on Wednesday, billing it as a major step forward in the modernisation of its navy, according to the official military newspaper

27 JUNE 2017

China makes a formal protest after accusing Indian border guards of crossing from Sikkim state into its Tibetan territory

China has accused Indian border guards of crossing into its territory from the state of Sikkim on India’s northeastern border with Tibet, the Chinese foreign and defence ministries have said, complicating an already difficult relationship

23 JUNE 2017

US defense contractor caught with $16,500 in luggage is charged with spying for China

A US defense contractor and former State Department security officer who was found with $16,500 in his luggage has been arrested by American counterintelligence officials and charged with spying for China

16 JUNE 2017

Hong Kong’s PLA garrison no longer just symbolic, top brass say

The People’s Liberation Army has signalled that its Hong Kong garrison is no longer just a sovereign symbol but a combat-ready force that could demonstrate China’s military might

7 JUNE 2017

Threat for India as China plans to establish its military base in Pakistan: Pentagone report

China is set to expand its military capabilities across the globe, with new overseas bases in countries like Pakistan as the world’s largest army seeks an increased role in defending China’s interest abroad, a report by the Pentagon has said

27 MAY 2017

US says China carried out ‘unsafe’ intercept of surveillance plane

Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a US Navy surveillance plane over the South China Sea on Wednesday, with one coming within 200 yards (180 meters) of the American aircraft, US officials told

19 MAY 2017

Chinese fighter jets intercept US ‘sniffer’ plane over disputed territory

A pair of incidents involving fighter jets from China, Japan and the US over the East China seas has escalated an already tense situation. Several nations have claims of sovereignty over parts of the region

2 MAY 2017

China demands ‘immediate’ halt to US missile shield in South Korea

China called Tuesday (May 2) for the immediate suspension of a controversial missile defence system hours after Washington confirmed the shield was now operational in South Korea

26 APRIL 2017

China launches its first home-built aircraft carrier

China has launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier, which will join an existing one bought secondhand from Ukraine, amid rising tensions over North Korea and worries about Beijing’s assertiveness in the South China Sea

18 APRIL 2017

China reshuffles 84 corps-level military units

China announced Tuesday a military reshuffle with 84 corps-level units newly adjusted or established, a move hailed by President Xi Jinping as another major step in strengthening the country’s armed forces

29 MARCH 2017

China building navy’s biggest amphibious assault vessel, sources say

China has started building a new generation of large amphibious assault vessels that will strengthen the navy as it plays a more dominant role in projecting the nation’s power overseas, military sources said

10 MARCH 2017

China’s second aircraft carrier in shape as navy sets ambitious goals

The building of China’s second aircraft carrier is in good shape as the hull blocks have been joined in the dock, said a senior navy offcial

7 MARCH 2017

China warns of ‘consequences’ over deployment of U.S. antimissile system

China warned Tuesday of “consequences” for South Korea and the United States over the deployment of a U.S. antimissile system, raising regional tension and posing a challenge to the Trump administration

4 MARCH 2017

China raises military budget by 7pc amid slower economic growth

China will increase its defence budget by about 7 per cent this year, the smallest boost since 2010, a move which analysts said reflected the nation’s continuing economic slowdown

27 FEBRUARY 2017

China needs to ramp up defence spending amid overhaul of military, say Chinese analysts

Chinese military experts say Beijing needs to resume double-digit increases in defence spending in the coming year to meet the increasing challenges facing the nation’s military at home and abroad

21 FEBRUARY 2017

China boosts arms exports by 74pc, while cutting reliance on outside providers, report finds

China has become less dependent on arms import over the past five years due to increased military capabilities at home, while boosting its own exports by 74 per cent, according to a report released on Monday

China’s Military Capabilities 2017

People’s Liberation Army (Chinese army), Chinese air force, Chinese ladn forces, Chinese navy

18 FEBRUARY 2017

China’s Strategic Support Force: A Force for Innovation?

The new PLA branch might be China’s key to leapfrogging the United States on military technology

15 FEBRUARY 2017

China’s military progress challenges Western dominance, says IISS

 Chinese military technology is reaching « near-parity » with the West, a new report from the London-based think tank IISS has found. Western dominance in advanced military systems can no longer be taken for granted


China slams base in South Korea for US destroyer

Beijing voiced its firm opposition on Tuesday to the possible deployment of the United States’ most advanced warship to waters off the Korean peninsula


China tested new missile capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads: report

China reportedly tested a new version of a missile that can carry multiple nuclear warheads last month, amid heightened anxiety over ties with the United States

11 JANUARY 2017

China issues white paper on Asia-Pacific security cooperation

China on Wednesday issued a white paper on policies related to Asia-Pacific security cooperation, which also clarified the nation’s stance on issues of regional concern

28 DECEMBER 2016

China’s military in 2016: Missiles, intelligence and the South China Sea

China’s military advanced along several fronts in 2016 in its concerted program to develop new asymmetric and conventional warfare capabilities while continuing to challenge the United States for military control of key waterways in Asia

14 DECEMBER 2016

America’s F-35 fighter jet vs China’s J-20: which is better, cheaper, stealthier?

Although few details are known about China’s most advanced fighter under development, it is assumed it will cost much less than its US equivalent

17 NOVEMBER 2016

China says its aircraft carrier is combat-ready — here’s how it stacks up to other world powers’

Almost two decades after buying the hull from Ukraine in 1998, China has finally declared its sole aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, ready for combat


Is China’s latest space mission a step towards PLA tracking of nuclear submarines?

