Main news on North Korea

19 AUGUST 2018

North Korea to let U.N. aviation agency officials conduct on-site missile safety inspection

North Korea has agreed to allow International Civil Aviation Organization staff to conduct an on-site inspection to ensure the safety of international flights from the country’s missile launches, according to officials with the Montreal-based U.N. agency

9 AUGUST 2018

North Korea revives ‘axis of evil’ ties with Iran as denuclearisation talks falter

The arrival of North Korea’s foreign minister in Tehran just hours after Donald Trump had reinstated sanctions against Iran was “no coincidence”, analysts believe, and is designed to send the message that Pyongyang is reinforcing its alliances as denuclearisation talks with the US stall

31 JULY 2018

North Korea is working on new missiles, say US spy agencies

US spy agencies are seeing signs that North Korea is constructing new missiles at a factory that produced the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States, according to officials familiar with the intelligence

27 JULY 2018

North Korea hands over the possible remains of American war dead

A US Air Force plane carrying what are believed to be the remains of US troops killed during the Korean War some 65 years ago arrived Friday morning at Osan Air Base in South Korea

20 JULY 2018

North Korea economy shrank sharply in 2017

North Korea’s economy contracted at the sharpest rate in two decades in 2017, South Korea’s central bank estimated Friday, in a sign international sanctions imposed to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs have hit growth hard

15 JULY 2018

North Korea, U.S. held general-level talks on return of American war dead

Repatriating the remains of American troops killed in the Korean War was a promise made by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during his summit with U.S. President Donald Trump in June

12 JULY 2018

North Korea snubs US at planned meeting to discuss the returns of soldiers’ remains

North Korean officials did not turn up to Thursday’s scheduled meeting with the US military about repatriating the remains of the war dead, according to a US official with knowledge of the situation

26 JUNE 2018

North Korean diplomat tells Japan not to meddle in denuclearisation

A North Korean diplomat to the United Nations advised Japan on Tuesday not to meddle in the process of denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula

23 JUNE 2018

Kim Jong-un introduces new mandatory national oath ‘erasing his father and grandfather’ from text

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has introduced a new national oath playing down the achievements of his father and grandfather and instead praising his own ideology and leadership

12 JUNE 2018

Singapore summit: The agreement signed by Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in full

7 JUNE 2018

North Korea razing key missile test stand

New commercial satellite imagery indicates that North Korea is razing the missile test stand at the Iha-ri Driver Training and Test Facility north of the city of Kusong in the wake of Kim Jong Un’s April statement announcing a unilateral suspension of ballistic missile and nuclear tests

2 JUNE 2018

Seoul, Tokyo clash on how North Korea should remove its missiles

Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue, Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera and South Korean Minister of National Defense Song Young-moo appeared to clash over the urgency in removing Pyongyang’s short-range ballistic missiles

1 JUNE 2018

Trump: June 12 Meeting With N. Korean Leader Is Back On

In confirming the summit, Trump said he believed it would be a “very successful” meeting and “ultimately, a successful process.”

31 MAY 2018

Russia’s Lavrov meets with Kim Jong Un, as Pompeo tries to salvage summit

Lavrov-Kim meeting in Pyongyang is the first time the Korean leader met a top Russian official

10 MAY 2018

Trump-Kim Jong-un summit set for Singapore on 12 June

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12, where the pair are expected to discuss denuclearisation

9 MAY 2018

Three US detainees freed in North Korea during Mike Pompeo visit

Three American prisoners have been freed from North Korea and are heading back to the US with Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, Donald Trump, the US president announced on Wednesday

28 APRIL 2018

Australia, Canada and Britain to monitor North Korean ships via military aircraft

The aircraft will seek to determine if North Korean ships are violating UN sanctions by transporting prohibited goods. The announcement came a day after North and South Korea pledged to denuclearize the peninsula

18 APRIL 2018

CIA boss Mike Pompeo held secret meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

CIA Director Mike Pompeo made a secret visit to North Korea over Easter weekend and met with Kim Jong Un, according to media reports. Donald Trump said the meeting « went very smoothly and a good relationship was formed. »

31 MARCH 2018

North Korea: UN Security Council blacklists dozens of ships, companies over illegal smuggling

Shipping companies, individual ships and a Taiwanese man are named in the largest ever sanctions package agreed by the Security Council’s North Korea sanctions committee, accused of helping smuggle oil and coal

25 MARCH 2018

Russia to build bridge to North Korea

Russia is connected with North Korea’s territory by the railway link over the Tuman River on the border. The construction of the new bridge is important for transporting goods without entering China

16 MARCH 2018

North Korea’s foreign minister visits Sweden amid Trump-Kim summit speculation

North Korea’s top diplomat met with his Swedish counterpart in a surprise visit to Stockholm. The visit has led to speculation that the talks could lay the groundwork for a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

12 MARCH 2018

North Korea silent on meeting with Donald Trump

North Korea has yet to respond publicly or privately to the decision by Donald Trump to attend a summit with its leader Kim Jong-un

28 FEBRUARY 2018

Secret UN report reveals how North Korea is helping Syria build chemical weapons and missiles

North Korea appears to have stepped up its covert assistance to a Syrian government agency responsible for producing that country’s chemical weapons and advanced missiles, a UN panel has concluded in a confidential report

27 FEBRUARY 2018

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his father ‘used Brazilian passports to apply for Western visas’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his late father Kim Jong-il used fraudulently obtained Brazilian passports to apply for visas to visit Western countries in the 1990s, five senior Western European security sources told Reuters

23 FEBRUARY 2018

US to impose ‘largest’ N Korea sanctions

The Trump administration on Friday imposed sanctions on more than 50 vessels, shipping companies and trade businesses – many Chinese – in its latest bid to pressure North Korea over its nuclear programme


Abe, Pence confirm pressure on N. Korea

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence confirmed on Wednesday that their two countries will continue to apply “maximum pressure” on North Korea, in cooperation with South Korea, to foil Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions


North Korean Special Operations Forces: Hovercraft Bases (Part II)

Satellite imagery analysis shows that North Korea continues to develop its conventional military forces in a few targeted areas in addition to its high-profile nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. This is compatible with a broader North Korean strategy to develop stronger asymmetrical capabilities to offset the large imbalance of power between the DPRK and its neighbors


German spy chief: Pyongyang procures missile parts via Berlin embassy

Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence agency has said that North Korea has been purchasing parts for its missile program via its embassy in Berlin


UN reports says North Korea earned $200M from banned exports

North Korea « continued to export almost all the commodities prohibited in the resolutions, generating nearly $200 million in revenue between January and September 2017, » said the report by the experts

30 JANUARY 2018

UN warns sanctions starving North Korea children to death

The United Nations Children’s Fund has warned that hundreds of thousands of children could starve as a result of sanctions on North Korea. UNICEF said the inability of humanitarian staff to deliver aid there had put many children in lethal malnutrition condition

26 JANUARY 2018

Kim Jong-un’s young sister elevated to powerful position controlling North Korea state security

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may have put his younger sister Kim Yo-jong in charge of the pariah nation’s powerful state security apparatus, it has emerged

23 JANUARY 2018

North Korea to change military founding day to Feb. 8

North Korea says it will change the founding anniversary of its military to February 8th, the day before the PyeongChang Winter Olympics open in South Korea

21 JANUARY 2018

Who Is Behind the Illicit Transfer of Oil to North Korea?

