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On 29 March in South Asian history

1857-03-29 Mangal Pandey revolt


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Updated on March 29, 2017

1816: Birth of Tsultrim Gyatso, 10th Dalai Lama who died in 1837

1849: Britain formally annexes Punjab after defeating the Sikh. The Young Maharajah Duleep Singh (11) is removed from the throne

1849-03-29 Punjab annexé

 1857: Sepoy Mangal Pandey, of the 34th Regiment, Bengal native Infantry, revolts against the British rule in India and inspires a long-drawn War of Independence of 1857, also known as the Sepoy mutiny

1857-03-29 Mangal Pandey revolt

1929: Birth of Utpal Dutt, Indian actor, who died on August 19, 1993

1971: Dhirendranath Datta, Bangladeshi politician, born on November 2, 1886, is assassinated


On 28 March in South Asian history


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Updated on March 28, 2017

1552: Death of Guru Angad Dev, 2nd Sikh guru

1556: Origin of Fasli Era (India)

1941: Death of Kavasji Jamshedji Petigara, Indian Police Commissioner, born on November 24, 1877

1972: Birth of Eby J. Jose, Indian Journalist and Human Rights Activist

1978: Birth of Nafisa Joseph, Miss India Universe (1997) who will commit suicide on July 29, 2004

1980: Birth of Chitrangada Singh, Indian actress

1982: Birth of Sonia Agarwal, Indian actress

1986: Extremist Sikhs kill 13 Hindus in Ludhiana, India

2006: Death of Vethathiri Maharishi, Indian Philosopher, born on August 14, 1911

2016: Bangladesh’s High Court rejects a 28-year-old petition calling for the removal of a constitutional provision recognising Islam as the official religion of the Muslim-majority South Asian nation.


On 27 March in South Asian history


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Updated on March 27, 2017

1784: Birth of Alexander Csoma de Koros, Hungarian philologist, the founder of Tibetology who died on April 11, 1842

1868: Death of Krishnaraja Wadiyar III, Maharaja of Mysore, born on July 14, 1794

1892: Birth of Swami Vipulananda, Sri Lankan author, poet, phliosopher and critic who died on July 27, 1947

1898: Death of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Indian Muslim intellectual, born on October 17, 1817

1949: The Conference of the Commonwealth decides that India could become a republic without be obliged to quit Commonwealth

1971: Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi express full support of her government to the freedom struggle of the Bengalis. Indian Border Security Force (BSF) opened Bangladesh-India border to allow the tortured and panick stricken Bengalis to have safe shelter in India

1982: Death of Fazlur Rahman Khan, Bangladeshi American civil engineer known for his innovations in high-rise building constructions born on 3 April 1929                                                                                                                                                          

2000: Murder of Priya Rajvansh, Indian actress, born in 1937

2005: Nepal King Jigme Singye Wangchuk suggests to change absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy with two political parties

2008: Nepal Maoist said they will not playing China or India card

2008: Afghan president Hamid Karzai escapes an assassination attempt                                                         

2008: Tibet monks disrupt journalists tour organized by Beijing authorities

2009: A bomb explodes at a mosque near the town of Jamrud in the Khyber agency in north-west Pakistan, killing at least 50 people

2016: At least 65 people are killed and more than 200 injured when an apparent suicide bomb ripped through the parking lot of a crowded park in the Pakistani city of Lahore where Christians were celebrating Easter Sunday

2016: Thousands in Pakistan protest hanging of governor’s killer Mumtaz Qadri clashing with police in chaotic scenes


On 26 March in South Asian history


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Updated on March 26, 2017

1552: Guru Amar Das becomes the third Sikh Guru, born in May  1479 who died in May 1574

1668: England takes control of Bombay

1907: Birth of of Mahadevi Varma, Indian poet, who died on September 11, 1987

Mahadevi Varma

1971: As Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is taken prisoner by the Pakistan army,  Major Ziaur Rahman proclaims independence of Bangladesh on behalf of Sheikh Mujib from Kalurghat radio station at Chittagong

1974: Gaura Devi leads a group of 27 women of Laata village, Henwalghati, Garhwal Himalayas, to form circles around trees to stop them being felled, thus sparking the Chipko Movement in India

2006: Death of Anil Biswas, Indian communist politician, born in March 1944

2007: In Sri Lanka, for the first time, the Tamil separatist rebels (LTTE) use a plane in an attack against the military airbase of Colombo

2012: Death of Manik Godghate, Indian poet and educator, born on May 10, 1937

Manik Godghate

2013: Death of Sukumari, Indian actress, born on October 6, 1940


Holidays and observances

Bangladesh: National Day

On 25 March in South Asian history


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Updated on March 25, 2017

1916: Birth of S. M. Pandit, Indian painter and educator who died on March 30, 1993

S. M. Pandit 2

1948: Birth of Farooq Sheikh, Indian actor who died on December 27, 2013

1969: Pakistan President Ayub Khan resigns and hands over the power to the commander-in-chief, General Muhammad Yahya Khan who declares Martial Law

1971: Beginning of Operation Searchlight by Pakistan forces against East Pakistani civilians in West part of Pakistan

1971: Foundation of Mukti Bahini (Liberation Army or Freedom Fighters) in East Pakistan to fight West Pakistan

1977: In India, Morarji Desai, 81, forms the first non Congress Party government including all the parties of the victorious coalition (up to 1979)

2000: After five days in India, US president Bill Clinton makes a few hours stop over in Islamabad where he criticizes the Pakistan Policy

2005: The USA announces that it will resume the delivery of F-16 warplanes to Pakistan as a reward for the contribution of Islamad in the fight against terrorism. Washington had stop the delivering since 1990 in retaliation against the Pakistan nuclear program

2009: In India, Sister Prema, whose name means love, is the new superior of the Sisters of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity

2010: Osama bin Laden has in a new audio recording threatened to kill any Americans that al-Qaeda takes prisoner if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, considered as one of the masterminds behind the September 11 attacks, is executed

2013: Last US-controlled prison handed over in Afghanistan. The transfer of Parwan Detention Facility to the Afghan government ends a bitter chapter in relations between the two countries

On 24 March in South Asian history


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Updated on March 24, 2017

1775: Birth of Muthuswami Dikshitar, Indian poet and composer who died on October 21, 1835

Muthuswami Dikshitar

1914: During the Simla Conference (India, Tibet and Republic of China), the British representative McMahon proposes the border delineation between India and Tibet which will be called the McMahon Line. Signed on 3 July by Tibet but never recognized by China

1923: In India, the tax on salt is restored

1944: Maj. Gen. Orde Wingate, leader of the 77th Indian Brigade, also called the Chindits, dies in a transport plane crash. He was 41 years old

Charles Wingate

1946: The British Cabinet Mission, consisting of Lord Pethick-Lawrence, Sir Stafford Cripps and A. V. Alexander, arrives in India to discuss and plan for the transfer of power from the British Raj to Indian leadership

1949: Birth of Ranil Wickremasinghe, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 13th Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

1952: Dudley Senanayake succeeds his father as Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Prime Minister up to octobre 1953

1977: After the resignation of Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai is sworn in as Indian Prime Minister, up to July 1977


1979: Birth of Emraan Hashmi, Indian actor

1982: In Bangladesh, General Ershad takes the power, deposes President Abdus Sattar  and proclaims the Martial Law

1990: Indian troops leave Sri Lanka where they arrived in 1987 as peace keeping force

2008: Bhutanese vote in an historic poll that will change the country in a constitutional monarchy

2011: A US soldier charged with killing unarmed Afghan civilians last year has been sentenced to 24 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of premeditated murder

2012: Death of Jose Prakash, Indian actor and singer, born on April 14, 1925

2013: Pakistan’s former president, Pervez Musharraf, has returned home for the first time in more than four years in exile to take part in upcoming parliamentary élections

2015: The United States will keep its current level of 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through the end of the year, rather than reducing that number to 5,500 as planned, the White House said

On 23 March in South Asian history

1940-03-23 Lahore Convention


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Updated on March 3, 2017

1757: During the Anglo-French war, British forces capture Chandernagore fort (in India) from the French

1757-03-23 Capture de Chandernagor par la Royal Navy

1855: Treaty of Peshawar signed, whereby Britain and Afghanistan form alliance against Persia

1889: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is established by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Qadian India

1931: Bhagat Singh and Rajguru  Sukhdev, Indian freedom fighters, embrass the gallows during the Indian struggle for independence. Their request to be shot by a firing squad is refused

1940: The Lahore Resolution (qarardad-e-Pakistan) or the then Qarandad-e-Lahore) is put forward at the annual general convention of the India Muslim League calling for a Muslim homeland

1940-03-23 Lahore Convention

1942: In the Indian Ocean, Japanese forces capture the Andaman Islands

1956: Pakistan becomes the first Islamic republic in the world. General governor Iskander Mirza becomes president of the Republic

1956-03-23 Iskander Mirza président

1961: The 14th Dalaï Lama, Tenzin Gyatso refunds the Tibetan medical and astrology Institute at Dharamsala, India

1979: Birth of Emraan Hashmi, Indian actor

1997: First visit of the Dalai Lama to Taiwan. He stress the only religious meaning of this trip but is greeted by President Lee Teng-hui

2000: Death of Antony Padiyara, Indian cardinal, born on February 11, 1921

2003: Abdul Majid Dar, former commander of Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen, the main separatist in Indian Kashmir,who had proposed to dialogue with New Delhi is assassinated

2004: Andhra Pradesh Federation of Trade Unions, linked to the Communist Pary, holds its first conference in Hyderabad

2007: Nepal’s seven ruling political parties and the country’s former Maoist rebels agree to form a joint government, the latest step in ending a decade of civil war

2009: Police of China have arrested nearly 100 monks after what they describe as a riot by hundreds of Tibetans, according to state media


Holidays and observances

Pakistan: Republic Day

On 22 March in South Asian history


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Updated on March 22, 2017

1739: After some of his Persian troops are killed in occupied Delhi, Nader Shah orders his soldiers to plunder the city. During the course of one day 20,000 to 30,000 Indians are killed by the Persian troops, forcing Mohammad Shah to beg for mercy and stealing the jewels of the Peacock Throne

1907: Thousands of Indians living in South Africa follow the lead of Mohandas K. Gandhi engaging in a campaign of civil disobedience to protest their treatment by the government.