Chinese scientists are working on a space-based device that could track gravitational ripples produced by submerged submarines


China, Russia hold 1st joint South China Sea drill

China and Russia have kicked off 8 days of joint naval exercises in the South China Sea. It’s the first time the 2 countries are holding joint drills in the contested waters


China eyes closer military ties with Myanmar

China’s military wants to strengthen ties with neighbouring Myanmar by having more exchanges and greater cooperation, a top officer told Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi during a visit to the Southeast Asian country

29 AUGUST 2016

China Air Force spokesperson: 3rd-generation surface-to-air missile ready for combat

The PLA Air Force’s « Hero Battalion », which assigned to a missile division with the air force of the Central Theater Command and created the precedent of hitting enemy aircraft like the U-2 ultra-high altitude reconnaissance aircraft with surface-to-air missile in the world, has formed combat capability after employing the 3rd-generation surface-to-air missiles independently developed by China

25 AUGUST 2016

Arms Race Threatened on India-China border

 New Delhi’s decision to deploy the BrahMos supersonic missile – the world’s fastest anti-ship cruise missile, which can fly at 2.8 times the speed of sound – in the disputed northeast state of Arunachal, has left its rival and neighbor fuming as big-power tensions flare between China and India

24 JULY 2016

South China Sea air strips’ main role is ‘to defend Hainan nuclear submarine base’

The real reason for China’s construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea is to provide a ring of protection for its fleet of advanced nuclear submarines based on the southern tip of Hainan Island, experts say

8 JULY 2016

China and Russia criticise THAAD missile defence system as destabilising region

China and Russia blasted Seoul and Washington on Friday over their decision to deploy an advanced missile defence system in South Korea, which analysts said would trigger a new round of an arms race in northeast Asia and push China closer to the North Korea

6 JULY 2016

China extends military wings with new home-grown transport plane Y-20

The People’s Liberation Army Air Force put its newest home-grown military transport aircraft, the Yun-20, into service yesterday – extending Beijing’s ability to deploy its forces around the world as it pursues a greater global role

28 JUNE 2016

Is China militarising space? Experts say new junk collector could be used as anti-satellite weapon

A small spacecraft sent into orbit by the Long March 7 rocket launched from Hainan in southern China on Saturday is tasked with cleaning up space junk, according to the government, but some analysts claim it may serve a military purpose

27 JUNE 2016

Russia and China to produce heavy helicopter

Under the agreement between Russia and China, the Russian helicopters will provide technologies and also develop a technical proposal and separate systems of the new vehicle on a contract basis, Tass reports

18 JUNE 2016

How China’s navy rapidly modernized to rival the US’s

A recent report from the US Congressional Research Service details how China’s navy, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), has undergone a stunning modernization push that puts it near parity with the US

15 JUNE 2016

For the first time since 2004, a Chinese warship enters Japanese territorial sea in East China Sea

A Chinese People’s Liberation Army-Navy Type 815 Dongdiao-class spy ship entered Japanese territorial waters on Wednesday, according to Japan’s defense ministry. The move is the first of its kind since 2004, when a Chinese nuclear submarine entered Japan’s 12 nautical mile territorial sea near Sakishima Islands, in Okinawa prefecture

2 MAY 2016

The dangers presented by China’s hypersonic weapons build-up

Back just three years ago, in February of 2013, a high-ranking US naval official remarked that China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was preparing to wage, if called upon, what he called “a short sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea …”

26 APRIL 2016

China, Indonesia to boost security ties despite South China Sea spat

Chinese and Indonesian officials pledged to boost security ties, marine cooperation and infrastructure investment, state media reported on Tuesday, after a diplomatic spat over what Indonesia called a breach of its sovereignty by the Chinese coastguard.

26 APRIL 2016

China, Indonesia to boost security ties despite South China Sea spat

Chinese and Indonesian officials pledged to boost security ties, marine cooperation and infrastructure investment, state media reported on Tuesday, after a diplomatic spat over what Indonesia called a breach of its sovereignty by the Chinese coastguard.

4 APRIL 2016

Another ‘Great Game’: Why China’s PLA is jostling for position with the world’s armed forces in tiny Djibouti

Four months ago that China has signed an agreement with Djibouti for the installation by the end of 2017 of a “naval logistics” base to accommodate up to 10,000 soldiers and serve to secure Beijing’s considerable and growing interests in the wider region

7 MARCH 2016

China’s second aircraft carrier to be equipped with J-15, military expert says

China’s domestically produced J-15 carrier-based fighter will be deployed on the country’s second aircraft carrier, said military expert Yin Zhuo in a recent interview

5 MARCH 2016

China announces 7.6-pct defense budget rise, lowest in six years

China on Saturday announced the country’s lowest defense budget increase in six years in the wake of rising economic headwinds and last year’s massive drawdown of service people

13 FEBRUARY 2016

China FM: THAAD in S.Korea could target China

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says he opposes the use of an advanced US missile defense system in South Korea


China’s new 5 military regions officially established

China on Monday officially established five military regions to replace the seven military regions that existed previously at a ceremony in Beijing. The five new military regions are: Eastern, Western, Southern , Northern and Central Military Regions

20 JANUARY 2016

China to Get Russia’s Lethal Su-35 Fighter This Year

China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) will start receiving its first Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E fighters from Russia later this year

