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Tibet weeps for the death of Palden Gyatso, defender of freedom

The monk spent 33 years in Chinese prisons. He refused to repudiate the Dalai Lama. In exile he denounced the torture committed under Chinese rule

13 NOVEMBER 2018

Dalai Lama: Leaders to discuss successor

The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, says high priests will soon start discussing how to choose his successor. The Tibetan government-in-exile in India is concerned Beijing could try to pick the next Dalai Lama to tighten control over Tibetans

25 AUGUST 2018

The Great Game for the Future of Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan language activist Tashi Wangchuk sentenced to 5 years by China over New York Times video

A Tibetan man who campaigned against the erosion of his language and culture has been imprisoned in China for « inciting separatism »

28 APRIL 2018

China opposes US resolution on Tibet issue

The US Senate on Thursday agreed to a resolution which claimed that the responsibility for identifying a future 15th Dalai Lama only rest with officials of the 14th Dalai Lama’s private office and any interference from the Chinese government is invalid

30 MARCH 2018

Tibet will set the litmus test for China’s rise’

Tibetans are preparing to mark the 60th anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s exile in India. Indian officials stoked controversy by spurning celebrations to avoid angering China. Sonia Phalnikar reports from Dharamsala

 22 MARCH 2018

Dalai Lama cuts foreign travel due to age, exhaustion

The Dalai Lama, the globe-trotting Tibetan spiritual leader, will do no more traveling this year, a spokesman said, saying the 82-year-old is aging and « exhausted. »

17 FEBRUARY 2018

Fire hits Jokhang temple, one of Tibet’s most sacred

A fire broke out Saturday at one of the most sacred sites for Tibetan Buddhism, Lhasa’s revered Jokhang temple, state media said, but no casualties were reported and the extent of the damage remained unclear

29 DECEMBER 2017

Tibetan filmmaker welcomed in US after ‘risky’ escape from China

Dhondup Wangchen, who had been convicted of subversion, has been reunited with wife and children and is ‘enjoying the feeling of safety and freedom’

15 JULY 2017

Did the Dalai Lama prefer exile in Myanmar to India?

Did the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist God King of Tibet, really want to go to Myanmar rather than India when he fled his homeland in 1959?

9 MAY 2017

The Dalai Lama and the Shugden Schism  

The strange story of a 17th century feud and its relevance for Tibetan geopolitics today

7 APRIL 2017

Tibet ‘not seeking independence’, says Dalai Lama as China lashes out at India

The Dalai Lama, while on his controversial visit to India, declared Tibet was “not seeking independence” from China, but instead wanted “meaningful autonomy”. He also rejected China’s claim India was using him as a political pawn

1st APRIL 2017

Dalai Lama visits northeastern India, despite Chinese warning

Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has begun his 12-day trip to India’s northeastern areas. China, which claims some of those regions, warned India the trip would have an adverse impact on bilateral ties

2 MARCH 2017

Tibet women’s football team ‘denied US visas’

A Tibetan women’s football team has claimed that they have been denied United States visas to take part in a tournament in Texas

15 FEBRUARY 2017

Tibetan PM seeks Japan’s support for autonomy of Tibetan people

 Lobsang Sangay, Prime Minister of the Tibetan administration in India, on Wednesday urged Japanese lawmakers to back the ‘middle-way approach’ of autonomy for the Tibetan people


Tibetan musician freed after four years in prison for his patriotic songs

Authorities in southwestern China’s Sichuan province have freed a Tibetan singer jailed for four years for writing songs praising the Dalai Lama and highlighting the hardships of life under Beijing’s rule, according to a Tibetan source

3 JANUARY 2017

China tightens Tibetan border security to combat ‘separatism’

China has tightened security regulations in Tibet’s border region to battle the risks of terrorism and ‘separatism’, the state-owned Global Times said

26 DECEMBER 2016

Tibetans in anguish as Chinese mines pollute their sacred grasslands

China’s thirst for mineral ­resources — and its desire to exploit the rich deposits under the Tibetan plateau — have spread ­environmental pollution and ­anguish for many of the herders whose ancestors lived here for thousands of years

20 NOVEMBER 2016

Dalai Lama visits Mongolia over China’s objections

The Dalai Lama met with Buddhist worshippers Saturday during a four-day visit to Mongolia, despite Beijing’s strident demand that he be barred from entering the country


Countering Dalai Lama influence is China’s top ethnic priority in Tibet

China will make countering the Dalai Lama’s influence the “highest priority” in its work on ethnic affairs in Tibet, the region’s Communist Party boss says while vowing to uproot the monk’s “separatist and subversive” activities.


In Tibet, religious freedom comes with Chinese characteristics

Visitors say religion is flourishing under Beijing rule, but monks are closely watched, analysts say

28 AUGUST 2016

China names new chief for Tibet in party reshuffle

China’s ruling Communist Party appointed a new senior official on Sunday to run Tibet, considered one of the country’s most politically sensitive positions due to periodic anti-Chinese unrest in the devoutly Buddhist Himalayan region

28 JULY 2016

Niece of Tibetan Priest Flees China, Says He Died of Torture

Nyima Lhamo told The Associated Press late Wednesday that her family believes Tenzin Delek Rinpoche died as a result of torture and not from a heart attack as Chinese officials said

21 JULY 2016

China’s Panchen Lama carries out religious rite in Tibet, first in 50 years

A youth named by China as the second-highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism, but reviled as a fake by many Tibetans, began an important Buddhist rite on Thursday, the first time in 50 years it has happened in Tibet, state media said