The case of illicit tankers shipping oil to North Korea gets curiouser and curiouser

9 JANUARY 2018

Donors lose appetite for North Korean food aid

After a year of nuclear threats, fiery brinksmanship, and retaliatory sanctions, the global aid sector is at a crossroads with North Korea

8 JANUARY 2018

Another opportunity for diplomacy on North Korea

Top diplomats from the United States and Canada are seeking wider input around the North Korea issue. The so-called “Vancouver Group” offers an opportunity for countries around the world to discuss additional efforts to pressure North Korea and to develop creative diplomatic ideas

6 JANUARY 2018

Perception and reality on US-North Korea relations in 2018

The year 2018 is likely to prove a critical juncture in North Korea-US relations. At some point during the year, Pyongyang will decide whether to conduct an atmospheric nuclear detonation as the final proof of its nuclear deterrent capability

22 DECEMBER 2017

UN slaps new sanctions on North Korea in 15-0 vote

The resolution severely limits petroleum supplies to Pyongyang and demands that North Koreans working for Kim Jong Un’s regime abroad return home. The crippling sanctions follow North Korea’s latest missile test

19 DECEMBER 2017

US and UK blame North Korea for WannaCry cyberattack

The UK has joined the US in publicly blaming North Korea for the devastating WannaCry hacking attack earlier this year. The cyberattack took down computer systems in 150 countries and caused widespread chaos

11 DECEMBER 2017

UN warns tough North Korea sanctions risk hurting millions in need of aid

The UN rights chief told the security council on Monday that tough sanctions imposed on North Korea are complicating the delivery of desperately needed humanitarian aid and called for an assessment


Russia ‘increasing oil exports’ to North Korea

At a time when the United States is calling for more restrictions on fuel exports to North Korea, Russia may be attempting to avoid the total collapse of the regime in Pyongyang. Julian Ryall reports from Tokyo

30 NOVEMBER 2017

UN divided over response to N Korea’s new missile test

The US is calling for more sanctions and the complete isolation of North Korea after another ballistic missile test. The United Nations Security Council has held an emergency meeting following Pyongyang’s latest launch

28 NOVEMBER 2917

North Korea fires ballistic missile, South Korea says

North Korea fired one ballistic missile from Pyongsong, a city in South Pyongan Province, at around 1817 GMT over the sea between South Korea and Japan, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Wednesday

18 NOVEMBER 2017

Shadows of the past haunt Japan–North Korea relations

There are more than geostrategic, diplomatic and military factors behind the importance of Japan for North Korea and of North Korea for Japan: their present relationship is also rooted in history

15 NOVEMBER 2017

North Korea: coward Trump deserves death penalty for insulting Kim Jong-un

North Korea’s state media on Wednesday slammed Donald Trump for insulting leader Kim Jong-un, saying the US president deserved the death penalty and calling him a coward for cancelling a visit to the inter-Korean border

16 OCTOBER 2017

European Union ministers ban all investments and oil exports to North Korea in punishing sanctions

The European Union imposed fresh sanctions on North Korea on Monday as part of international efforts to punish the pariah regime for its nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes

8 OCTOBER 2017

North Korean leader promotes sister Kim Yo-jong

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has promoted his younger sister to a senior post in the one-party state, according to state media

1st OCTOBER 2017

Italy orders North Korea ambassador home over missiles

Italy has ordered North Korea’s incoming new ambassador to leave the country in a protest over Kim Jong-Un’s missile launches and nuclear tests


North Korea provokes again, fires another missile over Japan

In yet another provocation to the world, North Korea fired another missile that flew over Japan, deepening the regional tensions that have intensified over the last few months


North Korea: UN Security Council unanimously adopts new sanctions over nuclear test

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously voted to impose new sanctions on North Korea over its sixth and most powerful nuclear test


Mexico expels North Korean ambassador over weapons test

Mexico has expelled North Korea’s ambassador in strong protest at Pyongyang’s recent missile and nuclear tests

29 AUGUST 2017

North Korea fires missile over Japan, sharply escalating tensions

North Korea fired a missile that flew over Japan and landed in waters off the northern region of Hokkaido early on Tuesday, South Korean and Japanese officials said, marking a sharp escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula

26 AUGUST 2017

North Korea launches three missiles amid US-South Korea military drills

Two of the North’s missiles flew about 250km (155 miles) off the country’s east coast, the US military said, while one appeared to explode almost immediately

23 AUGUST 2017

Kim Jong-un’s orders for more ICBMs raise alarms

Concerns are rising that North Korea may be planning more missile provocations over reports Pyongyang has ordered the production of intercontinental ballistic missile components to be increased

07 AUGUST 2017

Who are North Korea’s trading partners?

Despite being economically isolated, North Korea exports about $3bn worth of products and maintains trade relations chiefly with China, India, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Russia, Thailand and the Philippines

5 AUGUST 2017

United Nations bans key North Korea exports over missile tests

The U.S.-drafted resolution bans North Korean exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood. It also prohibits countries from increasing the current numbers of North Korean labourers working abroad, bans new joint ventures with North Korea and any new investment in current joint ventures

29 JULY 2017

North Korea confirms firing of another missile towards Japan

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said the second flight test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) demonstrated that his country can hit the US mainland

21 JULY 2017

What sanctions? North Korea economy grows at fastest pace in 17 years

North Korea’s economy grew at its fastest pace in 17 years in 2016, South Korea’s central bank said on Friday, despite the isolated country facing international sanctions aimed at curbing its pursuit of nuclear weapons

21 JULY 2017

Trump administration bans US travel to North Korea following the death of Otto Warmbier

Americans hankering for a drink at the Pyongyang beer festival or to run the city marathon in October are set to be sorely disappointed by a proposed US government ban on tourism to North Korea

10 JULY 2017

North Korea’s surprising, lucrative relationship with Africa

North Korea’s commercial relationships are only one sign of the surprisingly close ties many African leaders have with the secretive, highly repressive Asian country

8 JULY 2017

US bombers drill near Korea DMZ in show of force

US bombers carried out a rare live fire drill in South Korea on Saturday (July 8), flying close to the DMZ in a show of force after Pyongyang’s latest missile test, the South’s defence ministry said

4 JULY 2017

North Korea’s missile test: everything you need to know

Missile experts have examined data from the test to analyse whether North Korea’s claim of being able to reach ‘anywhere in the world’ is true

North Korea claims it has test fired intercontinental ballistic missile – a weapon that ‘could reach Alaska’

North Korea claims to have conducted its first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, a development that, if confirmed, could move the regime closer to being able to strike the US mainland and dramatically strengthen its hand in negotiations with Washington

20 JUNE 2017

North Korea’s Military Capabilities

North Korea has one of the world’s largest conventional military forces, which, combined with its escalating missile and nuclear tests and aggressive rhetoric, has aroused concern worldwide. North Korea spends nearly a quarter of its GDP on its military

14 JUNE 2017

North Korea’ Hidden Cobra group behind eight years of hacks, says US

The US government is issuing a rare alert on the activities of a hacking group it dubs « Hidden Cobra, » saying the group is part of the North Korean government and more attacks are likely

Chairman of China’s Anbang Insurance reportedly detained

8 JUNE 2017

North Korea launches missile salvo at area where US aircraft carrier fleet had sailed

North Korea has fired a volley of what appeared to be land-to-ship missiles, hours after a senior US official said the regime’s recent advances in missile technology were causing “great concern” in Washington

3 JUNE 2017

UNSC adopts resolution sanctioning more North Korean individuals, entities

In a unanimously adopted resolution, the 15-nation council decided to impose travel bans and asset freezes on 14 individuals and put sanctions on two companies, one bank as well as the Strategic Rocket Force of the Korean People’s Army

27 MAY 2017

North Korean official accuses UN of refusing to discuss alternatives to sanctions

North Korea has slammed UN Security Council resolutions meant to restrict the country’s trade and international financial ties and accused Secretary General Antonio Guterres of ignoring multiple requests from Pyongyang to consider alternatives

21 MAY 2017

North Korea’s Unit 180, the cyber warfare cell that worries the West

North Korea’s main spy agency has a special cell called Unit 180 that is likely to have launched some of its most daring and successful cyber attacks, according to defectors, officials and internet security experts

North Korea fires another ballistic missile despite sanctions threats

North Korea on Sunday test-fired a ballistic missile, the latest in a series of launches which have sparked international condemnation and threats of tougher UN sanctions

18 MAY 2017

Russia launches ferry connection with North Korea

The first ever ferry service linking Russia and North Korea was launched on Thursday, the company operating it said, hoping to serve tourists and North Korean workers

14 MAY 2017

North Korea test-fires what could be new kind of longer-range missile

Launch on day of China’s ‘belt and road’ summit reflects Pyongyang’s determination to push ahead with its nuclear ambitions, analysts say