5 JANUARY 2016

China Launches a New High-Tech Spy Ship

Neptune, the newly unveiled Type 815 surveillance vessel, is the latest addition to Beijing’s growing fleet—which has been deployed far and wide in recent years

31 DECEMBER 2015

Its now official: China is building 2nd aircraft carrier with domestic technology

Ministry spokesman Col. Yang Yujun told reporters at a news conference that the 50,000-ton vessel is being built in the northern port of Dalian

29 DECEMBER 2015

China’s armed drones appear built from stolen data from US cyber intrusions

The Caihong-4, or CH-4, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a testament to the remarkable success of China’s military in copying vital high-technology weapons that currently are considered among the most cutting edge arms systems used in modern combat operations for both ground strikes and intelligence-gathering

28 DECEMBER 2015

China legalises overseas counter-terrorism operations in controversial new anti-terror laws

China legalises overseas counter-terror operations by its military, according to the details of a controversial new law, as it tries to tie violence linked to mainly Muslim Xinjiang into global concerns about extremism


China Is Building The World’s Second Stealth Air Force

Prototype « 2017 » is the eighth J-20 stealth fighter, its most noticeable exterior improvement is a redesigned cockpit canopy. The ceremony surrounding its November 24, 2015 maiden flight (note brightly dressed civilians in the background) suggests that the J-20 project has hit a major milestone, with LRIP likely to start next year

26 NOVEMBER 2015

Xi urges breakthroughs in military structural reform

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged breakthroughs in reform of the country’s armed forces by 2020, vowing to reorganize the current military administration structure and military command system

China confirms deal with Russia on Su-35 fighter jets

« The Su-35 fighter jet project is one of the areas in which China and Russia are willing to cooperate, » said Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian in response to a question about the US$2-billion deal

15 OCTOBER 2015

Chinese admiral in Iran calls for closer defence ties

China wants to strengthen military ties with Iran, a senior Chinese admiral said Thursday, three months after Tehran sealed a deal with world powers over its nuclear programme.


China and Malaysia’s first ever joint military exercice is an important strategic move

Malaysia’s Armed Forces and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) conducted a five-day exercise on Managing Non-Traditional Threats and Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) from September 17 to 22. Codenamed “Peace and Friendship 2015″


Sino-Russia co-engineered heavy helicopter debuts in China

A heavy-lift helicopter jointly developed by China and Russia made its debut in China on Wednesday

19 AUGUST 2015

China’s DF-41 long-range nuclear missile ‘closer to operational’

The People’s Liberation Army tested the Dongfeng-41 (DF-41) intercontinental ballistic missile, which can carry multiple warheads, on August 6, US website The Washington Free Beacon reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed US defence officials

5 AUGUST 2015

Xi promotes biggest batch of officers to full general

Chinese President Xi Jinping has promoted his biggest batch of military and armed police officers to full general, in a bid to consolidate his power base and boost morale amid an anti-corruption crackdown in the military, say analysts

30 JULY 2015

China Accuses US of Militarizing South China Sea

China’s Defense Ministry Thursday accused the United States of « militarizing » the South China Sea by staging patrols and joint military drills there, leading to raised tensions in the disputed region

7 JULY 2015

China needs long-range strategic bomber to strike adversaries farther away: State media

China needs to develop a long-range strategic bomber to strike adversaries farther away from its coast in the event of conflict, state media reported Tuesday, quoting defence experts

19 JUNE 2015

China Builds the World’s Fastest Tank Gun, Then Tries to Hide It

While new tanks like the Russian Armata and Turkish Altay are taking the spotlight in the world of armored vehicles, China has a new tank gun that might just beat them all. The 127th Ordinance Institute, of the Central Northern University, handed over a new 125mm cannon to PLA officers at a June 10, 2015 ceremony

4 JUNE 2015

China says it leads the world in submarine power systems says in a report that People’s Daily mentioned China’s new hot air engine for submarines, that has a power output 117% higher than imported engines.

26 MAY 2015

China issues first white paper on military strategy. Here is full text

The white paper, « China’s Military Strategy », issued by the State Council Information Office, outlined a strategy unifying strategic defense and operational and tactical offense

21 MAY 2015

China’s new J-16 fighter jets appear to have been commissioned into the PLA air force published photos of China’s J-16 fighter jets, raising speculation that it has begun series production and has been commissioned in the PLA air force

16 APRIL 2015

Revelations on China’s Maritime Modernization

To its first unclassified report on China’s navy in six years, the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has just added sophisticated posters detailing Chinese ships and aircraft, equipment, and leadership structure. ONI’s main document, “The PLA Navy: New Capabilities and Missions for the 21st Century,” already offers a cornucopia of new insights and highly vetted data points

31 MARCH 2015

PLA chooses A300 hybrid rocket system as contractors compete

The People’s Liberation Army decided to buy the A300 hybrid rocket system designed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

25 MARCH 2015

China Missile Test Highlights Space Weapons Threat

China’s recent test of a missile designed to shoot down satellites in low-earth orbit highlights a growing threat of space weapons, the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command said on Tuesday

18 MARCH 2015

China gets its first mobile-launched ICBM: Russian media

Beijing successfully carried out a launch test for the DF-31B, an intercontinental ballistic missile, from a mobile launcher. The US is on alert since the missile is difficult to detect and intercept and is able to hit targets across the Pacific Ocean, reports China’s Global Times

16 MARCH 2015

China now world’s third-biggest arms exporter

China has overtaken Germany to become the world’s third-biggest arms exporter, although its 5 percent of the market remains small compared to the combined 58 percent of exports from the U.S. and Russia, a new study says.