16 JUNE 2016

Barack Obama angers China by meeting Dalai Lama at White House

The meeting between US ­President Barack Obama and exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has been condemned by China – leading Beijing to lodge diplomatic representations with Washington

27 MAY 2016

Dalai Lama urges Tibetan unity as political leader sworn in

The Dalai Lama urged Tibetans to remain united on Friday, telling an audience gathered for the swearing-in of his exiled people’s new leader that they must avoid the schisms that had damaged other religions

28 APRIL 2016

‘Little hope’ for exiled Tibetans’ autonomy push

With Chinese power growing and Western support fading, Tibet’s new government-in-exile may have its hands tied. DW spoke to activist Klemens Ludwig about the region’s prospects for gaining more political autonomy

20 MARCH 2016

Tibetans worldwide vote for government-in-exile

Tens of thousands of Tibetan exiles are voting around the world to elect a new prime minister and parliament for a second time since the Dalai Lama had stepped down as head of the government to focus on his role as a spiritual leader.

4 MARCH 2016

Tibetan in India Dies Days After Setting Himself on Fire to Protest China

A 16-year-old Tibetan student living in India has died three days after setting himself on fire to protest Chinese rule in Tibet, a hospital official said on Friday


Foreigners Banned from Tibet in March

All travel to the Tibet Autonomous Region by foreign visitors will be suspended from February 25 to March 30 due to the annual Tibetan Uprising Day, which happens on March 10

9 JANUARY 2016

Tibet PM calls for dialogue with China

Visiting Japan, the prime minister of the Tibetan government in exile, Lobsang Sangay, has called on China to resume dialogue with envoys of Tibetian spiritual leader the Dalai Lama


The Last Dalai Lama?

At 80, Tenzin Gyatso is still an international icon, but the future of his office — and of the Tibetan people — has never been more in doubt.

14 OCTOBER 2015

Tibetan writer released by China after 10 years in jail

A Tibetan author jailed by China for writing a book about the Himalayan region has been released after a decade in prison, a US-based rights group said


China celebrates 50th anniversary of Tibet’s autonomy

A grand ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Region is held at the square of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, capital of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region


China says missing Panchen Lama is ‘living a normal life’

A young Tibetan who vanished two decades ago after he was chosen by the Dalai Lama as the second-highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism is « living a normal life » and does not want to be disturbed, a senior Chinese official said on Sunday.

26 AUGUST 2015

Xi vows to end Tibetan separatism push

China will wage an unceasing fight against separatism in its restive mountainous region of Tibet, President Xi Jinping said, as the government repeated it would never accept exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama’s genuine autonomy proposals

16 JULY 2015

Tenzin Delek Rinpoche’s Body is Cremated in Prison against family’s wishes

Chinese authorities cremated the body of a prominent Tibetan monk on Thursday, his sister said, denying family members custody of his remains amid suspicions over the cause of his death.

13 JULY 2015

High-profile Tibetan monk Tenzin Delek Rinpoche dies in prison in China

The Buddhist lama was serving a 13-year sentence for a crime that did not commit. His condition had been serious for some time, but he was never treated. Worldwide condolences are made for the « revered Tibetan teacher » who died « in suspicious circumstances »“Tibetan-hero”-Tenzin-Delek-Rinpoche-dies-in-prison-34754.html

19 APRIL 2015

Making progress on Tibet

The reason for the failure to resolve the issue is not because of tensions on the ground. It’s because of the inability of the two leaderships to agree on what the issue is

15 APRIL 2015

China issues white paper on Tibet, denouncing Dalai Lama’s ‘middle way’

The Chinese government on Wednesday issued a white paper on southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, applauding its development path and denouncing the « middle way » advocated by the Dalai Lama

11 APRIL 2015

Tibetan nun burns herself to death in China: reports

A Tibetan nun is believed to have died after setting herself on fire to protest China’s rule over the Himalayan region and to voice support for the Dalai Lama, rights groups and media said

9 MARCH 2015

China Says Dalai Lama ‘Profanes’ Buddhism by Doubting his Reincarnation

Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama is profaning Buddhism by suggesting that he will not being reincarnated when he dies, the Chinese-appointed governor of Tibet said in some of China’s strongest comments to date on the subject

28 JANUARY 2015

Communist Officials in Tibetan Region Punished for Separatism, China Says

Fifteen Communist Party officials in central Tibet who were accused of taking part in separatist activities last year have been punished for violating party discipline


Tibetan political prisoner dies from torture inflicted by Chinese police

Tenzin Choedak, 33, had served nearly six years of a 15-year prison sentence. He was in bad physical conditions because of abuse suffered during interrogation and never treated. Before his arrest, he cooperated with the Red Cross.

1 DECEMBER 2014 

China jails Tibetan singer over political lyrics

Kalsang Yarphel, 39, was convicted by a court in the south-western province of Sichuan after taking part in concerts encouraging people to speak and learn Tibetan, India-based news website reported

28 NOVEMBER 2014

Tibetans sentenced to 13 years for protesting against police role in Drango massacre

A group of ten people was recently convicted on charges of « subverting state power » for demanding justice in connection with an incident during the Chinese New Year in 2012, when police fired on Tibetan protesters, killing at least five people.


China to punish Tibet officials who support Dalai Lama

China will severely punish officials in Tibet who support the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader and Nobel laureate, the region’s top Communist leader said according to state media reports Wednesday.

29 OCTOBER 2014

Nepalese government: No more refugees from Tibet

In response to pressure from the Chinese government, Kathmandu has decided to no longer provide the necessary documents to Tibetan refugees to reach India, the residence of the Dalai Lama and his government-in-exile

2 OCTOBER 2014

Dalai Lama visa row halts Nobel forum in South Africa

A meeting of Nobel Peace Prize laureates, due to be held in Cape Town, has been cancelled after South Africa refused the Dalai Lama a visa.


Cracks Show in Tibetan Buddhism

Some followers in the west march to a different drummer


Dalai Lama says no need for successor: German paper

The Dalai Lama has told a German newspaper that he should be the last Tibetan spiritual leader, ending a centuries-old religious tradition from his Himalayan homeland.


Tibet, living Buddha left « unrecognizable » from torture after arrest during 2008 protests

Phurbu Tsering Rinpoche, a much loved and highly respected lama from the Tibetan Buddhist community, is in serious condition, weak and emaciated. The first religious leader to go to jail after the riots of March 2008, he was sentenced to eight years in prison thanks to a confession extorted by violence.,-living-Buddha-left-unrecognizable-from-torture-after-arrest-during-2008-protests-32058.html

Dalai Lama denied South Africa visa for Nobel summit

The Dalai Lama has again been refused entry to South Africa, where he was scheduled to attend the 14th world summit of Nobel peace laureates, his representative has said.

16 AUGUST 2014

China promotes mixed marriages in Tibet as way to achieve ‘unity’

In recent weeks, Chinese officials in charge of the Tibetan Autonomous Region have ordered a run of stories in local newspapers promoting mixed marriages. And according to newly published government reports, the government has adopted a series of policies in recent years favorable to interracial couples

15 AUGUST 2014

New Zealand politician rejects pro-China Tibet document

The former mayor of Christchurch, New Zealand, Sir Bob Parker, says he is not happy to be associated with the document which China is calling the ‘Lhasa Consensus.’

8 AUGUST 2014-08-12

Tibetans in Exile Reach Out to Chinese Citizens in Renewed Push for Autonomy

Good video

4 AUGUST 2014

Tibet, thousands celebrate enthronement of new Penor Rinpoche

The small Pema Dorjee, recognized in 2009 as a reincarnation of the head of the Nyingma lineage, took possession of the Palyul monastery in Tibet. His school is the oldest of all the Buddhist world, and presents the ancestral religion of Bon. Beijing did not intervene,-thousands-celebrate-enthronement-of-new-Penor-Rinpoche-31805.html

15 JULY 2014

Dalai Lama Calls for a ‘Realistic’ Approach to Break Tibet Impasse

Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Tuesday called for a “realistic” approach to resolving the Tibet question, warning that viewing the dispute merely through the prism of history would only aggravate the situation

9 JULY 2014

Tibet writer detained as Kerry visits China

A well-known Tibetan writer has said that she and her husband have been placed under house arrest in Beijing, as China plays host to US State Secretary John Kerry for the latest round of US-China talks.

23 MAY 2014

Historial texts reveal Tibetan solution

9 MAY 2014

Dalai Lama snub a ‘sacrifice’ for better China ties: Norway

Norway’s government said Friday that its decision not to meet the Dalai Lama during a three-day trip to Oslo was a « necessary sacrifice » to normalise its relations with China

11 FEBRUARY 2014

Spain court signs ex-Chinese leaders’ arrest warrants

A Spanish court has issued international arrest warrants for several former Chinese leaders, including retired President Jiang Zemin, as part of an investigation into alleged genocide in Tibet.

16 JANUARY 2014

Residents rally for detained Tibetan monk in China

Hundreds of residents and monks in western China’s Qinghai province gathered in front of a jail this week in a rare rally to demand the release of a highly respected Tibetan monk, a Tibetan writer and a local person said Thursday.

28 DECEMBER 2013

Writer: China detains Tibetan monk and supporters

Chinese authorities have detained a highly regarded Tibetan monk and 16 of his supporters, a Tibetan writer said Friday, as Beijing tightens its grip over the region.

10 DECEMBER 2013

Exile Leader Reassures Beijing Tibetans Not Seeking Separation

Tibetan exile political leader Lobsang Sangay reassured the Chinese leadership on Tuesday that Tibetans do not seek separation from China, but only a “genuine autonomy” under guarantees already provided under China’s constitution

30 NOVEMBER 2013

David Cameron to distance Britain from Dalai Lama during China visit

David Cameron will distance Britain from the Dalai Lama during a trip to China next week as the price for restoring full business and diplomatic relations with Beijing

19 NOVEMBER 2013

Spain issues arrest order for China’s ex-leader

Spain’s National Court on Tuesday issued arrest orders for former Chinese president Jiang Zemin and four other officials as part of a probe into alleged genocide by China against Tibet.


China to stamp out Dalai Lama’s ‘propaganda’ in Tibet

China aims to stamp out the voice of exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama in his restive and remote homeland by ensuring that his « propaganda » is not received by anyone on the Internet, television or other means, a top official said.

30 OCTOBER 2013

China Patriotism Campaign Backfires in Tibet

A Chinese government campaign to build patriotism in Tibet appears to have backfired, leading to protests, mass shootings and detentions in a restive area 560 kilometers northeast of Lhasa.

The Immortal Bodhi Tree: Tibet and the Chinese Occupation

Meerten Ter Borg distinguishes between “power of religion” and “religious power.” The former refers to the institutional nature of power, whereas the latter is concerned with the source of power. This source of power may be transcendental, and hence, need not be materialistic in nature. In the case of Tibet, a combination of the two has taken place to set it apart from other Buddhist societies.

22 OCTOBER 2013

China issues white paper on Tibet’s development

The Chinese government on Tuesday issued a white paper on west China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, detailing its comprehensive development and rapid progress in the past 60-odd years.

22 OCTOBER 2013

Tibetan activists held after scaling UN to protest China record

Activists protesting against China’s rule over Tibet were being held after scaling scaffolding on the UN European headquarters in Geneva on Tuesday and unfurling a banner before a session examining China’s human rights record.

17 OCTOBER 2013

Tibet self-immolations: Tsering Woeser and Ai Weiwei collaborate on book

Tibetan poet Tsering Woeser and dissident artist Ai Weiwei have collaborated on a book about Tibetan self-immolations, attempting to explain the suicidal protests that have gripped the Himalayan region since 2009.

11 OCTOBER 2013

China criticises Spain lawsuit over former president

China on Friday criticised a lawsuit in Spain against former Chinese president Hu Jintao over allegations of human rights abuses in Tibet.

10 OCTOBER 2013

Spanish court indicts China’s ex-president Hu Jintao on genocide charges

On Thursday, the court’s criminal division ruled in favour of an appeal by Tibetan exile groups allowing the indictment of Hu, a request which had been dismissed in June by the same court.

8 OCTOBER 2013

Chöje Akong Tulku Rinpoche, famous lama, died in Chengdu after being stabbed to death, born 25 December 1939

4 OCTOBER 2013

Tibetan Students Denied Permission to Travel for Overseas Study

Chinese authorities are refusing to issue passports to a group of young Tibetans who have received approval for study in Japan and the U.S., leading some to stage protests outside provincial government offices to highlight the discrimination


Missing for 16 months, Tibetan poet « reappears » in prison

Lobsang Namgyal wrote a volume of poetry critical of the way the Tibetan people lives under Chinese rule. Arrested a first time in 2008 after the riots in Lhasa, he went missing on 15 May 2012. The authorities failed to notify his family of his arrest.,-Tibetan-poet-reappears-in-prison-29115.html


Aung San Suu Kyi meets Dalai Lama

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has risked prompting Chinese anger after it was confirmed she had a private meeting with the Dalai Lama on the sidelines of a Prague rights conference, its spokesman said Monday

21 AUGUST 2013

The “Patriotic education” of Tibet

If true, reports of an easing of China’s policies on Tibet would come as a welcome relief to a long-repressed people.

13 AUGUST 2013

China ‘hacking websites in hunt for Tibetan dissidents’

Beijing has been accused of launching hacking attacks on popular India-based Tibetan websites to find and jail Tibetan dissidents living in China.


9 AUGUST 2013

Popular Tibetan Performer Detained for ‘Political’ Song

Chinese security officials have detained a popular Tibetan musician and singer for performing a song calling on Tibetans to ‘unite’ and to learn and speak their own language, as China continues to crack down on public assertions of Tibetan national and cultural identity. Kalsang Yarphel, 38, was taken into custody in Tibet’s regional capital Lhasa on July 14 and was flown under guard to Chengdu, in Sichuan province, former political prisoner Lhamo Kyab told

9 JULY 2013

China Vows to Step Up Fight Against Dalai Lama

China’s top official in charge of religious groups and ethnic minorities vowed on Tuesday to step up the fight against exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, as a rights group reported police shootings of monks marking his birthday                                                                                                     

27 JUNE 2013

China urged to stop ‘uprooting Tibetans’

The New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) in a new report said that lives had been thrown into disarray after more than two million Tibetans were uprooted in the past seven years.   

24 JUNE 2013

China May be Easing Up on Tibet

In an abrupt and unexpected reversal of policy, Chinese government officials have told monks in some Tibetan areas that they are now free to « worship » the Dalai Lama as a « religious leader. » The new policy document – prefixed with the word « experiment » – also asked that the monks now refrain from « criticizing the Dalai Lama, » and « stop using such labels as a wolf in a monk’s robe, » a common pejorative hurled against the Tibetan spiritual leader by Beijing.                                                                                                                           

23 JUNE 2013

Two distinct vews on Tibet ?

Thubten Samphel, who is Director of the Tibet Policy Institute in Dharamsala argues that there are different views on the role that the Dalai Lama could play in what Beijing calls ‘China’s Tibet’.

19 JUNE 2013

China completes monitoring scheme for Tibet

China has undertaken a monitoring scheme in Tibet asking all internet and phone users to register under their real names and addresses, to curb « social problems ».                                                                                     

13 JUNE 2013

Dalai Lama doubts effect of Tibetan self-immolations

The Dalai Lama said that the recent spate of Tibetan self-immolations in protest against Chinese rule was having little effect on Beijing’s policies, while urging China to look harder at the reasons behind the incidents.