13 MAY 2017

North Korea open for US talks under ‘right conditions’

Pyongyang would have a dialogue with the Trump administration if the « conditions are there », Yonhap news agency quoted a senior North Korean diplomat, who handles relations with the US, as saying

5 MAY 2017

North Korea CIA plot to kill Kim Jong-un allegation – full text

North Korea is accusing the US and South Korea of plotting to kill its leader, Kim Jong-un. Here is the full statement from the North Korean ministry of state security

29 APRIL 2017

North Korea conducts second failed ballistic missile launch in two weeks

In strong defiance of sanctions placed against it, North Korea test-fired another ballistic missile on Saturday, its second failed launch in the past fortnight

11 APRIL 2017

North Korea tells America it’s ready for ‘war’ after the US Navy makes ‘reckless’ show of force

North Korea has denounced the US deployment of a naval strike group to the region, warning it is ready for « war » as Washington tightens the screws on the nuclear-armed state

5 APRIL 2017

North Korea launches ballistic missile ahead of Xi-Trump summit

North Korea fired a ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan at 6:42 a.m. on Wednesday from the eastern coastal region of Sinpo. The missile flew about 60km before hitting the water, according to the South Korean military

22 MARCH 2017

North Korean missile explodes seconds after launch

A North Korean missile fired Wednesday morning exploded within seconds of launch, the South Korean and U.S. militaries said, a reassuring sign for those worried about the speed at which North Korea’s weapons program has been progressing

19 MARCH 2017

North Korea tests new rocket engine, which can be repurposed for use in missiles

North Korea has tested a powerful new rocket engine, state media said Sunday, with leader Kim Jong-un hailing the successful test as a “new birth” for the nation’s rocket industry

6 MARCH 2017

North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan

North Korea launched four missiles Monday morning, a provocative barrage that coincided both with joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises on the southern half of the peninsula and with the opening of the annual National People’s Congress in China

25 FEBRUARY 2017

Plans for first post-Trump US contact with North Korea cancelled, says report

Plans for the first contact between North Korea and the United States after Donald Trump took office have reportedly been cancelled after the US state department denied a visa for the top envoy from Pyongyang

14 FEBRUARY 2017

North Korean leader’s half-brother killed by ‘poison needles’ in Malaysia

Kim Jong-nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, has been killed at an airport in Malaysia after being sprayed in the face by an unidentified liquid, police have said

13 FEBRUARY 2017

International community condemns DPRK’s missile test-firing

The international community has generally denounced the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) over its latest test-launch of a ballistic missile on Sunday

12 FEBRUARY 2017

North Korea fires ballistic missile, challenging Trump

North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan on Sunday in what appeared to be a move timed to follow the first summit between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump in Washington


North Korean spy chief sacked in latest purge, says South Korea

The head of North Korea’s spy agency has become the most senior victim of another round of apparent purges ordered by the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, South Korean officials have said

18 DECEMBER 2016

Successfully consolidating power, Kim Jong Un marks five years as leader of North Korea

Taking over from his father, whose demise was observed at monuments and center plazas across the the nation, Kim has consolidated power over the last five years, especially with the execution of his powerful uncle and the purges that ensued


North Korea air show thumbs nose at sanctions

Just weeks after carrying out its fifth nuclear test, North Korea put on an unprecedented civilian and military air force display Saturday (Sep 24) at the country’s first ever public aviation show

24 AUGUST 2016

North Korea fires submarine-launched ballistic missile towards Japan

North Korea fired a submarine-launched missile on Wednesday that flew about 500 km (311 miles) towards Japan, a show of improving technological capability for the isolated country that has conducted a series of launches in defiance of UN sanctions

17 AUGUST 2016

Top North Korean diplomat defects from London embassy

A top North Korean diplomat in London has defected because he is “sick and tired of Kim Jong-un’s regime”, according to a spokesman for the South Korean government

3 AUGUST 2016

North Korea fires missile into Japan waters for first time

North Korea fired a ballistic missile directly into Japanese-controlled waters for the first time Wednesday (Aug 3), drawing an outraged response from Tokyo and ramping up tensions with the United States and South Korea

19 JULY 2016

Pyongyang fires 3 missiles in protest of Thaad

Pyongyang fired three ballistic missiles early Tuesday into the East Sea, possibly in protest against Seoul and Washington’s decision to deploying an advanced missile defense system to South Korea

9 JULY 2016

A North Korea’s submarine-launched missile test ‘fails’

North Korea fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) off its east coast on Saturday, but the missile failed in its initial flight stage, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said

6 JULY 2016

US sanctions N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un for rights abuses

The United States has imposed sanctions on North Korea’s top officials, including its leader Kim Jong Un, for human rights abuses. It is the first time the US has held Kim directly responsible for extreme rights abuses

23 JUNE 2016

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un says new missile can strike US military bases in the Pacific

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatened United States military bases across the Pacific after North Korea’s test of a powerful new missile triggered emergency United Nations Security Council talks late Wednesday (June 22) on curbing Pyongyang’s nuclear programme.

22 JUNE 2016

North Korea carries out two banned mid-range ‘Musudan ballistic’ missile tests

North Korea conducted two back-to-back tests of a powerful new medium-range missile on Wednesday, with at least one launch ending in failure, South Korea’s Defence Ministry said.

7 JUNE 2016

The North Korea-Cuba Connection

Havana’s continued cooperation with Pyongyang is an alarming blow to the normalization process.

31 MAY 2016

North Korea’s fourth Musudan missile launch fails: South

North Korea launched a Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile early Tuesday morning, but the launch ended in failure, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and military sources said

21 MAY 2016

North Korea’s Complicated Relationship With the Gulf

North Korea has had a relatively short and somewhat complicated relationship with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Top North Korean diplomat Kang Sok-ju who forged 1994 nuclear deal with the U.S. dies

Kang Sok-ju, a senior official of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), has died of cancer at the age of 76, the official Korean Central News Agency reported Saturday.

9 MAY 2016

Kim Jong-un is made chairman of Workers’ Party

North Korea on Monday 9 named Kim Jong-un as chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), in a move to further cement his grip on power. Kim’s appointment came on the last day of the Communist country’s biggest political gathering, held for the first time in 36 years, with over 3,000 participants unanimously supporting the motion

7 MAY 2016

Nobel laureates call for easing of sanctions on North Korea

During a week-long trip, three renowned scientists have seen for themselves the impact of international sanctions on North Korea. They say the quality of medical care and academic research has been weakened

6 MAY 2016

North Korean leader trumpets nuclear program at congress

In the first congress of the ruling Workers’ Party in 36 years, he added that North Korea had had taken « magnificent » strides in its nuclear weapons program and would not be cowed by sanctions or international pressure

24 MARCH 2016

North Korea claims successful solid-fuel rocket engine test

North Korea said Thursday that it had successfully conducted a high-powered, solid-fuel rocket engine test, which if confirmed would be a major step forward in boosting its missile attack capability against South Korea and the United States.

19 MARCH 2016

U.N. Security Council condemns North Korea missile launches

The United Nations Security Council strongly condemned on Friday North Korea’s recent ballistic missile launches and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Pyongyang to « halt these inflammatory and escalatory actions. »

16 MARCH 2016

White House demands release of US student sentenced to 15 years hard labour in North Korea

The White House has urged North Korea to release a US student who was condemned to 15 years hard labour after allegedly stealing a propaganda sign from a hotel.

12 MARCH 2016

North Korea submarine ‘missing’ as US-South Korea drills continue

A North Korean People’s Navy submarine is missing and presumed sunk, a U.S. official told USNI News on Friday

3 MARCH 2016

North Korea fires 6 short-range projectiles in wake of UN resolution

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) fired six short-range projectiles on Thursday morning in an apparent show of force after new tougher sanctions resolution on Pyongyang was passed at the UN Security Council

21 FEBRUARY 2016

North Korea new army chief after Ri Yong-gil ‘execution’

Ri Myong-su has been named army chief in North Korea, days after unconfirmed reports that his predecessor, Ri Yong-gil, had been executed.