9 MARCH 2015

PLA official confirms 2nd aircraft carrier under construction

A People’s Liberation Army Navy official has confirmed for the first time that China is building its second aircraft carrier, reports Duowei News, a US-based Chinese political news outlet

4 MARCH 2015

China to raise defense budget by 10%

China will raise its defense budget by around 10 percent this year, compared with last year’s 12.2 percent, a spokeswoman for the annual session of the country’s top legislature said Wednesday.

20 FEBRUARY 2015

76% of PLA’s weapon imports from Russia

China still remains a huge market for Russian weapons systems since 76% of the People’s Liberation Army’s imported weapon systems are sourced from the country, Moscow-based Russian Business Network reported on Feb. 16

15 FEBRUAY 2015

PLA’s new Type 093G nuclear sub a potential ‘carrier killer’

China’s new Type 093G nuclear sub has provided the People’s Liberation Army with a potential « aircraft carrier killer, » reports the Beijing-based Sina Military.

11 FEBRUARY 2015

China’s Incomplete Military Transformation. A report by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission

This report examines many of the weaknesses in the PLA’s human capital and organization realms, its combat capabilities and China’s defense research and industrial complex. The report analyzes how these weaknesses affect the PLA’s performance of missions tasked by Beijing

4 JANUARY 2015

Russia refuses to sell China Tu-22 bomber

Russia has recently rejected China’s request to purchase Tu-22 Supersonic strategic bombers to replace the PLA’s Cold War-era H-6 strategic bombers, according to Moscow’s Russian Military Analyst on Jan. 3.

19 DECEMBER 2014

The PLA’s special forces: secrets revealed

China’s state media has recently confirmed that the People’s Liberation Army, the largest military force in the world, has 10 major special operations forces, each with its own unique characteristics and code names.

12 DECEMBER 2014

China admits its stealth fighter not a match to US F-35

China has denied its new stealth fighter J-31 could take down the US F-35 joint strike fighter, but admitted challenging the latter has always been its goal


China moves ahead to develop sixth-generation fighter

China is moving ahead to develop a sixth-generation stealth fighter after it finishes the fifth-generation J-20 and J-31, Igor Korotchenko, head of the Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade, has told the Moscow-based Voice of Russia.

23 NOVEMBER 2014

US Report: China’s Nukes Getting Bigger and Better

The report, issued Nov. 19, by the US China Economic and Security Review Commission, states China will pose a threat to all US military forces, bases and assets in the Western Pacific within the next 10 years.

17 NOVEMBER 2014

Intelligence chief sidelined for warning China is preparing for war with Japan

American naval officers who publically raise concerns about China’s military capabilities and intentions can find themselves sidelined, their careers stunted. That is the case of Capt. James Fanell, formerly the chief of naval intelligence for the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

14 NOVEMBER 2014

China raised issue of US spy flights during military talks: Pentagon

China raised the thorny subject of US military spy flights during talks that led to agreements this week on reducing friction between the two militaries, but was told US missions in international airspace and waters would continue, the Pentagon said


Stolen’ J-31 can beat American jets in dogfight, says US pilot

The J-31, China’s second fifth-generation stealth fighter designed by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, is capable of outperforming all US fourth-generation fighters in aerial combat, according to a US fighter pilot


China’s top military body to take over PLA auditing office

The auditing office of China’s powerful People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has come under the direct management of the Central Military Commission, state news agency Xinhua said on Thursday, in a series of military reforms to shore up supervision over the army


China conducted two anti-satellite tests: Voice of Russia

China had conducted two anti-satellite tests recently with its new laser technology, Konstantin Sivkov, the first deputy head of the Moscow-based Academy of Geopolitical Problems, told the Voice of Russia on Nov. 6.


China has laser against flying drones

China has developed a highly accurate laser weapon system that can shoot down light drones at low altitude, state media reported.


China passes counter-espionage law

China passed a counter-espionage law on Saturday aimed at tightening state security and helping build a « comprehensive » national security system, state media reported

27 OCTOBER 2014

PLA spending controls tightened

China will implement strict management of military expenditure to ensure efficiency and introduce an evaluation system to hold individuals or units accountable for inefficiency


PLA submarine’s Sri Lanka visit shows China power projection in Indian Ocean

The Changzheng 2, a Type 091 Han-class nuclear-powered submarine, has become the first Chinese submarine to visit Colombo in Sri Lanka, according to the website of the state-run Sri Lanka News on Sept. 15.


Chinese air force seeks collaboration with foreign counterparts

« We will extend the scope and open more fields in our collaboration with other air forces so we can all stand together to face various challenges and crises and to contribute more to world peace and common development, » Colonel Shen Jinke, air force spokesman told PLA Daily on Tuesday


China’s Military Reform: Prospects and Challenges

The paper considers the main drivers necessitating military reform before arguing that China faces considerable challenges along the reform path – not least vested interests and outdated concepts – which will have to be overcome.