11 JUNE 2013

Chinese Diplomats Threaten French Journalist After Tibet Report

Reporters Without Borders said Tuesday it is outraged by the way Chinese diplomatic personnel have harassed and threatened Frenh journalist Cyril Payen, a reporter for the French TV news station France 24, since the station broadcast his documentary “Seven days in Tibet” on May 30.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

28 MAY 2013

Thousands of Tibetans Protest Against Mine

As many as 5,000 Tibetans have protested against Chinese mining operations at a site considered sacred by local residents, drawing a large security force to the area and prompting fears of clashes, according to Tibetan sources this week.

28 MAY 2013

US Congress mulls Tibetan exile visas

US lawmakers debating a landmark immigration bill have agreed to provide 5,000 US visas for displaced Tibetans in Nepal and India over the next three years in an effort to support the refugee community and as a response to China’s suppression of the Tibetan people.                                                                                                                 

14 MAY 2013

Chinese Police Beat Monk to Death Over Banned Cassettes

A Tibetan monk found in possession of recordings of speeches by exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has been beaten to death by Chinese police, according to Tibetan sources                                                                                                              

25 APRIL 2013

Two Tibetan monks and a woman set themselves on fire: 119 immolations

The two young monks belonged to the Ngaba monastery (Sichuan). Little information on the 23-year old woman. Beijing increases controls on monasteries, cuts communications with the outside world and imprisons the promoters of these desperate protests.

23 APRIL 2013

Nepal promises China to crack down on Tibetan refugees

On a visit to Beijing, the leader of the Maoist party in Nepal Prachanda promises Xi Jinping to repress any anti-Chinese protests. « The national stability and integrity of both countries will not be compromised in the name of religious freedom and human rights. »

24 MARCH 2013

China’s new leadership should overhaul failed Tibet policies

The confirmation of China’s new leadership last week coincided with the fifth anniversary of violent protests across the Tibetan Plateau. In mid-March 2008, an estimated 30,000 Tibetans were involved in more than 100 ‘mass incidents’, ranging from peaceful demonstrations to violent attacks on people and property.                                                                                                                    

20 MARCH 2013

Surrender the best option for Tibet

Is there a future for the Tibetan cause? After two years of protests and more than 100 suicides across the historical region of Tibet, it is hard to see any real evolution in the cause of Tibetan independence or even autonomy.                                      


Profile: Tibetan Buddhism’s Karmapa Lama

A religious figure comes into his own as artist and green activist                                                                                 

7 MARCH 2013

Tighter Controls on Award Winning Tibetan Writer

Chinese authorities have further tightened restrictions on Beijing-based Tibetan poet and blogger Tsering Woeser, moving police guards to the floor of her apartment building a day ahead of a State Department ceremony honoring her for her courage in striving to uphold Tibetan rights.                                                                               

14 FEBRUARY 2013

100th Tibetan self-immolates in China, advocacy groups say

The number of Tibetans in China who have set themselves on fire to protest Beijing’s rule has reached 100, according to Tibetan advocacy groups.                                                                                                                                                      


China detains 70 in bid to crack down on Tibet self-immolation protests

The operation, the largest of its kind yet reported by Beijing, is part of an intensifying effort to quell the fiery protests. It comes on the heels of a documentary released in China that blames Westerners, particularly Voice of America, for encouraging people to set themselves on fire and then treating those who do as heroes.                                                                                             

31 JANUARY 2013

China condemns Tibetan monk to death for « instigating » self immolations

Lorang Konchok, 40, has also lost his political rights. With him, his nephew also condemned to 10 years in prison. Sichuan court declares them guilty of murder in eight cases of self-immolation, three of them fatal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

23 NOVEMBER 2012

Tibet, Beijing punishes the families of young people who set themselves on fire

By order of the central government, the authorities of Qinghai Province cancel aid to the victims’ relatives and suspend all development projects in villages and towns where self-immolations have occurred. In two weeks, nine Tibetans have set themselves on fire in the province. All those who have paid tribute, even with small messages of condolence, to the young people who committed suicide, will be punished. Severe penalties also for party officials who are too « soft » with the activists.,-Beijing-punishes-the-families-of-young-people-who-set-themselves-on-fire-26433.html

20 NOVEMBER 2012

Self immolations of Tibetans 2009-2012

16 NOVEMBER 2012

British Buddhist monk self-immolates at French monastery

The 38-year-old Briton, who police did not name, had been living at Nalanda monastery near the southwestern village of Labastide-Saint-Georges for the past five years.


Despite deadly week, Communist Party says Tibetans ‘feel very happy’

China’s ruling Communist Party on Friday declared Tibetans were “very happy” even as six Tibetans reportedly self-immolated over two days this week to protest Chinese rule.|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/category/south-east-asia/cambodia&__utmv=238145375.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Cworld%20news%7Casia-pacific=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=165708285


UN Tibet statement welcomed and rejected

Human rights workers and Tibet-focused activists are hailing a strongly worded statement by the United Nations’ top official on human rights, drawing attention to growing public discontent in Tibet just ahead of a major leadership shuffle that will reverberate throughout the Communist Party of China. The statement, released Friday November 2 was the first time that the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights had publicly commented on the situation in Tibet, despite years of lobbying by activist support groups


Mass Protest After Fatal Burning

Thousands of Tibetans staged protests against Chinese rule after another self-immolation death Sunday in a Tibetan-populated area in Qinghai province, triggering a massive security buildup, according to sources.


UN Speaks Out on Tibet

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay called on China on Friday to address the grievances of Tibetans amid reports of new security clampdowns, travel restrictions, and disruption of communication links in Tibetan areas as Beijing prepares for a major leadership transition next week.

27 OCTOBER 2012

Tibet and China: History of a Complex Relationship

For at least 1500 years, the nation of Tibet has had a complex relationship with its large and powerful neighbor to the east, China. The political history of Tibet and China reveals that the relationship has not always been as one-sided as it now appears.

27 OCTOBER 2012

The massacre Tibetan continues, two other young men set themselves on fire

Within days, five self-immolations. The « worst » week in the fight against what they call the imperialism of Beijing and the cultural genocide. Denouncing the « failure » of Chinese politics, Free Tibet appeals for the future leadership that responds to the « quest for freedom »,-two-other-young-men-set-themselves-on-fire-26206.html

22 OCTOBER 2012

Tibetan sets himself on fire inside the Labrang monastery

A Tibetan man in his 50s has set himself on fire inside the Labrang monastery, according to Free Tibet, the activist group.

5 OCTOBER 2012

Tibetan PM-in-Exile ‘Ready to Engage’ in China Talks

Rising tensions, including an ongoing Chinese crackdown on dissent, will not stop Tibet’s government-in-exile from seeking talks with Beijing. « We are ready to engage in dialogue with the Chinese government anytime, anywhere, this is where we stand

4 OCTOBER 2012

Tibetan Blogger Self-Immolates, Leaves Posts Behind 

Sources tell VOA’s Tibetan Service a 43-year-old poet and blogger named Gudrup engulfed himself in flames Thursday in Dreru, Tibet – part of the area China has designated the Tibet Autonomous Region. The authorities so far are refusing to release his body to his family

2 OCTOBER 2012

More Tibetans convicted as Dharamsala calls for prudence

China seems unwilling to reach a deal with the people of Tibet. Instead, it continues to crack down hard on demonstrators and opponents. Meanwhile, Diaspora Tibetans end summit on self-immolations blaming Beijing for the current situation. Delegates urge Tibetans to follow the Dalai Lama’s « middle way ».

27 AUGUST 2012

Two Tibetans Self-Immolate

Fifty-one Tibetans have now set themselves ablaze to protest Chinese rule.

24 AUGUST 2012

Tibet Battles Women Trafficking

Chinese authorities recorded a big jump in the trafficking of women and children from Tibet to Chinese provinces last year as an expert said that more than half of the 72 counties in the Tibet Autonomous Region have grappled with women-smuggling problems.

18 AUGUST 2012

Mystery surrounds the fate of five Tibetan monks arrested by Chinese police

Three young monks were detained on 12 August; two more were taken 16 August. All were arrested in their monastery. Police action stems from their alleged involvement in recent self-immolation. The TCHRD reports a situation of extreme tensions

16 AUGUST 2012

Tibetan Shot Dead in Protest

Chinese security forces shot dead a Tibetan and detained six others as they dispersed a crowd of 1,000 Tibetans protesting against the resumption of mining operations in a county in Tibet

10 AUGUST 2012

Tibet’s political future lies in ‘Middle Way’
By Lobsang Sangay

August 2011 was a notable month for democracy for the peoples of Thailand and Tibet. On August 5, Thailand voted in its first female prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra. On August 8 last year, I was inaugurated as the first Tibetan political leader to be democratically elected and took over the leadership under a new governing system in which the Dalai Lama ceased to have political authority.

8 AUGUST 2012

Tibetan woman dies after setting herself alight

A Tibetan woman died on Tuesday after setting herself alight in China’s north-west Gansu province, state-run Xinhua news agency reports.

17 JULY 2012

Teenaged Tibetan monk ‘self-immolates’ in China

A teenaged Tibetan Buddhist monk has burned himself to death in south-west China, the latest in a series of such protests against Chinese rule, rights activists have said.

20 JUNE 2012

Two Young Tibetans Self-immolate

Two young Tibetans self-immolated in China’s Qinghai province on Wednesday as they protested against Beijing’s rule in Tibetan-populated areas and called for the return of Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, sources said.

19 JUNE 2012

Dalai Lama maintains ‘middle way’ for Tibet

Speaking at the University of Westminster on Tuesday, the Dalai Lama called for « realistic » expectations on Tibet’s future, reasserting his belief that « complete independence is … out of the question ». Such an approach paves the way for his potential return to Tibet after the Chinese government declared in April its « willingness for talks if the Dalai Lama truly gives up Tibetan independence ».

4 JUNE 2012

Dalai Lama Envoys Quit to Protest Chinese Posture on Tibet

The exile Central Tibetan Administration in northern India announced the resignations Monday, saying envoys Lodi Gyari and Kelsang Gyaltsen left their posts last week. The two diplomats held nine rounds of talks with Chinese officials in the past decade, without making notable progress

31 MAY 2012

Detentions reported in Tibet capital after immolations

Reports from Tibet say Chinese security forces have launched a wave of detentions in Lhasa following two self-immolations there on Sunday

27 MAY 2012

Two Monks Burn Themselves in Lhasa

Two young Tibetan monks set themselves on fire in Lhasa Sunday in protest against Chinese rule—the first self-immolations reported in the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region

13 MAY 2012

Dalai Lama reveals warning of Chinese plot to kill him

In an exclusive interview with this week’s Sunday Telegraph, the 76-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner, revealed he had been passed reports from inside Tibet warning that Chinese agents had trained Tibetan women for a mission to poison him while posing as devotees seeking his blessings

25 APRIL 2012

Charges against Karmapa Lama dropped

State officials found no evidence against the third highest-ranking Tibetan Buddhist leader who had been accused of being a Chinese mole. Exiled Tibetans are satisfied, convinced all along of his « innocence »

21 APRIL 2012

Sichuan, school that taught Tibetan forcibly closed

Authorities fear and prohibit all forms of autonomous education: in Tibet and Tibetan-majority provinces in China, one must speak and write in Mandarin. Headmaster and a teacher arrested: The school was open for over 20 years,-school-that-taught-Tibetan-forcibly-closed-24559.html

20 APRIL 2012

Two Tibetans ‘die after self-immolation in China’

Two Tibetan men have died after setting themselves on fire in front of a monastery in Sichuan province, south-west China, rights groups say

29 MARCH 2012

Dalai Lama wins $1.7 million prize

The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, has won $1.7 million after being awarded the 2012 Templeton Prize for his work linking science and wider questions of faith and religion

26 MARCH 2012

Tibetan sets himself on fire before India’s parliament in New Delhi as more arrests occur in Tibet

The incident happened this morning during a protest against Hu Jintao’s visit to India. Police detains four monks from Bora Monastery in Sangchu County’s-parliament-in-New-Delhi-as-more-arrests-occur-in-Tibet-24342.html

23 MARCH 2012

Tibetan Self-Immolations Rise as China Tightens Grip

Beijing, alarmed about the threat to stability in a region seething with discontent over religious and cultural controls, has responded with an assortment of heavy-handed measures. Officials have described the self-immolators as outcasts and terrorists, blamed the pernicious influence of Tibetan exiles and flooded the region with checkpoints and paramilitary police officers in flak jackets

17 MARCH 2012

Thousands of Tibetans attend funeral of farmer who set himself afire in protest

A Tibetan farmer burned himself to death in southwestern China on Saturday 17, the latest in a wave of self-immolations protesting against Beijing’s control over Tibetan areas of the country, a rights group said. Several thousand Tibetans attended Sonam Thargyal’s funeral on the same day, many of them protesting against Chinese rule, UK-based Free Tibet said

17 MARCH 2012

Tibetan monk self immolates. Thousands on the streets demanding freedom

Lobsang Tsultrim, 20, set himself on fire yesterday in front of t Kirti Monastery in Sichuan, in protest against Chinese occupation. In the neighboring province of Qinghai at least a thousand Tibetans peacefully demonstrate for the release of 50 men who were arrested because they called for the return of the Dalai Lama.

10 MARCH 2012

China responsible for self-immolations, says Tibetan leader

The hardline policies of the Chinese government were responsible for the spate of self-immolations in Tibet, Lobsang Sangay, head of the Tibetan government-in-exile, said

9 MARCH 2012

Tibet is safe and stable: official

« I can tell you with full responsibility that currently the region is stable and safe. If not, how it could be possible for me to take a week-long vacation during the Tibetan New Year holiday last month and come to the annual National People’s Congress session in Beijing to perform my duty as a deputy with no worries? » said Padma Choling, an NPC deputy and chairman of the region

4 MARCH 2012

Another self-immolation hits China: rights group

A mother of four died after setting herself on fire in a Tibetan-inhabited region of southwest China on Sunday, a rights group said, in the latest self-immolation to hit the country

1 MARCH 2012

Mongolia’s ‘Dalai Lama’ dies, had fought Stalin and Mao

Ninth Khalkha Jetsun Dhampa (Lord of refuge of Khalkha) lived 57 years in exile because of Soviet domination in Mongolia and Chinese rule in Tibet. Despite difficulties, he fought to revive his faith among Mongols’s-‘Dalai-Lama’-dies,-had-fought-Stalin-and-Mao-24127.html

China’s top Tibet official orders tighter control of Internet

China’s top official in Tibet has urged authorities to tighten their grip on the Internet and mobile phones, state media reported on Thursday, reflecting the government’s fears about unrest ahead of its annual parliamentary session. The move is the latest in a series of measures the government says are intended to maintain stability, and comes after a spate of self-immolations and protests against Chinese control in the country’s Tibetan-populated areas

22 FEBRUARY 2012

Lhasa « has become a hell for Tibetans. Here’s how they live « 

A rare eyewitness account of the life of the Tibetan capital, anonymous for security reasons, which tells the truth about Tibet: « The Tibetans are disappearing, the monasteries are barracks and the private apartments of the Dalai Lama have been sold to a Chinese businessman . Soldiers are everywhere and they do what they want. The monks are ready to fast unto death against this violence. «’s-how-they-live-24044.html

Is China pushing Nepal to crack down on Tibetans?

For decades, Nepal has been a safe haven for Tibetans who escape China. But Tibetan activists say their people’s peaceful existence here is being disturbed because of China’s growing influence in Nepal

Tibetan New Year’s Celebrations Muffled by Chinese Crackdown

Ethnic Tibetans in western China observed the beginning of the Tibetan New Year Wednesday with subdued ceremonies, following a series of self-immolation protests against Chinese rule

17 FEBRUARY 2012

China detaining Tibetans returning from India

The Chinese government has detained several hundred Tibetans who returned from India after attending teaching sessions overseen by the Dalai Lama, and is forcing them to undergo political re-education, a human rights group said

12 FEBRUARY 2012

Tibetan nun set herself on fire in protest against China

A Tibetan Buddhist nun set herself on fire in a protest against the government in eastern China, the Tibetan government-in-exile based in India said in a statement on Sunday


Chinese Regime Defends Shooting Unarmed Tibetan Protesters

On Tuesday 7 February, the Chinese regime defended its shooting of unarmed Tibetan protesters in China’s Sichuan Province on the first and second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Overseas Tibetan advocacy groups said at least seven Tibetans were killed and dozens were wounded during the two days of shooting.


Three Tibetans self-immolate in western China: report

Three Tibetans have set fire to themselves in south-west China, reports say, in the latest apparent protest against rule from Beijing


More than 100 people arrested in Draggo (Sichuan, China)

During a peaceful demonstration on 23 January, police and security forces opened fire against civilians demanding religious freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama. About six people were killed and 60 wounded. Now the authorities continue their search for other protesters in order to take them into custody
31 JANUARY 2012

China boosts security in Tibet following protests

A senior official in Chinese-ruled Tibet has ordered heightened security in Buddhist monasteries and along key roadways as the government tries to prevent protests that erupted in neighboring Tibetan communities from spreading

30 JANUARY 2012

« Wukan model  » not self immolation can save Tibet

In 2011, according to even partial NGOs, about 70 people were killed by police in Tibet. Another 16, mostly monks set themselves on fire in protest against Chinese repression and to demanding religious freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama. The communist authorities have arrested and sentenced 230 Tibetans for protesting against the government, and the number of political prisoners has reached 830

26 JANUARY 2012

Tibetan Exile Leader Calls for International Probe

The elected leader of the Tibetan exile community based in India is calling for an international probe into this week’s killing of Tibetan protesters by Chinese security forces. Lobsang Sangay, the Tibetan Exile Kalon Tripa or Prime Minister, called for a worldwide vigil on Wednesday February 8 to condemn this week’s killings. He accused China of killing six Tibetans by « firing indiscriminately » into crowds of peaceful protesters in Tibetan areas under Chinese control

24 JANUARY 2012

Group: Tibetans killed as China forces fire on crowd

Two Tibetans were killed when security forces in China’s southwestern Sichuan province fired on demonstrators Tuesday, bringing the death toll in recent clashes to four, according to a Tibetan advocacy group.

23 JANUARY 2012

Tibetan protester ‘killed by Chinese police gunfire’

Chinese security forces have opened fire on ethnic Tibetan protesters in the province of Sichuan, killing at least one man

20 JANUARY 2012

Chinese Regime Closes Tibet to Foreign Travelers for 5th Year

14 JANUARY 2012

Tibetan self-immolation triggers clash in China

A Tibetan has set themselves on fire in south-western China, in the latest in a series of self-immolations, prompting clashes between police and locals, activists say

6 JANUARY 2012

More Tibetan self-immolations in China

Two Buddhist Tibetans in southwest China have set themselves on fire in protest against perceived religious repression by the Chinese government, rights groups say. The incidents on Friday 6  brought the number of Tibetan self-immolations in the country to 14 since March

2 JANUARY 2012

Opinion: A Burning Nun Illuminates Tibet’s Agony

Chinese authorities ignore attempts to call attention to their despotism in Tibet


Karmapa Tibetan Leader in India Faces Currency Charges

The 17th Karmapa, as he is known, is facing charges of illegal possession of foreign currency, forgery and conspiracy, according to a police official in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This week, the police filed the charges in a local court, which must now decide whether to move forward with the case

11 NOVEMBER 2011

Will Aba be the CCP’s Waterloo

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) setbacks in a remote corner of Sichuan province, Aba prefecture (more accurately, the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture), may in time be seen as the beginning of the end of its authoritarian reign.


Self-immolations caused by Tibetan “cultural genocide”, Dalai Lama says

The Dalai Lama delivers stinging attack against China for the rash of desperate suicides by Tibetan religious. In China itself, 10,000 Tibetans
challenge police and commemorate nun who died last week after setting herself on fire“cultural-genocide”,-Dalai-Lama-says-23107.html


11th Tibetan Buddhist Self-Immolates in Southwestern China

China says a Tibetan nun has died after setting herself on fire in southwestern China. It was the 11th such self-immolation protest this year involving Buddhist monks and nuns in the restive region.

17 OCTOBER 2011

Ninth Tibetan, a Nun, Immolates Herself in Anti-China Protest
A Tibetan nun killed herself Monday 17 by setting herself on fire in a Tibetan town in western China while calling for religious freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, according to a statement by an advocacy group based in London

8 OCTOBER 2011

Dalai Lama slams China’s ‘immoral censorship’

The Dalai Lama criticised the Chinese government during a live video chat with Desmond Tutu for the South African archbishop’s 80th birthday celebrations in Cape Town. The Tibetan exiled leader was unable to attend the festivities after the South African government refused
to grant him a visa

4 OCTOBER 2011

Dalai Lama forced to cancel South Africa visit

The Dalai Lama has cancelled plans to visit South Africa to attend the birthday celebrations for Archbishop Desmond Tutu after failing to obtain a visa required to travel to the country

3 OCTOBER 2011

A young Tibetan monk set himself on fire today at 2 pm
(local time), at the fruit and vegetable market in the town of Ngaba, Sichuan Province. As he burned, Kalsang, 17 or 18 years old, was holding a photograph of the Dalai Lama and calling for the rights and religious freedom in Tibet. The police put out the flames, but the conditions of the young monk from Kirti are still unknown