10 FEBRUARY 2016

South Korea halts joint venture after North’s tests

South Korea is to suspend operations at a jointly-run industrial park in North Korea following the North’s recent rocket launch and nuclear test.

Japan announces new sanctions on Pyongyang

Japan has decided to impose more sanctions against North Korea following the country’s launch of what it called a satellite-carrying rocket on Sunday. The launch is seen by the international community as a long-range ballistic missile test


North Korean satellite is in orbit, say Seoul and Washington

North Korea was successful in putting a satellite into orbit on Sunday, although it is not clear whether it is working, according to South Korea’s defence ministry


UN Security Council ‘strongly condemns’ N. Korea rocket launch

« The members of the Security Council strongly condemn this launch, » read a statement presented by Venezuela’s UN Ambassador Rafael Ramiriez, who sits as the council’s president for February.


DPRK ruling party convenes meeting to rout corruption

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong-un presided over a meeting of senior ruling party officials aimed at rooting out corruption and abuses of power ahead of a major congress to be held in May, its state media reported Thursday, calling the gathering the first of its kind.

8 JANUARY 2016

North Korea releases video of ‘new’ submarine-launched missile test

North Korea has released video footage of a purportedly new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test, three days after it claimed it had successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb

7 JANUARY 2016

Why sanctions have failed to deter North Korea

As the UN considers imposing more sanctions on North Korea following its latest nuclear test, DW examines how effective such measures have been in deterring Pyongyang from advancing its nuclear arms program.


UN General Assembly seeks North Korea ICC charges

The non-binding measure approved by a vote of 116 to 20 with 53 abstentions was hailed as a clear message about growing international concern over human rights violations in the reclusive communist country.

27 NOVEMBER 2014

N Korean leader’s sister appointed in top job

North Korea has revealed that leader Kim Jong Un’s sister has been named as a senior official in the ruling Workers’ Party, strengthening analysts’ views that she is an increasingly important part of the family dynasty that runs the country.

24 NOVEMBER 2014

Isolated N.K. boosts Russia ties

North Korea and Russia appear to be joining forces to ease their international isolation as the former strives to strengthen the bilateral relationship in a frantic search for outside economic assistance and diplomatic support

17 NOVEMBER 2014

Top North Korea envoy in Moscow for Putin talks

A special envoy of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrived in Moscow on Monday for talks with President Vladimir Putin as Pyongyang seeks allies to fend off a UN resolution calling for a probe into crimes against humanity.

15 NOVEMBER 2014

US spy chief’s rare insight into N.Korean diplomacy

The US intelligence chief who flew to North Korea on a secret mission to free two Americans said there is « the potential for change » in the secretive state, in a rare window into the murky world of Pyongyang diplomacy.


North Korea frees two detained US citizens

Two Americans serving lengthy prison sentences in North Korea were released on Saturday by the reclusive state following a secret mission to Pyongyang by US intelligence chief James Clapper, the State Department announced


World Bank chief calls on North Korea to open doors

World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim was adamant that the multilateral organisation could not support North Korea unless the country opened up its economy and joined the global community

27 OCTOBER 2014

Japan delegation arrives in N.Korea over kidnapping probe

A Japanese delegation arrived in North Korea on Monday for talks centred on Pyongyang’s investigation into the Cold War kidnappings of Japanese citizens, which has marred relations for years.

22 OCTOBER 2014

UN urged to refer North Korea to war crimes court

A judge who led an inquiry of North Korea’s dismal rights record urged the United Nations on Wednesday to reject a « charm offensive » from Pyongyang and seek war crimes prosecutions of the regime.

21 OCTOBER 2014

North Korea releases one of three Americans held captive, US confirms

State Department says Jeffrey Fowle was home Tuesday after negotiators left Pyongyang, and that the US was working to free two others held by North Korea

17 OCTOBER 2014

North Korea in grip of leadership tension

We now know that Kim’s extended absence was mainly for medical reasons. But during his absence, interestingly, we witnessed a more open and conciliatory North Korea. The visit of Vice Marshall and National Defense Commission Vice Chairman Hwang Pyong-so and General Choe Ryong-hae to South Korea for the closing of the Asian Games was significant

14 OCTOBER 2014

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un ‘appears in public’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made his first public appearance since 3 September, the country’s official news agency says.

8 OCTOBER 2014

N Korea official admits use of labour camps

A North Korean official has publicly acknowledged for the first time the existence of « reform through labour » camps, after a highly critical UN report into the country’s human rights record earlier this year, but dismissed the report’s accusations.


NKorea tells UN it’s ready to discuss human rights

North Korea says it willing to cooperate with the U.N. and other international organizations on human rights, but is bristling at what it views as politicization of the issue by its arch enemy, the United States.


North Korea jails US man Matthew Miller for six years

A North Korean court has sentenced an American man to six years of hard labour for « hostile acts », the state-run KCNA news agency has said


North Korea ready to provide list of abducted Japanese

North Korea has declared that it is ready to hand over a list of Japanese nationals abducted by Pyongyang’s agents, but hinted that Tokyo is unlikely to be satisfied at the number of people its internal investigation has located.


Chongryon chief visits North Korea for first time in eight years

The head of the most influential pro-North Korea organization in Japan is back in Pyongyang for the first time in eight years and might end up meeting with leader Kim Jong Un.


Key North Korean diplomat heads to Europe: report

Kang Sok-Ju, secretary of the central committee of the ruling Workers’ Party, is leading a delegation to Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and also Mongolia, the North’s Korean Central News Agency reported.


North Korea’s suicide rate among worst in world, says WHO report

South Korea’s problem with suicide has been well documented. But a World Health Organisation report has found that the problem is even worse in its northerly neighbour, making the peninsula one of the most suicidal regions in the world.

19 AUGUST 2014

North Korea transfers tanks to Chinese border

North Korea has transferred one of its newest and most modern armoured units to the border with China, in the latest indication of the depth of the rift between the two erstwhile allies

6 AUGUST 2014

North Korea rejects offer to attend mass given by Pope Francis in Seoul

North’s Korean Catholics Association said visit would be ‘agonising’ and cites Seoul’s refusal to cancel a joint military drill with US forces for its decision

30 JULY 2014

China-N.K. relations face bumpy road

Relations between North Korea and China face a bumpy road as Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions continue to chip away at their decades-long alliance while Beijing increasingly courts Seoul for greater strategic and economic cooperation

29 JULY 2014

North Korea denies reports of missile deal with Hamas

North Korea has accused the West of a « sinister » plot to drag it into the Middle East conflict by fabricating stories it has forged a deal to supply missiles to Hamas

26 JULY 2014

Hamas and North Korea in secret arms deal

Exclusive: Hamas has paid North Korea for missiles and communications equipment in arms deal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

10 JULY 2014

Five North Korean Weapons of War South Korea Should Fear

Be afraid: The Hermit Kingdom maintains a staggering arsenal, from tens of thousands of light infantry to heavy artillery all the way to nuclear weapons

9 JULY 2014

Chief architect of North Korea’s nuclear programme dies

A former North Korean missile expert who was sanctioned by the United Nations for his role in the North’s nuclear and missile weapons programmes has died, state media said on Wednesday

3 JULY 2014

Japan to lift some sanctions against North Korea after abductions decision

Japan is to lift some sanctions against North Korea after the regime in Pyongyang agreed to reinvestigate the fates of Japanese nationals abducted by its agents during the cold war

27 JUNE 2014

North Korea claims to have tested precision guided missile

North Korea claims to have successfully tested a new precision guided missile, at the same time as its army threatens a « devastating » retaliation against South Korea for carrying out live fire drills near their maritime border

26 JUNE 2014

North Koreans hold a rally to mark 64 years since the start of the Korean war

North Koreans march through the streets of Pyongyang with banners to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean war. State media shows crowds shouting slogans such as ‘Down with the US aggressor’. The war started in 1950 when North Korean troops launched a surprise attack into South Korea

31 MAY 2014

North Korea Sentences South Korean ‘Spy’ to Life

North Korean media say a South Korean Christian missionary has been sentenced to life at hard labor after being convicted of several charges, including setting up an underground church and espionage

29 MAY 2014

North Korea agrees to reinvestigate all Japanese abductions: PM Abe

North Korea has agreed to reinvestigate all abductions of Japanese citizens, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday, in what appeared to be a significant breakthrough on an issue that has long hampered Tokyo’s relations with Pyongyang

17 MAY 2014

Executed’ Kim Jong-Un girlfriend reappears on North Korea television

A North Korean singer said to be Kim Jong-Un’s ex-girlfriend and reported to have been executed by firing squad last year has appeared on state television, apparently alive and well.

9 MAY 2014

US condemns North Korea’s Obama ‘monkey’ jibes

Pyongyang’s description of US leader as ‘crossbreed’ and ‘wicked black monkey’ dismissed as ‘ugly and disrespectful’ by White House

Is China losing faith in North Korea?

Beijing’s contingency plans for the fall of Kim Jong-un have apparently been leaked to the media. What does this mean for Pyongyang’s relations with its only major ally?

8 MAY 2014

North Korea agrees to ‘consider’ UN recommendations on human rights

The UH human rights council has presented North Korea with 268 recommendations to improve human rights in the country –185 of which the North has said it will consider.

2 MAY 2014

North Korea military official Choe Ryong-hae replaced

Top North Korean military official Choe Ryong-hae has been replaced, the KCNA state news agency reports, fuelling speculation he has fallen out of favour with the country’s leadership

1 MAY 2014

Would you travel to North Korea? – poll

Would you jump at the chance to visit the hermit kingdom? Or do accusations about the regime make it a no go?

23 APRIL 2014

Kim Jong-un’s Emmental envoys rejected by French cheese school

A French college has politely turned its nose up at a request to help three North Korean experts make top-notch cheese to satisfy the tastes of their Emmental-loving supreme leader, Kim Jong-un

15 APRIL 2014

Hwang Pyong-so may become Kim Jong-un’s right-hand man

Hwang Pyong-so, one of two senior deputy directors of North Korea’s Korean Workers’ Party, has been promoted to the rank of vice marshal of the Korean People’s Army on Apr. 15, reports the China Youth Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Youth League

9 APRIL 2014

Kim Jong-Un ‘re-elected’ as North Korean leader

Kim Jong-Un was Wednesday « re-elected » as North Korea’s leader, state media said, as parliament met in a session closely watched for power shifts in the secretive regime following the shock execution of his once-powerful uncle

30 MARCH 2014

Japan, North Korea diplomats seek thaw in ties

At their first formal talks since November 2012, senior Japanese and North Korean diplomats on Sunday agreed to work toward settling “outstanding issues” impeding bilateral ties

28 MARCH 2014

UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile launch

The UN Security Council has condemned North Korea’s launch of two ballistic missiles and said it was considering an « appropriate response »

26 MARCH 2014

North Korea test-fires ballistic missiles as Barack Obama holds Japan-South Korea summit

North Korea has fired two mid-range ballistic missiles into the sea off its east coast and towards Japan, South Korea’s military said as the leaders of South Korea, Japan and the United States discussed North Korea’s arms programmes.

20 MARCH 2014

Japan, N. Korea move to restart formal talks

Japan and North Korea are moving to restart formal government-level talks, a Japanese foreign ministry official said Thursday, after a shift over the contentious issue of Pyongyang’s past abductions of Japanese citizens

12 MARCH 2014

N. Korea adept at dodging sanctions: UN panel

North Korea is becoming more and more adept at dodging international sanctions, a panel of experts said in a report presented Tuesday to the United Nations.

10 MARCH 2014

N.K. leader’s younger sister debuts on political stage

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s younger sister appears to have made her debut on the political stage in what may be an attempt by the Kim family to cement its power.

10 MARCH 2014

Kim Jong-un secures unsurprising ‘100 per cent’ victory in North Korea election

North Korea’s state media has confirmed what was never in doubt – a 100 percent, no-abstention poll victory for leader Kim Jong-Un in the country’s stage-managed parliamentary election.

9 MARCH 2014

North Koreans ‘vote’ in elections – singing, dancing and reciting poetry

North Korea’s cowed people were marched to the polls on Sunday for a pre-decided « election » to parliament – with only one candidate for each seat

7 MARCH 2014

Japan: No N. Korea Aid Until Abduction Issue Resolved

Japan says it will not provide any aid to North Korea until the issue of Japanese nationals abducted by the North is resolved

N. Korean No. 2 reappears, quashing purge rumours

North Korea’s state media published photos Friday of Vice Marshall Choe Ryong-Hae, quashing intense speculation that the man seen as the number two to paramount leader Kim Jong-Un had been purged.

3 MARCH 2014

North Korea deports Australian missionary

North Korea on Monday deported an Australian missionary detained for spreading Christianity in the country, saying he apologized for his anti-state religious acts and requested forgiveness.

27 FEBRUARY 2014

N Korea missiles test ‘in response’ to S Korea-US exercises

North Korea has fired four short-range missiles into the sea, South Korean defence ministry officials say, in a move widely seen as a response to South Korea’s military exercises with the US.

26 FEBRUARY 2014

North Korea defector: I saw dogs rip children to pieces in camp

Former prison guard has spoken of the horrors he saw in a North Korean camp, the most shocking of which was watching two dogs killing three children

24 FEBRUARY 2014

N.Korea to enter all events in Asian Games In South Korea

South Korea has invited North Korea to participate in the games, which will run from September 19 to October 4, through the Olympic Council of Asia, a body that governs all sports in Asia.

19 FEBRUARY 2014

North Korea Arrests Christian Missionary From Australia

The Australian, John Short, 75, was arrested in the capital, Pyongyang, on Sunday, according to his wife, Karen. She said the trip was her husband’s second to North Korea. He had religious materials that had been translated into Korean, according to a statement by his family.

17 FEBRUARY 2014

North Korean human rights abuses systematic and unparalleled, says UN

North Korea’s leadership is committing systematic and appalling human rights abuses against its own citizens on a scale unparalleled in the modern world, including crimes against humanity, a United Nations report has concluded.

16 FEBRUARY 2014

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un marks late father’s birthday

North Korean state television on Sunday broadcast footage of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visiting the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun to commemorate the birthday of his late father Kim Jong-il.

11 FEBRUARY 2014

Why North Korea Today Is Not East Germany 1989

Policy analysts and politicians have long predicted that the North Korean government will go the way of East German Communism. Just as the seemingly impregnable Honecker regime rapidly disintegrated along with the Berlin Wall, the Kim dynasty has been expected to collapse at any minute. This minute, of course, has lasted for more than two decades.

10 FEBRUARY 2014

Former US envoy visits N. Korea

A former US ambassador to South Korea arrived in Pyongyang on Monday, state media said, after North Korea cancelled a US envoy’s visit over a jailed Korean American


NKorea pays hefty cash fine in Panama over Cuba arms case

North Korea paid a fine Saturday for trying to ship undeclared Cuban arms through the Panama Canal, possibly in violation of UN sanctions, authorities said


US missionary sent back to North Korean labour camp

A US missionary held captive in North Korea was moved from hospital back to a labour camp last month on the same day he appealed for help from Washington, the US State Department said on Friday.


Sochi: No Olympics for North Korea

Athletes from the nation under the regime led by Kim Jong-un failed to qualify for the Winter Games which start on February 7. And the Olympic Committee denies Pyongyang the « wild card » facilitated entry for poor or developing countries.

N. Korean leader to add ‘MP’ to his many titles

North Korea confirmed Tuesday that leader Kim Jong-Un will be a candidate in next month’s parliamentary elections, which will be closely watched for clues on power shifts in Pyongyang.


Japan singer Hikaru Utada to wed Italian barman: reports

Songstress Hikaru Utada is to tie the knot, she announced on her website, with Japanese media saying her intended is an Italian barman eight years her junior.

