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South Asia culture and history

12 JULY 2018

History: Britain, Nepal and some questionable treaties

More than two centuries ago, The British East India Company wanted three things from Nepal: to open a trade route to Tibet, establish a British Resident in Kathmandu and weaken the Gurkha Kingdom of Nepal


China’s cultural debt to a Nepalese artist in the 13th-century court of Kublai Khan

The neighbourhood of Fuchengmen, just west of central Beijing, no longer bears any resemblance to Kublai Khan’s majestic Yuan dynasty capital of Dadu. Even the most striking symbol of the great emperor’s 13th-century supremacy is now dwarfed by Beijing’s countless high-rise office towers and apartment blocks

16 NOVEMBER 2017

Pakistan unveils 1,700-year-old sleeping Buddha, evoking diverse heritage

Pakistan unveiled the remains of a 1,700-year-old sleeping Buddha image on Wednesday, part of an initiative to encourage tourism and project religious harmony in a region roiled by Islamist militancy

17 AUGUST 2017

Pakistan: A Failed State?

Seventy years on from its creation, crisis-ridden Pakistan is a very different country from the one envisioned by its founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah