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22 JANUARY 2018

Exiled Maldives leader says Chinese deals on islands are ‘land grabs’

Exiled Maldives opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed on Monday accused China of seizing land in the politically-troubled Indian Ocean archipelago and undermining its sovereignty

30 NOVEMBER 2017

Maldives Parliament Approves FTA With China – But With No Opposition Present

The Maldives will soon become the second country in South Asia, after Pakistan, to enter into a free trade agreement (FTA) with China, after it was passed on Wednesday evening by parliament in an ‘emergency’ sitting


Maldives suspends a third of its lawyers

Officials in the Maldives have suspended at least 54 lawyers and have charged them with contempt of court for filing a petition demanding the rule of law in the South Asian archipelago

22 AUGUST 2017

Maldives to reintroduce death penalty after six decades

Despite international pressure the Maldives will reintroduce the death penalty after a 60-year moratorium to try and reduce the rising number of murders and stop drug-trafficking, a senior advisor to President Abdulla Yameen said on Tuesday

15 AUGUST 2017

Maldive president Abdulla Yameen ‘admits receiving bags of stolen cash’

Apparent admission follows Al Jazeera investigation exposing how Yameen and aides embezzled millions from state coffers

24 JULY 2017

Maldives parliament shut down to stop speaker’s removal

The Maldivian army has locked down the country’s parliament after the opposition vowed to move ahead with a vote against a key ally of President Abdulla Yameen

3 JULY 2017

Maldives opposition in fresh bid to take Parliament

Maldives opposition parties on Monday (July 3) launched a new bid to seize control of Parliament through a third attempt to impeach the speaker

5 JUNE 2017

Maldives joins 4 other nations in cutting ties with Qatar

Maldives announced Monday that it is severing diplomatic relations with Qatar over its alleged support for Islamist groups

4 MAY 2017

Maldives: A Tyrant Next Door- How does one deal with it?

Maldives is too close to India both geographically and strategically and therefore developments in that country though small will have a great impact on India’s national security

23 APRIL 2017

Maldives blogger Yameen Rasheed, who poked fun at politicians, stabbed to death in restive capital

A liberal blogger, Yameen Rasheed, was stabbed to death in the politically restive Maldivian capital Male, his family members and colleagues said Sunday. He was 29

7 APRIL 2017

Maldives police arrest opposition leader for plotting to oust government

Police in the Indian Ocean island nation of the Maldives arrested an opposition leader for « plotting to overthrow the government », police said on Friday, days after the opposition’s failed bid to oust the speaker and take control of parliament

12 MARCH 2017

Why Saudi Arabia, China and Islamic State are courting the Maldives

Saudi King Salman’s stop in the Maldives on his month-long tour of Asia brings into focus how this tiny archipelago – best known for high-end tourism and an existential battle against climate change – has emerged as a key player in a regional struggle for influence

28 FEBRUARY 2017

Maldives ex-president eyes risky political comeback

Mohamed Nasheed was president of the Maldives until he was forced from office and imprisoned. From exile in London, he tells DW that he wants to make a comeback to protect his country from sinking under a « dictatorship. »

21 JANUARY 2017

Former president of Maldives wants to run for office again – and save his sinking nation

He faces jail in the Maldives but former president Mohamed Nasheed says he wants to contest elections and guide the island nation away from environmental catastrophe

13 OCTOBER 2016

Maldives leaves Commonwealth amid democracy row

The Maldives has withdrawn from the Commonwealth, accusing it of interfering in domestic affairs and « unfair and unjust » treatment

25 AUGUST 2016

Maldives president faces ‘removal plot’, BBC learns

 His spokesman told the BBC they knew of claims of an attempt to « overthrow » the government, describing it as a « clear breach of international norms »

9 AUGUST 2016

Maldives approves defamation law criticised by UN

The Maldives legalised criminal defamation on Tuesday in a move criticised by the United Nations and which the opposition said was aimed at stifling dissent

22 JUNE 2016

Maldives appoints new vice-president

The Maldivian government announced its shuffle to the cabinet Wednesday, with Minister of Finance and Treasury Abdulla Jihad being appointed as vice president

6 JUNE 2016

Maldives’ former vice-president jailed on terrorism charges

A court in the Maldives jailed former Vice-President Ahmed Adeeb for 10 years on terrorism charges, his lawyer said on Monday (June 6), after a closed-door trial that was denounced by the opposition as flawed.

1st JUNE 2016

Ousted Maldives president Nasheed forms opposition-in-exile group in Britain, aimed at toppling goverment

Mohamed Nasheed, a former president of the Maldives now in exile in Britain after being ousted from office and jailed in his country, formed an opposition group on Wednesday (June 1) aimed at toppling the government of President Abdulla Yameen.

23 MAY 2016

Mohamed Nasheed: Former Maldives president ‘given UK asylum’

The former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, has been granted refugee status in the UK, according to his lawyer

11 APRIL 2016

India Mends Ties With Maldives

In a signal of a revival in ties between India and the Maldives, the president of the Indian Ocean island country committed to what he called an “India-first” policy on a two-day visit to New Delhi

3 APRIL 2016

Maldives police arrest reporters at press freedom rally

Maldives police arrested 16 independent journalists while breaking up their demonstration against an alleged crackdown on freedom of speech in the politically troubled nation, private media outlets reported

17 FEBRUARY 2016

Maldives jails opposition leader for terrorism

A Maldives court has convicted opposition leader Sheikh Imran Abdulla of terrorism and sentenced him to 12 years in jail.

17 JANUARY 2016

Jailed ex-Maldives president refuses to leave for UK because of ‘hostage’ demand

The jailed former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has turned down the chance to travel to Britain for surgery because the government demanded that he nominate a relative as a legal “hostage” to guarantee his return

16 JANUARY 2016

Maldives’ democracy hero and jailed ex-president Nasheed allowed to fly to Britain for surgery

The jailed former Maldives president and democracy hero Mohammed Nasheed is to be allowed to travel to Britain for spine surgery in a surprise reversal by the regime that jailed him on terrorism charges.

28 NOVEMBER 2015

Maldives police in violent crackdown against opposition

A number of opposition figures in the Maldives have been hospitalised after police used pepper spray to suppress a demonstration calling for the release of jailed former President Mohamed Nasheed

10 NOVEMBER 2015

Maldives lifts state of emergency, foreign ministry says

The Maldives on Tuesday lifted a state of emergency declared by the president earlier this month, saying security had improved after the authorities detained individuals and seized illegal weapons


Maldives declares 30-day emergency ahead of pro-Nasheed rally

The Maldives President, Abdulla Yameen, has declared a 30-day state of emergency, giving sweeping powers to security forces to arrest suspects before a major anti-government protest rally, his spokesman said

24 OCTOBER 2015

Maldives police arrest vice president Ahmed Adeeb over plot to assassinate president

Maldives vice president Ahmed Adeeb has been arrested in a probe over a speedboat explosion targeting president Abdulla Yameen, police and government officials said

11 OCTOBER 2015

Maldives warns India over pressure to free ex-president

Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen on Sunday warned India’s foreign minister against external interference in the islands’ affairs, his office said, as international pressure mounts to release his jailed predecessor


Struggle in paradise: The case against former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed

Maldivians share the same desire to prosper as other peoples. But what has been lost amongst the images of idyllic beaches and azure waters is that this is a developing nation like any other — with its own economic challenges, social fissures and political sparring

24 JULY 2015

Ex-Maldives leader’s 13-year term commuted to house arrest

Former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed has had his 13-year prison sentence commuted to a term under house arrest, his international lawyer Jared Genser said Friday

2 JUNE 2015

Maldives opposition leader charged with inciting violence

Maldives’ prosecutor general charged an opposition leader on Tuesday with inciting violence, a month after he was arrested during protests against the imprisonment of the islands’ first democratically elected president.

22 MAY 2015

Democracy, Maldives Style

 Ever since the coup that toppled Nasheed in 2012, anger and resentment has been simmering beneath this Indian Ocean paradise. But with rampant corruption and nepotism becoming intolerable, the crackdown first on opposition leaders, including the sham trial and imprisonment of Nasheed has brought that anger boiling onto the streets of Male

2 MAY 2015

Maldives opposition leaders arrested after clashes

Authorities in the Maldives have arrested three opposition leaders along with nearly 200 others after clashes erupted between police and protesters demanding the resignation of the country’s president and the release of a jailed ex-leader

6 MARCH 2015

Maldives’ Transition to Democracy Appears Increasingly Precarious

31 MARCH 2015

Maldives passes law ‘to oust ex-leader from politics’

The Maldives’ parliament has passed a law that strips people serving prison sentences of their political party memberships, a rule critics say is designed to oust jailed former President Mohamed Nasheed from politics

13 MARCH 2015

Maldives’ ex-president sentenced to 13 years in prison

Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Friday (Mar 13) after being found guilty of terrorism for ordering the arrest of a judge when he was in power in 2012.

27 FEBRUARY 2015

Mass protest in Maldives over ex-leader’s arrest

Thousands of supporters of former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed marched in the honeymoon islands’ tiny capital Friday, protesting his detention on terror charges which have sparked international condemnation.

23 FEBRUARY 2015

Maldives ex-leader dragged into court by police

Police in the Maldives have dragged ex-President Mohamed Nasheed into court to face charges for ordering the arrest of a top judge while still leader.

22 FEBRUARY 2015

Maldives ex-leader Nasheed arrested on terror charges

Police in the Maldives have arrested opposition leader and ex-President Mohamed Nasheed on terror charges.

10 FEBRUARY 2015

Maldives former defense minister arrested

Maldives former defense minister has been arrested on charges of possessing illegal weapons which he has denied, local media reported Tuesday.

20 JANUARY 2015

Maldives President Sacks Defense Minister

The Maldivian president announced the sacking of his defense minister Mohamed Nazim on Tuesday, days after police carried out a pre-dawn raid on the former army officer’s home


Drinking water airlifted to Maldives’ capital

India and Sri Lanka have airlifted drinking water to the Maldives after a fire at a desalination plant led to severe shortages and stirred unrest on the streets of the islands’ capital, Male.

30 APRIL 2014

Maldives enacts regulation for death penalty

The United Nations and European Union have condemned the Maldives for approving a regulation that allows children as young as seven to be sentenced to death for certain crimes

22 MARCH 2014

Maldives holds parliamentary polls despite delay fear

The Maldives held parliamentary elections Saturday on schedule, despite worries about the ability of the resort island’s turmoil-hit elections commission to stage the ballot successfully

16 MARCH 2014

Maldives: EC Crisis Ends, Polls As Scheduled

The crisis that sought to engulf the 22 March parliamentary polls in Maldives has ended as quickly as it appeared, with Parliament unanimously filling an existing vacancy in the Election Commission (EC), ensuring the constitutionally-mandated quorum of three, after the Supreme Court had disqualified two members, including EC President Fuwad Thowfeek and his deputy Ahamed Fayaz

11 MARCH 2014

US criticises Maldives over sacking of elections chief

The United States led international criticism of the Maldives on Tuesday after the island nation’s top court sacked its election commissioner two weeks before polls, questioning its commitment to democracy.

9 MARCH 2014

Entire Maldives election commission sentenced

The Maldives Supreme Court has given all four election commissioners six-month jail sentences, suspended for three years, for « disobeying orders »

18 FEBRUARY 2014

Maldives, President Yameen’s new goals: Islamization and partnership with Beijing

Elected leader three months ago, he has imposed an increasingly conservative vision of Sunni Muslim. On the international level he strengthens ties with China, a strategic commercial partner. In schools the study of Arabic and the Koran introduced.,-President-Yameen’s-new-goals:-Islamization-and-partnership-with-Beijing-30333.html

17 NOVEMBER 2013

Maldives Inaugurates New President

The Maldives has inaugurated a new president, a day after his surprise victory, which ended nearly two years of political turmoil. Yaamin Abdul Gayoom and his deputy, Mohamed Jameel were sworn in Sunday by the country’s chief justice.

16 NOVEMBER 2013

Yameen wins Maldives presidential run-off

Abdulla Yameen has won Maldives presidential election run-off, beating favourite Mohamed Nasheed in a close-run contest that voters hope will end nearly two years of political turmoil, Elections Commission results showed.

13 NOVEMBER 2013

Maldives ejected from Commonwealth panel over vote delay

The Commonwealth expelled the Maldives on Wednesday from its disciplinary panel which has begun investigating the political chaos in the country after repeated court interventions that scuttled elections, a diplomat said.


Nasheed wins Maldives polls but faces run-off

Former president garners 45 percent votes but fails to secure outright majority to avoid run-off, results show.


Maldives crisis: Candidates ‘agree to 9 November vote’

The Maldives’ three presidential candidates have agreed to take part in elections on Saturday as planned, the president’s office has told the BBC.

25 OCTOBER 2013

Maldives MDP opposition alleges harassment

The main Maldives opposition party has accused the government of harassment after one of its MPs and another opposition-aligned MP were dismissed.

21 OCTOBER 2013

Maldives set new dates for presidential election 2 days after police stopped scheduled revote

Maldives officials on Monday set a new date for the country’s presidential election two days after police stepped in to prevent a scheduled revote, claiming that the balloting was illegal.

19 OCTOBER 2013

Police stop Maldives presidential election from going ahead

Police in the Maldives have stopped a presidential election from going ahead on Saturday, plunging the country into fresh political uncertainty.

13 OCTOBER 2013

Maldives: PPM Tries To Prevent Nasheed From Contesting

International reaction on the attempt to prevent Nasheed from contesting was swift and forthright. Special envoy of Commonwealth called on Maldives to ensure that the Presidential election is fully “inclusive, credible and peaceful.”

12 OCTOBER 2013

Maldives President Mohamed Waheed ends election bid

Maldives President Mohamed Waheed has pulled out of this year’s presidential election, after receiving 5% of the vote in the first round of the ballot.

7 OCTOBER 2013

Maldives court annuls presidential election result

The Maldives Supreme Court has annulled results from the first round of voting in presidential elections, and called a fresh ballot for 20 October.


Future Sea Level Rises Won’t Restrict New Island Formation In Maldives

The continued accumulation of sand within the iconic ring-shaped reefs inside Maldivian atolls could provide a foundation for future island development new research suggests. Islands like the Maldives are considered likely to be the first to feel the effects of climate change induced sea level rise, with future island growth essential to counter the threat of rising sea levels.


Maldives postpones presidential run-off

The Maldives Supreme Court has postponed the final round of presidential elections indefinitely after allegations of vote rigging, further widening the ongoing political dispute.


Presidential Elections In Maldives: A Pre-Poll Analysis

After much political drama, Maldives will witness second multi-party presidential elections on 7 September 2013. If the first round fails to throw decisive results, the second round has been scheduled on 28 September (21 days stipulated time gap) between the top two vote-getters. Of the total population of about 320,000 (as per the 2011 census), over 240,302 are eligible to vote. Of these, about 31,008 will be first-time voters, which means around 13 per cent of the total voters are between the age group of 18 to 23.

21 AUGUST 2013

Maldives girl’s 100 lashes sentence overturned

A 15-year-old girl who was sentenced to 100 lashes for engaging in premarital sex has had her punishment overturned by a Maldives court.

11 MAY 2013

Maldives home minister sacked ahead of key vote

The Maldivian home minister Mohamed Jameel was sacked on Saturday shortly after he announced his candidature for the vice-presidency in crucial elections in September.                                                                                                                                           

1 APRIL 2013

Maldives face mounting diplomatic pressures before Mohamad Nasheed trial

If convicted, Nasheed risks disqualification from the presidential polls due in the Indian Ocean archipelago on 7 September, adding credibility to his contention that the trial was “politically motivated” – a charge the Maldivian government denies. Widespread concerns over the independence of the nation’s judiciary underlie such fears

5 MARCH 2023

Former leader Mohamed Nasheed arrested in Maldives

Police in the Maldives capital, Male, have arrested former President Mohamed Nasheed for abuse of office, after months of political tension

26 FEBRUARY 2013

Maldives girl to get 100 lashes for pre-marital sex

A 15-year-old rape victim has been sentenced to 100 lashes for engaging in premarital sex, court officials said.

23 FEBRUARY 2013

Ex-Maldives president Nasheed leaves Indian mission

Mr Nasheed took refuge there 10 days ago after a court ordered his arrest for failing to appear in court to face charges of abuse of power. He did not explain why he left the embassy, and a government spokesman warned the case against him was still pending.                                                  

19 FEBRUARY 2013

Maldives ex-president’s life ‘in danger’: spokesman

The Maldivian Government says a new arrest warrant has been issued for Mr Nasheed to face charges of abuse of power while president, after a previous warrant expired.                                                                                                                

15 FEBRUARY 2013

India, Maldives reach diplomatic impasse

In a dramatic development, Mohamed Nasheed, who until last year was the democratically elected president of the island nation, took political refuge in the Indian Embassy in Male on Tuesday, after a court in the Maldives issued a warrant for his arrest

13 FEBRUARY 2013

Ex-Maldives president takes refuge at India embassy

Mohamed Nasheed, the former Maldives president, has taken refuge inside the Indian embassy in the capital, Male, after a local magistrate ordered his arrest                                                                                                                                            

16 NOVEMBER 2012

Maldivian opposition MPs arrested for drinking alcohol

Maldivian police arrested four opposition figures, including two lawmakers, on charges of consuming alcohol, which is illegal in the country for locals, the main opposition said Friday


Court halts hearing for Maldives’ ex-president

A higher court in the Maldives on Sunday ordered the suspension of a legal hearing on charges against the country’s former president. Ex-leader Mohamed Nasheed is accused of illegally ordering the detention of a senior judge, a move that led to his ouster from power earlier this year


Amnesty: Maldives’ Rights Abuses Contrasts Paradise Image

Amnesty International is urging the international community to not ignore what it says is a growing human rights crisis in the Maldive

15 JULY 2012

Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed is charged

Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed has been charged with illegally ordering the arrest of a senior judge.

8 JULY 2012

Maldives eyes $100 million tourist tax for CO2 plan

A voluntary tax on tourists who visit the luxury resorts and white sands of the Maldives could raise up to $100 million a year towards the country’s aim to become carbon neutral by 2020, President Mohamed Waheed said.

29 JUNE 2012

Maldives sees Islamist resurgence

Former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed has expressed concerns about the state of democracy in his home country, noting the dividing effect of a rising tide of Islamist extremism. In the midst of a tour of the United States that « includes an award from the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict », Nasheed, speaking at the US Institute of Peace (USIP), said: « People don’t want radical Islam to take over. » Indeed, sharia law, a source of dispute between Islamic fundamentalists and modernists over its modern-day implementation in Maldives, serves as a supplement to Maldivian jurisprudence.

19 APRIL 2012

Maldives ex-leader calls for sanctions on new regime

The ousted ex-president of the Maldives on Thursday called for the Commonwealth grouping and other countries to impose sanctions on the new regime, which he accuses of deposing him in a coup

6 APRIL 2012

Maldives elections will not be in ‘foreseeable future’

Maldives state minister of foreign affairs Dunya Maumoon has told the BBC that elections cannot be held in the country « in the foreseeable future »

1 MARCH 2012

Chaotic scenes at Maldives parliament

Supporters of fomer Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed have clashed with police and stopped the country’s new leader from opening parliament, three weeks after he says he was forced to resign in a coup

12 FEBRUARY 2012

Maldives’ new president expands cabinet amid crisis

The Maldives’ new president on Sunday expanded his cabinet amid a political stalemate with ex-president Mohamed Nasheed, who since leaving office last week in what he calls a coup has vowed to stage street protests unless new elections are held

Ex-Maldives president rejects US compromise call

Ousted Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed on Sunday rejected a US call for compromise and dismissed proposals for a unity government to end political unrest in the Indian Ocean nation

11 FEBRUARY 2012

Maldives president agrees to ‘coup’ probe

Mohamed Waheed, the president of the Maldives, has told a visiting top United States diplomat that he would be willing to co-operate with a probe into the circumstances of the transition of power, following the former president’s resignation on Tuesday


Thousands of Maldivians condemn ‘coup’

Thousands of supporters of Mohamed Nasheed, who says he was forced to resign as the president of Maldives, have taken to the streets to protest over what they are calling a coup


Maldives president quits after protests

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed resigned Tuesday following weeks of public protests over his controversial order to arrest a senior judge

21 JANUARY 2012

More arrests in Maldives as protests spread

Dozens of anti-government activists were arrested in the Maldivian capital Male, the opposition said Saturday as the government accused them of whipping up religious extremism

17 JANUARY 2012

Maldives arrests senior judge Abdulla Mohamed

A senior judge in the criminal court in the Maldives, Judge Abdulla Mohamed, has been arrested

4 JANUARY 2012

Maldives reverses spa ban

The government of the Maldives has reversed a ban on the sale of spa treatments, alcohol and pork, the country’s president told CNN Wednesday

28 NOVEMBER 2011

State budget for 2012 submitted to parliament

The state budget for 2012 was submitted to parliament today by Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz with a projected fiscal deficit of 9.7 percent, down from 21 percent in 2009, 16.1 percent in 2010 and 10.1 percent in 2011

27 NOVEMBER 2011

Eliminating gender inequality essential for development, says President

Speaking on the ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women,’ Nasheed expressed gratitude and encouragement for the campaign against domestic violence launched by a gender advocacy working group under the slogan ‘Thinakun Ekeh’ (one in three)
22 NOVEMBER 2008

Death of Ibrahim Nasir, president of the Maldives (1968-1978), born on September 2, 1926
11 NOVEMBER 2008

Mohamed Nasheed is sworn in as the 4th president of the Maldives, succeeding Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
28 OCTOBER 2008

Mohamed Nasheed beats Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in the first democratic presidential election in the Maldives,_2008

8 JANUARY 2008

The president of the Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, escapes unhurt after an attempted knife attack

Terrorist attack in Malé (Maldives), twelve foreign tourists wounded
12 AUGUST 2005

Civil unrest provoked in the Maldives

13 AUGUST 2004

In the Maldives, state of emergency is proclaimed after a 3,000 thousand demonstration demanding the release of four democrats. Police arrest 286 people


In the Maldives, the death of the prisoner Hassan Evan Naseem sparks a day of rioting in Malé