30 JANUARY 2014

Imprisoned Kenneth Bae must serve his 15 years hard labor: North Korea envoy

North Korea will not release imprisoned American missionary Kenneth Bae until he finishes his sentence of 15 years hard labor, according to a rare interview with a Pyongyang diplomat

17 JANUARY 2014

Panama: North Korea to pay fine for release of ship found with weapons

North Korea will pay a fine of more than half a million dollars next week for the release of a ship that last year tried to cross the Panama Canal with weapons smuggled aboard, Panamanian authorities said.

8 JANUARY 2014

North Korea Announces Elections For March

North Korea will hold elections for its Supreme People’s Assembly on March 9, the state news agency reported Wednesday.

3 JANUARY 2014

Kim Jong Un’s executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s powerful uncle was stripped naked, thrown into a cage, and eaten alive by a pack of ravenous dogs, according to a newspaper with close ties to China’s ruling Communist Party.

Did Kim Jong Un Feed His Uncle To 120 Dogs? Be Skeptical

No, Kim Jong Un probably didn’t feed his uncle to 120 hungry dogs

21 DECEMBER 2013

‘Hundreds’ of Jang’s relatives sent to gulags by North Korean regime

Several hundred relatives of Jang Song-thaek, executed recently on charges of plotting to overthrow the North Korean state, have been rounded up and sent to political prison camps.

17 DECEMBER 2013

North Korea marks Kim Jong-il death amid purge tensions

North Korea is marking the second anniversary of the death of leader Kim Jong-il, days after the dramatic purge of a top-level official.

12 DECEMBER 2013

N Korea executes uncle of leader Kim Jong-un

North Korea has executed the uncle of its leader Kim Jong-un days after he was dismissed, state news agency KCNA announced, branding the once-powerful Jang Song-thaek a « traitor. »

Kim Jong-Un takes father’s title of Dear Leader

Kim Jong-un has adopted the title « Dear Leader » that was previously affected by his father as the North Korean propaganda machine builds up the cult of personality around the young dictator

China Tries to Harness North Korea

China has been playing a careful and relatively sophisticated strategic game with its unruly ally North Korea, attempting to harness Pyongyang’s determination to expand its nuclear capability while at the same time expanding its economic relations at an unprecedented pace, according to a new analysis by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.


Kim Jong-un ‘preparing to purge aunt’

The ailing aunt of Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, may be the next senior member of the regime to fall victim to the blood letting that is gripping Pyongyang’s « old guard »


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ousts uncle, claims South Korea

Kim Jong-un may have purged his uncle and aide, South Korean legislators have said, in what would be the most significant ousting since the young leader took the helm in North Korea

29 NOVEMBER 2013

Accused of spying, American held in North Korea issues ‘apology’

An 85-year-old American man detained in North Korea has apologized for his actions, including for killing troops and civilians during the Korean War, North Korea’s state-run news agency reported Saturday.

24 OCTOBER 2013

Is a change in the US’s North Korea Policy overdue ?

recent study undertaken by RAND, titled Preparing for the Possibility of a North Korean Collapse, raises questions over how prepared the US is for regime change in the DPRK. It also highlights how the US needs to change its policy to better prepare for such an outcome.

North Korean ruler gets Malaysian university honor

A Malaysian university faced public criticism Thursday for awarding an honorary doctorate in economics to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose country is among the poorest in the world.

23 OCTOBER 2013

The strange alliance between Mongolia and North Korea goes on stage in Pyongyang

Mongolian President Elbegdorj Tsakhiagiin is the first head of state to meet North Korea’s young dictator Kim Jong-un. Bilateral relations and the employment of North Korean workers in Mongolian mines are on the table. Tokyo blocks a Mongolian company from buying the Japanese headquarters of North Korea’s Workers’ Party.

22 OCTOBER 2013

Tourism in North Korea: the secret state is opening up

All the hoo-ha that’s surrounded the recent opening of North Korea’s ski resort, framed as it’s been by the western press as the answer to chubby Kim Jong Un’s wont to indulge his Swiss ways, has overlooked the fact that every dollar spent on tourism is a dollar not spent on centrifuges or Mercedes.

14 OCTOBER 2013

North Korea ‘testing chemical weapons on political prisoners’

The allegations have been made in the most recent report on Pyongyang’s chemical weapons capabilities by 38 North, the respected web site operated by the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and are based on testimony from both prisoners and former guards who managed to defect.

12 OCTOBER 2013

N. Korea warns of ‘all-out war’

North Korea on Saturday issued a fresh warning of an « all-out war », urging the United States to stop military drills and what it described as « nuclear blackmail ».

11 OCTOBER 2013

N. Korea warns of counter-attack on US warship

North Korea on Friday threatened to « bury in the sea » a US aircraft carrier, as it slammed a three-nation naval drill involving US, South Korean and Japanese warships.

10 OCTOBER 2013

North Korea sanctions punish the whole population

8 OCTOBER 2013

Kim removes many key figures to cement leadership: S.Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has replaced officials holding almost half of the nation’s key posts in an attempt to strengthen his control over the country, a South Korean report showed


 North Korea’s rolling economic reforms

While missiles and nuclear weapons have dominated the headlines, North Korea’s economy under Kim Jong-un has been developing in promising ways on the domestic front.


North Korea denies Kim Jong-un executed mistress to protect wife

North Korea has angrily denied reports that Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of a former mistress in August to protect the « dignity » of his wife.


UN accuses North Korea of violence in state-run prison camps, including against newborns

The United Nations commission heard eyewitness accounts about the North Korea’s prison camp system where babies are drowned, vermin thrive and people accused of political and social crimes are executed. Pyongyang rejects the accusations.,-including-against-newborns-29050.html

UN Receives Evidence About Thai Woman Abducted by N. Korea

Officials from a U.N. human rights commission on Thursday met with family members of a Thai woman gone missing since allegedly being abducted by North Korean spies in Macau in 1978. Despite the passage of time, the family is still hopeful she can eventually return home. ars old.


Up to 20,000 North Korean prison camp inmates have ‘disappeared’ says human rights group

Thousands of North Korean inmates of Camp No 22, one of Kim Jong-un’s most brutal labour camps, have disappeared according to a human rights group.

30 AUGUST 2013

Kim Jong-un’s approval rating higher than Barack Obama’s

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has a public approval rating of over 50 per cent, according to a poll of escapees living in South Korea.

Kim Jong-un purges North Korea’s army chief

Kim Kyok-sik, who is believed to have been behind the sinking of the South Korean corvette Cheonan and the bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island in late 2010, has disappeared from the list of senior regime officials attending public events in recent weeks.

North Korea withdraws US envoy’s invitation to visit Pyongyang

North Korea has rescinded its invitation for a senior US envoy to travel to Pyongyang to seek the release of a detained American, the state department has said.

29 AUGUST 2013

Panama: North Korea arms shipment broke UN sanctions

A preliminary report by a team of United Nations experts has determined that a North Korean cargo ship seized in Panama for carrying weapons violated sanctions, the Panamanian government has said.

Kim Jong-un ex-girlfriend “executed by firing squad”

South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo has reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s ex-girlfriend was among a group of North-Koreans executed by firing squad on August 20.

28 AUGUST 2013

US envoy to ask North Korea for American prisoner’s release

A senior US envoy who is due to travel to North Korea later this week has said he plans to appeal for the release of an American sentenced to 15 years’ hard labour, but added that Washington had received no guarantees from Pyongyang that the man would be freed.

27 AUGUST 2013

Envoy to visit N Korea over jailed American

The United States will send a human rights envoy to Pyongyang this week to seek the release of an imprisoned US Christian missionary, the State Department said.

N Korean leader’s estranged nephew to study at French university

Kim Han-Sol, 18, who studied in Macau and Bosnia, is due to start at Sciences-Po’s campus in the northern city of Le Havre in this year’s Europe-Asia undergraduate programme, university official Caroline Allain said.

N Korea tried to export gas masks to Syria: Sankei Shimbun

North Korea tried to export gas masks to Syria but they were seized in Turkey along with arms and ammunition, a Japanese daily said Tuesday, as the US threatened action over an alleged chemical weapons attack.

20 AUGUST 2013

Horror of North Korean prison camps exposed at UN inquiry

Harrowing accounts from defectors now living in South Korea related how North Korean prison guards chopped off a man’s finger, forced inmates to eat frogs and a mother to kill her own baby.

19 AUGUST 2013

 Swiss Ban ‘Inappropriate’ Ski Lifts for North Korea

Switzerland has banned the sale to North Korea of equipment for a luxury ski resort planned for the ruling elite in the widely impoverished state that is under U.N. sanctions, officials said on Monday.

16 AUGUST 2013

Food aid to North Korea saves lives — it doesn’t change minds

Well-implemented humanitarian aid can save lives and build relationships between the giver and the receiver.

14 AUGUST 2013

Castro praises N.Korea for Cold War arms aid

Fidel Castro credited North Korea Wednesday with supplying Cuba with free weapons in the 1980s after the Soviet Union said it could no longer defend the island against a US invasion.

23 JULY 2013

No Work at North Korean Launch Site for 8 Months: Analysts

New satellite photos suggest construction work has been halted for the last eight months at a key North Korean launch site intended to test bigger and more advanced rockets.

22 JULY 2013

North Korea Mass Games mark 60th anniversary of Korean War

North Korea launched a new run of its large-scale « Arirang » performance in Pyongyang on Monday to mark the 60th Anniversary of the end of hostilities during the Korean War.

17 JULY 2013

Seized N Korean ship: Cuban weapons on board

The ship was seized by authorities in Panama after military cargo was found hidden in a shipment of sugar                                                                                                                                                                   

16 JULY 2013

North Korean ship caught smuggling weapons and missile material through Panama Canal

Panama has launched a major investigation after drugs agents raided a ship travelling from Cuba to North Korea and discovered “missile components” stashed beneath a cargo of sugar.                                                                         


5 JULY 2013

NKorea refuses to cooperate with UN rights probe

UN experts tasked with probing human rights violations in North Korea said Friday Pyongyang has refused to cooperate with the investigation, but that they still hoped to travel to the country next month.

4 JULY 2013

Kim Jong-il’s widow ‘purged from party posts by North Korea’s Kim Jong-un’

Kim Jong-il’s widow has reportedly been purged from all party positions by her stepson Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s dictator, because « she knows too many secrets ».                                         ’s-widow-purged-in-Pyongyang’s-dynastic-intrigue-28389.html

27 JUNE 2013

N. Korea tried to export 3,500 km-range ballistic missile: U.S. media

North Korea attempted to sell ballistic missiles with a range of 3,500 kilometers to a British arms dealer, an Internet media outlet based in the United States said Thursday.

23 JUNE 2013

Sites in North Korea win World Heritage status

The remains of a fortress that once surrounded Kaesong, the ancient capital of Korea’s Koryo Dynasty, is among sites in North Korea that have made it onto UNESCO’s latest World Heritage list.

16 JUNE 2013

State news: North Korea proposes high-level talks with U.S.

The topics that « can be sincerely discussed » include easing military tensions, changing a truce treaty to a peace treaty and nuclear matters, according to a statement from the North’s National Defense Commission, as reported by the state-run Korean Central News Agency. It left some details — like where and when the talks might be held — up to Washington, and insisted U.S. officials should not lay out any preconditions for talks.                                                                           

22 MAY 2012

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sends envoy to China

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent a special envoy to Beijing, state media has announced, amid cooling relations between the two neighbours.                                                                                                                                                                 

20 MAY 2013

North Korea fires more missiles, condemns US and South for ‘war measures’

North Korea fired two short-range missiles on Monday, making six launches in three days, and condemned South Korea for criticizing what Pyongyang said were legitimate military drills.                                                                           

15 MAY 2013

Japan PM Abe ‘would meet’ N Korea leader Kim over abductions

Japan’s PM has said he would consider meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to try to settle a row over Pyongyang’s kidnapping of Japanese nationals.                                                                                                                                                                      

14 MAY 2013

Japan PM adviser arrives in North Korea

An adviser to Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe arrived in Pyongyang Tuesday, a report said, amid speculation North Korea may be trying to re-engage an old adversary amid frosty ties with China.                                                                                           

13 MAY 2013

North Korea axes hard-line defense chief

North Korea has replaced its hard-line defense chief with a little-known army general, according to a state media report Monday, in what outside analysts call an attempt to install a younger figure meant to solidify leader Kim Jong Un’s grip on the powerful military.                                                           

10 MAY 2013

China, N. Korea political, business ties grow: Report

North Korean visits to China have multiplied over recent years, a Chinese newspaper reported, underscoring growing political and business links between the isolated nuclear-armed state and its sole major ally.                                                                      

6 MAY 2013

Pyongyang’s crimes lost in power plays

Tensions between North Korea and South Korea over the former’s brinkmanship have somewhat overshadowed the human-rights situation in the so-called « Hermit Kingdom ». It is a safe bet that few among the public took note of the call by the United Nations High Commissioner in January 2013 to step up                                                                                                                                              

27 APRIL 2013

North Korea to put American Kenneth Bae on trial

North Korea has announced the trial of an American citizen who was mysteriously arrested six months ago while leading a tour group into the country                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

18 APRIL 2013

North Korea lists demands for talks

North Korea has demanded the withdrawal of UN sanctions and the end of US-South Korea military drills as conditions for resuming talks with Seoul and Washington.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

11 APRIL 2013

North Korea’s aggressive stance condemned by G8 in ‘strongest terms’

Foreign ministers from the G8 group of nations meeting in London have condemned North Korea’s aggressive rhetoric and its continued development of nuclear missile programmes before an anticipated ballistic missile test launch by Pyongyang within the next few days.                                                                                                                       

10 APRIL 2013

China and Russia urge North Korea to step back from missile launch

North Korea’s two closest allies, China and Russia, have put pressure on Pyongyang to step back from launching a missile, the South Korean Foreign minister has said.                                      

8 APRIL 2013

N Korea pulls workers out of Kaesong industrial zone

North Korea said on Monday it was withdrawing all workers and suspending operations at its joint industrial zone with South Korea — the only surviving symbol of inter-Korean cooperation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

6 APRIL 2013

North Korea has asked foreign countries to consider evacuating their embassies in Pyongyang, amid soaring tension on the Korean peninsula

From Wednesday, the safety of embassy staff will no longer be guaranteed by the communist state. This has raised global questions over just how far North Korea is willing to take the military rhetoric.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

1 APRIL 2013

North Korea’s parliament meets amid nuclear tension

After weeks of war-like rhetoric, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gathered legislators Monday for an annual spring parliamentary session taking place one day after top party officials adopted a statement declaring building nuclear weapons and the economy the nation’s top priorities.                                                                                                             

1 APRIL 2013

N. Korea names Kim clan associate to premiership

North Korea’s parliament named former premier Pak Pong-ju, who was sacked in 2007 for failing to implement economic reforms, as its prime minister in a move that cements the grip of the ruling Kim dynasty on key posts in the country.

29 MARCH 2013

N Korea ‘readies’ rockets to strike US bases

North Korea’s leader has responded to America’s use of nuclear-capable B-2 bombers in joint South Korean military drills with more angry rhetoric, saying his rocket forces are ready to attack US positions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

North Korea tensions: Russia’s Lavrov fears ‘spiral’

Russia has warned of tensions in North Korea slipping out of control, after Pyongyang said it was placing its missile units on stand-by.                                                                    

26 MARCH 2013

North Korea threatens to strike US mainland

North Korea has put its military on combat-ready status, with « strategic » rocket units ordered to prepare for possible strikes against the US mainland, Hawaii and Guam, state media reported.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

21 MARCH 2013

UN to launch probe into N.Korea rights abuses

The United Nations on Thursday said it will for the first time establish a commission of inquiry into grave human rights violations in North Korea that may amount to crimes against humanity                                                                  

North Korea threatens nuclear attack on US bases in Japan

North Korea has threatened to launch a nuclear attack on US bases in Japan and Guam after Washington used B-52 bombers in a joint military drill with the South.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

17 MARCH 2013

North Korea Threatens Japan with Attack

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency carried a statement from the Foreign Ministry Sunday saying that it would be a fatal mistake for Japan if it thinks it will be safe when a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula.                                   