30 AUGUST 2014

China’s Xi Jinping urges army to create strategy for ‘information warfare’

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said China will spur military innovation and called on the army to create a new strategy for « information warfare » as the country embarks on military reform, state media said on Saturday

4 AUGUST 2014

China Developing Capability To Kill Satellites, Experts Say

US defense experts and the US State Department are describing China’s successful July 23 so-called “anti-missile test” as another anti-satellite test (ASAT). It is the third such kinetic strike ASAT launch by China and raises fears the US will be unable to protect its spy, navigation and communications satellites

1 AUGUST 2014

China ‘confirms new generation long range missiles’

China has acknowledged the existence of a new intercontinental ballistic missile said to be capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads as far as the United States, state-run media reported

31 JULY 2014

China’s army divisions explained

Organisation and Map

26 JULY 2014

US says China tested anti-satellite missile

The U.S. says China has tested a missile designed to destroy satellites and is urging Beijing to refrain from destabilizing actions

17 JULY 2014

Quality Over Quantity: A New PLA Modernization Methodology?

China announced a renewed push on military reforms in November 2013. A theoretical People’s Liberation Army (PLA) publication titled “Transformation of Generating Mode of Warfighting Capability” (official translation of zhandouli shengcheng moshi zhuanbian) proposes an accelerated and focused methodology for modernization to implement a system of systems operational capability

28 JUNE 2014

Xi demands stronger defences

President Xi Jinping said China should strengthen its frontier defences on land and sea, state media reported on Saturday amid territorial disputes with neighbouring nations which have accused Beijing of being increasingly aggressive in pressing its claims

6 JUNE 2014

China’s Air Force Modernization: ‘Unprecedented in History’

“The PLAAF is pursuing modernization on a scale unprecedented in its history and is rapidly closing the gap with Western air forces across a broad spectrum of capabilities including aircraft, command and control (C2), jammers, electronic warfare (EW), and data links,” the Pentagon said in its annual report on China’s military modernization, which was released on Thursday. This claim is new this year and was not included in the annual report in 2013.

25 MARCH 2014

China to have nuclear missiles on subs soon: US admiral

China for the first time will likely have subs equipped with long-range nuclear missiles later this year, part of an increasingly potent submarine fleet, a top US officer said

17 MARCH 2014

China replaces France as world’s fourth-largest arms exporter

China has recently surpassed France to become the world’s fourth largest exporter of conventional weapons systems, reports China’s state-run Global Times, citing an eight-page report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute on Mar. 17

16 MARCH 2014

PLA’s hypersonic vehicle ‘can travel 10 times the speed of sound’

China’s WU-14 hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) can travel up to 10 times the speed of sound and can strike any target around the globe within just an hour, reports the Beijing-based Sina Military Network

8 MARCH 2014

China’s Defense Budget: A Mixed Bag

China announced a military budget of 808.23 billion Yuan ($131.57 billion) for 2014, a roughly 12.2 percent yearly increase. Naturally, this has raised concern among many of China’s neighbors that are locked in territorial disputes with Beijing, as well as in the United States.

5 MARCH 2014

Amid Regional Worries, China Plans 12 Percent Boost in Defense Spending

China has announced a 12 per cent increase on its military, already the largest in the world, sparking concerns among its Asian neighbours and the US.


China’s military rise forcing Asian defence splurge

China’s growing military might is forcing its neighbours to ramp up their defence spending but it will be decades before it rivals the United States as a military superpower, the IISS think tank said

18 JANUARY 2014

China starts building second aircraft carrier

The ship is under construction in the northeastern port of Dalian and will take six years to build, the reports said quoting Wang Min, Communist Party chief for Dalian’s Liaoning province

15 JANUARY 2014

China Confirms Hypersonic Missile Carrier Test

China has flight-tested a hypersonic missile delivery vehicle in a move that was scientific in nature and not targeted at any country, the Defense Ministry said on Monday.

3 JANUARY 2014

China to centralize military command to improve operations

China’s increasingly sophisticated military will establish a joint operational command structure for its forces to improve coordination between different parts of the country’s defense system, the official China Daily reported on Friday.

23 NOVEMBER 2013

China establishes ‘air-defence zone’ over East China Sea

China has demarcated an « air-defence identification zone » over an area of the East China Sea, covering islands that are also claimed by Japan.

22 NOVEMBER 2013

China’s first unmanned stealth drone makes first test flight

China’s first unmanned stealth drone made its first test flight in the latest advance in the arms industry, according to state media

21 NOVEMBER 2013

Chinese Nuclear Force Modernization And Its Arms Control Implications

Of the five states that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty permits to possess nuclear weapons, only China is increasing the size of its nuclear forces. Despite this, Beijing adamantly refuses to join the Russian-U.S. strategic nuclear arms reduction negotiations. In addition, Chinese publications, statements, and actions suggest that Beijing’s nuclear doctrine, strategy, and posture may be changing.


‘Flying shark’: China’s first display of jet fighter Shenyang J-15-555

China’s first carrier-borne J15 fighter jets were displayed for public to see in Xi’an of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province.


State media boasts of China’s ability to nuke US cities

A number of state run Chinese newspapers ran an article last week boasting of China’s ability to launch nuclear attacks against the United States, according to multiple media outlets in the Western world and Taiwan.

10 OCTOBER 2013

Why China Wants the Su-35

A senior executive at Russia’s state arms export company, Rosoboronexport, has said that Russia will sign a contract to sell the advanced Su-35 jet to China in 2014, while confirming that the deal is not on track to be finished in 2013


China-U.S. Military Ties on the Upswing

In less than two years, China-U.S. military relations have experienced a remarkable turnaround. President Xi Jinping in particular has expressed strong support for developing more military exchanges as part of his concept of a “new type great power relationship” between the People’s Republic of China and the United States.


Russia to Sell China Su-35 Multirole Fighter Jets

Russia and China are moving closer to concluding an agreement whereby Moscow would sell Beijing advanced 4++ generation multirole fighter jets.