Gandhi 1905 Johanesburg

1942: Sir Stanford Cripps, British statesman, arrives in India for talks with Mohandas Gandhi on Indian independence, in what will become known as the Cripps Mission

1957: Republic of India adopts Saka calendar along with Gregorian

1977: Death of A.K. Gopalan, Indian communist leader, born on October 1, 1904

2005: Death of Gemini Ganesan, Tamil film star, born on November 17, 1920

2007: In Pakistan, the dismissal of the Supreme Judge Iftikar Muhammad Chaudry by General Musharraf causes important demonstrations by judges and members of the opposition

2007: Death of Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti, Indian philosopher, born on July 9, 1918

2009: South Africa’s embassy in New Delhi has denies travel documents to Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, barring him from attending a peace conference in Johannesburg

2012: The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution urging Sri Lanka to investigate alleged abuses during the final phase of war with Tamil rebels.

2014: The Maldives hold parliamentary elections on schedule despite worries about the ability of the resort island’s turmoil-hit elections commission to stage the ballot successfully

2014: Death of Yashwant Vithoba Chittal, Indian author, born on August 21, 1928

2015: Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena formed a national government incorporating the main opposition party on Sunday, in a bid to push through reforms and preserve political stability

2015: Sri Lanka’s new government confers for the firtst time the highest military rank of field marshal on retired army chief Sarath Fonseka, who had been jailed for alleged treason by the previous government


On 21 March in South Asian history

2000-03-21 Clinton


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Updated on March 21, 2017

1913: Birth of Bismillah Khan, Indian shehnai player who died on August 21, 2006

1923: Birth of Sri Mataji Nirmala Srivasta, founder of Sahaja Yogav, who died on December 23, 2011

1977: Indira Gandhi, Indian prime minister, resigns after she lost legislative election. End of a 21 month period of emergency while she ruled by decree,_1977

1977-03-21 Indira demissionne

1978: Birth of Rani Mukherjee, Indian actress

1980: President Jimmy Carter informs a group of U.S. athletes that, in response to the December 1979 Soviet incursion into Afghanistan, the United States will boycott the 1980 Olympics in Moscow

1985: In Bangladesh, General Ershad gets 94,14 % of yes in the referendum he has organized to legitimate his military regime. The opposition said the vote was rigged

Hussain Muhammad Ershad

2000: Bill Clinton arrives to India. First visit of an US president since 22 years

2000-03-21 Clinton

2001: Taliban blow up two giant Buddha statues in Bamyan, Afghanistan

2002: In Pakistan, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh along with three other suspects are charged with murder for the kidnapping and killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl

2003: Death of Shivani, Indian author, born on October 17, 1923

2009: Bangladesh says it will disband the country’s border force and raise a new paramilitary unit to replace it


On 20 March in South Asian history


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Updated on March 20, 2017

1351: Death of Mohammed ibn-Tughluq, sultan of Delhi since 1324. Born in 1290

1602: The Dutch East India Company (VOC) is established


1739: Nader Shah occupies Delhi and sacks the city, stealing the jewel of the Peacock Throne. 30,000 civilians are killed’s_invasion_of_Mughal_India

1923: Birth of Shaukat Siddiqui, Pakistani author, Journalist and political activist who died on December 18, 2006

1945: The British, with the 19th Indian Division retake Mandalay in Burma

1945-03-20 Prise de Mandalay

1965: That day, and later in April, fighting broke out between India and Pakistan. Beginning of the Second Indo-Pakistani war with first large scale offensive on August 5

1966: Birth of Alka Yagnik, Indian singer


1977: The Indian Congress Party of Indira Gandhi loses the general elections against the newly founded Janata Party. Morarji Desai is charged to form a new government

1987: Birth of Kangana Ranaut, Indian actress

1991: Khaleda Zia first women to become PM in Bangladesh up to March 1996

1991-03-20 Khaleda Zia PM

 2008: Death of Shoban Babu, Indian actor


2010: Girija Prasad Koirala, the former Nepalese prime minister who brokered the peace deal that ended a bloody 10-year civil war, died at age 85

2013: Bangladesh President Zillur Rahman, a veteran ruling party politician named to the largely ceremonial post in 2009, dies day in a Singapore hospital

2013: The United States has violated Pakistan’s sovereignty and destroyed tribal structures with unmanned aerial drone strikes in its counterterrorism near the Afghan border, a UN human rights investigator says

2014: Death of Khushwant Singh, Indian writer who won fame for a book on partition of the subcontinent as well as his once-daring descriptions of sex, aged 99