15 MARCH 2013

What is the capacity of North Korea missiles ?

14 MARCH 2013

Kim Jong-un’s Secret Billions

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has stashed away some US$4-5 billion in bank accounts in other people’s names in Austria, China, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland, intelligence agencies believe

5 MARCH 2013

North Korea vows to tear up Korean war ceasefire agreement

North Korea has said it will cancel the 1953 ceasefire that ended the Korean war, citing as reasons a US-led push for UN sanctions over Pyongyang’s recent nuclear test and continuing US-South Korean joint military drills.        

27 FEBRUARY 2013

Foreigners granted 3G internet access in North Korea

Pyongyang has something to tweet about. North Korea has opened up internet access to visiting foreigners. Though locals still have restricted access. Journalists wasted no time in sending some of the first Instagrams from inside the country.                                                                                                                  

24 FEBRUARY 2013

China living in denial of NK’s status as an ally

There used to be some sympathy in Asia for North Korea and its striving defiance of the US and others that it sees as enemies. But now, even China, the long viewed ally of North Korea, sees North Korea’s defiance as a nuisance.               


The new capitalists

Not long ago North Korea-watchers were speculating that the new leader, Kim Jong Un, might prove a moderniser. The path-breaking boy-dictator let himself be seen with his fashionable wife. He actually spoke in public, whereas his late father’s speeches were as rare as a well-stocked Pyongyang supermarket. Lately, though, Mr Kim has reverted to type by prophesying war.


China and North Korea

China continues to fret over its troublesome neighbour                                                                      

25 JANUARY 2013

N. Korea faces China aid cut over atomic test: Media

North Korea’s sole major ally China will decrease aid to Pyongyang if it goes ahead with a planned nuclear test state-run media said in an unusually frank warning on Friday.                                                                                                                                                                                      

24 JANUARY 2013

North Korea plans nuclear test and says rocket programme is targeted at US

North Korea has said it planned to carry out a third nuclear test and more rocket launches aimed at its « arch-enemy » the US, two days after the UN condemned its rocket launch.                                                                                                                                                                      

22 JANUARY 2013

UN Security Council Rebukes N. Korea, Tightens Sanctions

The U.N. Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution expanding and strengthening sanctions against North Korea. Tuesday’s action was a response to Pyongyang’s launch of a long-range rocket last month – a violation of existing U.N. resolutions

China may block Korean unification, says US report

A recent report by US Senate Republican staff members warns that China, because of its deepening economic ties with North Korea as well as its ancient claims on Korean land, could attempt to « manage, and conceivably block » an eventual unification between the two Koreas, if ever the Kim family falls from power in Pyongyang.                                                                                       

21 JANUARY 2013

North Korea’s Hidden Famine

North Korea allows foreigners in with their mobile phones

North Korea is loosening some restrictions on foreign mobile phones by allowing visitors to bring their own into the country. However, security regulations still prohibit mobile phone calls between foreigners and locals.                           

18 JANUARY 2013

North Korea changes but remains the same

A little over a year since the death of Kim Jong-il, how has Kim Jong-un fared in his first year in charge of North Korea?                                         

14 JANUARY 2013

UN urges probe of North Korea rights abuses

Rights chief says as many as 200,000 political prisoners suffer in « atrocious » camps rife with torture and hard labour.

11 JANUARY 2013

China–North Korea relations under Xi Jinping

Is North Korea a Chinese strategic asset or just a burden to China’s foreign policy?                                                                                                                

21 DECEMBER 2012

North Korea Confirms Arrest of US Citizen

North Korea says it has arrested a U.S. citizen for committing crimes against the state after he entered the reclusive communist country as a tourist. The official Korean Central News Agency said Friday the man, identified as Bae Jun Ho, has confessed to unspecified crimes that it said were « proven through evidence. »

19 DECEMBER 2012

North Korea’s Missile Launch: What Does it Mean in Practice?

18 DECEMBER 2012

North Korea: a year into the reign of Kim Jong-un

A year after the death of Kim Jong-il and the ascension of his son Kim Jong-un, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea appears to be more stable than many had predicted. The new leader has consolidated his authority and rebalanced power among key institutions, but his reforms have not gone nearly far enough if North Korea is to escape its poverty trap.

14 DECEMBER 2012

NKorea still years away from reliable missiles

After 14 years of painstaking labor, North Korea finally has a rocket that can put a satellite in orbit. But that doesn’t mean Pyongyang is close to having an intercontinental ballistic missile.

14 DECEMBER 2012

Pyongyang parades satellite “victory”

North Korea pulled out all the stops to celebrate its successful Wednesday rocket launch, and it is likely the capital Pyongyang will do it all again next week for the first anniversary of Kim Jong-Un’s taking over at the top.

12 DECEMBER 2012

UN Security Council condemns North Korea rocket launch

North Korea has, for the first time, successfully launched a rocket carrying a satellite – despite international condemnation.

30 NOVEMBER 2012
Chinese Met With North Korean Leader

A delegation dispatched by China’s new leader, Xi Jinpin, met with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Friday, North Korean state media reported, amid signs that North Korea is stepping up its nuclear and long-range missile programs.


Rumors suggest N.K. leader’s brother seeking asylum

Speculation is growing about the whereabouts of Kim Jong-nam, the elder brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, with one rumor suggesting that he is seeking asylum in Seoul in the face of an assassination threat

24 OCTOBER 2012

North Korean army minister ‘executed with mortar round’

A North Korean army minister was executed with a mortar round for reportedly drinking and carousing during the official mourning period after Kim Jong-il’s death.

15 OCTOBER 2012

Lenin and Karl Marx statues removed from North Korea’s Kim Il-sung Square

The larger-than-life portraits of Lenin and Karl Marx that once dominated Kim Il-sung Square have been removed, suggesting a change of direction within North Korea

9 OCTOBER 2012

North Korea warns US on missiles after South deal

North Korea says it has missiles that can hit the US mainland, in a statement two days after South Korea unveiled a missile deal with the US


NKorean parliament holds second session this year

North Korea’s parliament convened Tuesday for the second time in six months, passing a law that adds one year of compulsory education for children in the socialist nation, the first publicly-announced policy change under leader Kim Jong Un


North Korea ‘to allow farmers to keep half their produce’

North Korea plans to allow farmers to keep as much as half of their produce in an attempt to boost agricultural output, it has been claimed, in a move that would be a major economic reform for the beleaguered country

29 AUGUST 2012

N. Korea wants seat at APEC summit: Report

North Korea has asked Moscow for permission to send a mission to next month’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Russia, Japan’s top-selling Yomiuri Shimbun reported Wednesday.

3 AUGUST 2012

Kim Jong Un promises ‘happy and civilized’ North Korea

North Korea’s new young leader has told chief backer China that his priority is to develop the decaying economy and improve living standards in one of the world’s poorest states, the latest sign that he may be planning economic reforms.|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not%20provided)&__utmv=238145375.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Cworld%20news%7Casia-pacific=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=89686744

25 JULY 2012

NK unveils Kim Jong-un ‘mystery’ marriage

North Korea has said its new leader is married, announcing the union for the first time in routine state TV report. The bulletin, which aired on Wednesday evening, ended weeks of speculation about a woman who accompanied Kim Jung-un to recent public events.

18 JULY 2012

North Korea’s Kim promoted to marshal

North Korea says its leader Kim Jong-un has been promoted to marshal, cementing his status at the top of the nation’s military. North Korean state media made the announcement in a special bulletin.

17 JULY 2012

North Korean military appointment masking leadership power struggle

The changes in personnel within the highest echelons of the North Korean military mask a power struggle that has concluded – for now – with Choe Ryong-hae emerging as the most powerful man in the regime and the « puppet-master » behind Kim Jong-un.

16 JULY 2012

North Korea’s army chief ‘relieved of duties’

Marking what may be the beginning of a purge of older officials, North Korean military chief Ri Yong-ho has been removed from his post


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