China and South Korea in stealth fighter arms race

To compete with the F-15SE Silent Eagle of the Republic of Korea Air Force, China has decided to upgrade its J-11 fighter with fifth-generation stealth capabilities, according to our Chinese-language sister paper Want Daily.

9 JULY 2013

China’s defense budget to exceed US$200bn by 2021: report

China’s military budget is likely to increase to US$270 billion by 2021, reports the Moscow-based Russia Insight, a subsidiary of the government-run Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

26 JUNE 2013

China’s Su-35 fighter order reaches 100

China will actually purchase 100 instead of 24 Su-35 advanced fighters from Russia, as put down in the new contract signed during the Paris Air Show 2013, according to the Moscow-based state radio broadcaster the Voice of Russia.

19 JUNE 203

Su-35 will give China air superiority in East Asia

After purchasing Su-35 advanced fighters from Russia, the PLA Air Force will be able to dominate the skies over East Asia between 2016 and 2018, according to the Kanwa Defense Review published by Andrei Chang in Canada.                                     

29 MAY 2013

World eyes China’s coexistence strategy

China is no longer merely a passive recipient of the world order, but it has become a key factor in determining the foreign and defense policy choices that are open to other international actors.

23 MAY 2013

China Has Drones. Now What?

22 APRIL 2013

China has 70 ICBMs, says Russian newspaper

Nezavisimaya Gazata said that of the People’s Liberation Army’s 200 strategic missiles, 70 are ICBMs with the range to strike targets within the United States, refelecting the PLA’s increasing ability to launch a nuclear counterattack.                                  

22 APRIL 2013

China has not (yet) changed its position on nuclear weapons

Has China abandoned its « no first use » policy when it comes to nuclear weapons? No, says MIT’s M.Taylor Fravel

16 APRIL 2013

China ‘reveals army structure’ in defence white paper

China has revealed the structure of its military units, in what state-run media describe as a first

11 APRIL 2013

Lada-class subs may provide China with new technology

The purchase of new super-quiet submarines from Russia will allow China to develop new military technology through reverse engineering, reports Strategy Page, a Washington-based website covering military news.                                                      

28 MARCH 2013

China Eyes $3.5 Billion Russian Arms Deal Despite Ire Over Sukhoi Copy

China is seeking renewed deliveries of advanced weapons from Russia with a US $3.5 billion deal for fighters and submarines in the pipeline despite lingering resentment in Moscow over Chinese copying of its military technology.                         

27 MARCH 2013

The Chinese navy has a problem

Whether or not the PLAN can deter or defeat the U.S. Navy (USN) in China’s littoral, the organization’s true test lies in its ability to secure the PRC’s critical lines of communication.                                                                                                                                

25 MARCH 2013

China to buy Russian fighters, subs

China has agreed to buy two dozen fighter jets and four submarines from Russia, the country’s first large-scale weapons technology purchases from Moscow in a decade. The agreement to buy the 24 Su-35 fighters and four Lada-class submarines was signed just before President Xi Jinping’s weekend visit to Russia                                                         

21 MARCH 2013

China’s ‘String of pearls’ in Space

China’s interests are not only restricted to establishing itself as an effective maritime power. It also has significant interests in other emerging domains of power projection like cyber and space. Particularity in the space arena China has been making significant investments and has made extremely rapid progress.                                                                                                                           

17 MARCH 2013

China’s 300 drones a growing force against US Navy

China would be able to equip the People’s Liberation Army with nearly 300 unmanned aerial vehicles against US aircraft carrier in a potential conflict, according to a 29-page report published by the US-based Project 2049 Institute.                              

12 MARCH 2013

China’s military development, beyond the number

While reports warn of China’s rising military budget and lack of transparency, numbers and hyped headlines often cloud the bigger picture.

7 MARCH 2013

US, China take part in Pakistan naval drills

The United States and China began naval drills in the Arabian Sea with Pakistan and other countries on Thursday, the Pakistani navy said, in a show of strength against terrorism and piracy.                                                                                                    

5 MARCH 2013

China announces is Defense Budget for 2013-2014

26 FEBRUARY 2013

China unveils new stealth missile frigates

China has launched the first ship in a new class of stealth missile frigates, state media have reported, amid ongoing tensions with neighbouring countries over Beijing’s maritime claims.                                                                                          

19 FEBRUARY 2013

Gwadar: a potential base for Chinese expansion?

After inheriting the Pakistani port of Gwadar from Singapore on Feb. 18, China now has a promising base to project its influence over the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, reports the Global Times, a nationalistic tabloid produced under the auspices of the party mouthpiece People’s Daily.

28 JANUARY 2013

China carries out anti-missile test

China tested emerging military technology aimed at destroying missiles in mid-air after an initial test in 2010, state media said, in a move that will unnerve its neighbours.                                                                                                                 

28 JANUARY 2013

Russia Denies Selling China A New Fleet Of Deadly Bombers–tu-22m-bombers-the-aviationist-david-cenciotti-2013-1#ixzz2Js0JdgH3

24 JANUARY 2013

China buys Russian bombers

China is to purchase Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers through a contract with the Russian Federation for 36 aircraft.

Did China test its “carrier-killer ?”

Want China Times is reporting that China may have tested its new anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM), the DF-21D                                                                                    

7 JANUARY 2013

Limited liftoff looming: Y-20 transport prepares for its 1st test flight

While China’s stealth aircraft prototypes may get all the buzz, the Y-20 offers new military operational possibilities.


The “Long Pole in the Tent”: China military engines

Much has been made of Beijing’s growing military might. Developing and producing high-performance jet engines could be the toughest — but most rewarding — advance.

25 NOVEMBER 2012

China lands jet on first aircraft carrier

China has successfully landed a fighter jet on its first aircraft carrier, which entered service two months ago, the country’s official news agency confirmed.

22 NOVEMBER 2012

Russia agrees to sell China 24 Su-35 fighters in US$1.5bn deal

The Russian defense minister, Sergey Shoygu, finally approved the sale of 24 advanced Su-35BM fighters to China during his visit to Beijing in a deal worth US$1.5 billion, reports the Moscow-based business daily Vedomosti.

14 NOVEMBER 2012

Expanding Military to Military Engagement: China and Thailand

As U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta turns north from Australia on his way to Thailand and Cambodia today, he should carefully consider the trends in China’s military to military relationship with Thailand.

PLA reshuffle draws battle lines

The Beijing leadership has reshuffled the high command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as the military goes through its own leadership transition separate from but linked to the 18th Party Congress. The move has also given hints about the reorganization of the policy-setting Central Military Commission (CMC). The membership of a much rejuvenated CMC will be confirmed by the 18th Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Congress.


China congress: Hu’s plan to transform China into a maritime power

China President Hu Jintao staked a claim in Beijing for his country to become a maritime force, prompting a call from Japan for the communist state to use its sea power peacefully.

China ‘two years from submarine-launched nuclear weapons’

China appears to be within two years of deploying submarine-launched nuclear weapons, adding a new leg to its nuclear arsenal, a draft US report claims.


U.S. Navy take notice: China is becoming a world-class military shipbuilder

China’s military shipyards now are surpassing Western European, Japanese, and Korean military shipbuilders in terms of both the types and numbers of ships they can build. If Beijing prioritizes progress, China’s military shipbuilding technical capabilities can likely become as good as Russia’s are now by 2020 and will near current U.S. shipbuilding technical proficiency levels by 2030

31 OCTOBER 2012

China‘s J-31 Stealth aircraft takes flight

Well, the Chinese aviation industry sure isn’t wasting any time: From the first glimpse of the tarp-covered fuselage being hauled in the first official pictures released by Shenyang Aircraft Corp (SAC) in September, China’s second fifth-generation stealth aircraft, the J-31, has now taken its maiden flight.

25 OCTOBER 2012

China names new military chief of staff

China has appointed a new army chief of staff and other top officers in the run-up to next month’s national leadership transition, amid efforts to further professionalize the world’s largest standing military and ensure its loyalty to the ruling Communist Party

23 OCTOBER 2012

China announces major reshuffle of People’s Liberation Army

China reshuffled its top military ranks on Tuesday, weeks before a once-in-a-decade generational leadership change which sources said would see the outgoing air force commander promoted to vice-chairman of the military’s top decision-making body

19 OCTOBER 2012

China launches naval exercises near the Senkaku islands

Chinese ships, planes and fishing boats will soon imitate « the protection of Chinese territory » in response to barriers against the entry of « foreign vessels ». Growing fears concerning the damage to trade


All-Chinese jets to serve on nation’s first carrier

Domestic military officials and analysts are predicting that Chinese J-15 fighters, instead of Russia’s Su-33 fighter, will be used as many photographs had been published showing the plane on the Liaoning’s deck.


China’s first aircraft carrier enters service

China has taken delivery of its first aircraft carrier into service, according to the country’s defence ministry.


China navy takes delivery of first aircraft carrier: report

The handover ceremony of the 300-metre (990-foot) ship, a former Soviet carrier called the Varyag, took place in northeast China’s port of Dalian after a lengthy refitting by a Chinese shipbuilder, the Global Times reported.

21 AUGUST 2012

China’s Navy Goes Global

China is developing a ship-based cruise missile that has the capability to attack targets thousands of kilometers inland, snapshots published by a military enthusiast web site suggest. For the first time, that would give the People’s Liberation Army Navy a weapon comparable to the US’s hugely successful Tomahawk missile

27 JULY 2012

China, India set course for naval strength

The INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier (former Admiral Gorshkov), which Russia refurbished for India, left its berth at the Sevmash shipyard in Russia’s northern city of Severodvinsk and sailed into the White Sea to undergo trials on June 8.

18 MAY 2012

Pentagon Study Says China Military Getting Stronger

China is pressing a long-range modernization of its military, part of a strategy aimed at maximizing its leverage over Taiwan, extending its influence farther abroad, but avoiding conflict around its borders or with the United States, the Pentagon said on Friday 18 in an annual report to Congress

21 APRIL 2012

Russian ships arriving in China for naval war game

The Russian guided-missile cruiser Varyag arrived at an east Chinese naval base Saturday ahead of a planned joint exercise with the Chinese navy, news agency Xinhua reported.

17 MARCH 2012

China unbowed, vigilant and still rising

America’s determination to maintain its global leadership and military superiority despite budgetary constraints.  The strategy indicates that the United States will continue to focus on  the Asia-Pacific as key regional priorities. Specifically, it states that the US military « will of necessity rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region » in keeping with the broader « pivot » toward that region illustrated by Obama’s Asia-Pacific trip last November, progress toward the Trans-Pacific Partnership economic agreement, and plans to rotate US military forces through bases in Australia – moves that many Chinese analysts have interpreted

5 MARCH 2012

Is an India-China arms race brewing?

On Saturday, the Indian armed forces ended a major military exercise near the Chinese border, while China has announced that it will increase its military spending by 11.2 per cent in 2012

4 MARCH 2012

Continuing Buildup, China Boosts Military Spending More Than 11 Percent

China announced a double-digit increase in military spending on Sunday, a rise that comes amid an intensifying strategic rivalry between the United States and China in Asia and concerns in Washington about the secrecy surrounding the Chinese defense budget


Military review – 2011

2011 was a busy year for the military sector in China. Beijing was actively present on the seas of the region, which caused incidents with Vietnam and Japan, and diplomatic conflicts with the Philippines. China was able to develop regional dominance through PR actions and news about future developments


Hu Jintao tells Chinese Navy to prepare for war

Speaking to China’s Central Military Commission, the Chinese president told to Navy to pursue its “modernisation” and “make extended preparations for military combat” to “safeguard national security and world peace.” Meanwhile, military talks with the United States are underway in the capital


China’s nuclear arsenal ‘many times larger’

A recent report by Georgetown University analysing hundreds of hours of Chinese state television, newspapers and blogs says China’s nuclear arsenal may
be many times larger than previously thought. The report says China could have as many as 3,000 nuclear warheads, a significant increase from the
previously estimated high of 400.

16 NOVEMBER 2011

Military prestige-projects and political power play

What does it mean now that China has an aircraft carrier? Should the rest of the world be worried by China’s military expansion?


China responds to US claims of counterfeit military parts

Chinese authorities denied that they were failing to control a flow of counterfeit parts, which have allegedly ended up in US military equipment over the last few years. A US Senate Armed Services Committee reported that they found at least 1,800 cases of counterfeit parts in US military equipment, blaming China for the majority.


China-US satellite warning a hot-button issue

It’s a nightmare scenario for proponents of China’s « counter-space » threat. A group of military-grade Chinese hackers access United States Earth bservation satellites through a ground station in the Arctic. With a full array of commands at their disposal, the hackers manipulate and glean valuable environmental data. When conflict erupts, the satellites are programmed to self-destruct, or take down more valuable targets

25 AUGUST 2011

Pentagon warns of potential problems with militarily strong China

The Pentagon issued fresh warnings Wednesday that China’s military expansion could stir up new tensions and provoke dangerous

China calls US report on its military « groundless »

17 JULY 2011

China building aircraft carriers; neighbors worried

China is building two aircraft carriers as part of a military modernization program that is causing concern among other Asian countries, sources said. « Two aircraft carriers are being built at the Jiangnan shipyard in Shanghai, » a source with ties to China’s Communist Party leadership told Reuters, requesting anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about the program

14 JUNE 2011

As China Extends Maritime Reach, Neighbors Grow Uneasy

The photographs of Chinese warships speeding between two Japanese islands in the Pacific for drills circulated quickly last week, raising what Japan’s defense minister called “serious concern.”

8 JUNE 2011

Aircraft carrier symbol of China’s naval ambitions

It is the most visible symbol of China’s rising military power. The giant, grey hulk of China’s newest warship, 60,000 tonnes  , sits at a dockside in the port of Dalian, almost ready to set sail.

5 JUNE 2011

PLA growth not a threat to regional peace: Liang Guanglie

China’s military development is still 20 years behind the United States’, and it is not a threat to regional peace, Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie said on Sunday 5

4 MARCH 2011

China announces it will increase its defence budget by 12.7 per cent this year

24 JANUARY 2011

China’s stealth fighter ‘copied US’


11 JANUARY 2011

Chinese stealth fighter makes first test flight

China confirmed it held its first test-flight of a stealth fighter jet on Tuesday, a show of muscle during a visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates aimed at defusing military tensions between the two big powers.

31 OCTOBER 2010

China’s Fast Rise Leads Neighbors to Join Forces

China’s military expansion and assertive trade policies have set off jitters across Asia, prompting many of its neighbors to rekindle old alliances and cultivate new ones to better defend their interests against the rising superpower.

25 OCTOBER 2010

Japan, U.S. to up talks on China threat / Rapid buildup of military main concern

Japan and the United States will beef up strategic consultations to cope with China’s rapid military buildup, especially the strengthening of
its maritime might, according to Japanese and U.S. diplomatic sources.

18 AUGUST 2010

Pentagon report on PLA ‘unprofessional’

By Li Xiaokun and Ma Liyao (China Daily)

17 AUGUST 2010

US says China’s military has seen secret expansion

China has increased spending on its military and expanded the reach of its military operations abroad, according to a new report from the US defence department. The report (pdf), an annual study sent to the US congress, estimated China’s military spending in 2009 at $150bn, an increase of roughly 7.5 per cent from the previous year

6 JUNE 2010

China’s Military an Obstacle to Improving Relations, Gates Says

China’s military is blocking efforts to improve ties with the United States that are growing more positive in other areas, particularly on political and economic issues, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Friday.,dwp_uuid=9c33700c-4c86-11da-89df-0000779e2340.html

4 MARCH 2010

China slows rise in military spending

China has said its military spending will increase by 7.5% in 2010, ending a long run of double-digit growth. It will spend 532.1bn yuan ($77.9bn) over the year, the spokesman of the country’s annual parliamentary session announced

20 JANUARY 2009

Today, China published its 2008 White paper on Defence, harsh on Tibet, Taiwan and the USA. Here is the full text


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